Showbuzz: Harrison Ford on accidentally punching Ryan Gosling on set!

Harrison Ford says his hand is FINALLY recovering after accidentally punching Ryan Gosling in the face while filming Blade Runner 2049!

Watch Richard above to get all the gossip.

Harrison Ford threatens to give Piers a left hook!

They’re Hollywood heartthrobs past and present - and now Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are teaming up in Blade Runner 2049, a sequel that’s been 35 years in the making.

Richard Arnold met them both ahead of the much-anticipated release and the subject of our own Piers Morgan came up...

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Jamie Oliver brings his meals on wheels to GMB

Susanna and Ben got a real treat this morning - Jamie Oliver cooking them a tasty breakfast, using his car!

The celebrity chef's wheels can cook toast, heat up beans and even roast meat, meaning eating on the move is now easier than ever for him and his brood.

Meals on wheels aside, Jamie shared his thoughts on current food issues, including hospital food, school meals and his campaign to stop younger people from binging on energy drinks.

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David Tennant's to the rescue in new Fireman Sam film

It's a movie star quality to have a head bigger than your body

– David reassures Richard Arnold...

Our Richard Arnold caught up with David Tennant, who told us how delighted he was to be cast as a brand new character in Fireman Sam: Alien Alert! The Movie.

On getting the part he said: "I just got phone call saying, 'Would you like to be in Fireman Sam?' and I said 'Of course I do! Are you mad, yes!'"

He also revealed which other children's television shows he'd like to get involved with and very kindly reassured Richard that his childhood nickname isn't necessarily a bad one!

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Three year old recites entire Manchester United squad

Most families have a football nut among them ... but not many are three years old!

That's why a video is making the rounds of little Nyah Rose clearly making her dad proud as she proves she knows the names of the entire Manchester United squad.

Watch the adorable footie-mad toddler above

Showbuzz: Is there ANOTHER Strictly romance on the cards?

Romance is in the air as it emerges one Strictly contestant is getting VERY close to their dance partner (what's new?)... plus it looks like one lucky Aussie lady has got her hands on a One Direction star!

Watch Richard above to get all the gossip...

Thunderbirds are go!

To celebrate Thunderbirds Day, which celebrates 52 years of the iconic British TV series, we were joined by Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who plays character John Tracey in the current series Thunderbirds , and David Graham, who has played Parker since the original show.

Thomas is most famous for his role in Love Actually - and more recently in Game Of Thrones, but says being a part of Thunderbirds is a huge honour. He said: "I was a massive fan of the series as was my father. I had all the toys and the costumes, I loved it!"

David added it was an extraordinary feat that the show is still going more than 50 years after it first aired. "We thought it was something special but we had no idea 50 years later it would be this iconic show," he quipped.

David also surprised viewers but revealing his identity as the voice of another very famous children's TV character. Find out who in the video above.

Thunderbirds Are Go 5 is on ITV and CITV tomorrow at 8.30am.

Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway star in The LEGO Ninjago Movie

This morning Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway announced their voice appearance in The LEGO Ninjago movie.

Good Morning Britain's wonderful duo will feature alongside stars such as Jackie Chan, Olivia Munn and Justin Theroux.

The latest instalment of the LEGO franchise is released on 13th October and sees a secret group of ninja warriors who must defeat the evil warlord to save Ninjago city.

Watch the behind the scenes footage above.