'They don't know the full truth of what happened'

I'm sorry if I let anyone down but I was in a real bad way

– Gemma Collins on her exit from the jungle

She's arguably been the most entertaining personality so far to watch on this year's I'm A Celebrity.... Get Me Out Of Here but, after struggling with jungle life Gemma Collins sensationally quit the show and has just arrived back in the UK.

Arriving back at Heathrow this morning she told Good Morning Britain correspondent Nick Dixon: "I decided to leave the jungle because what a lot of people didn't know is 24 hours before I went in something really bad had happened to me, I had quite bad injuries, I had injuries to my head and all over my body but I didn't want to let anyone down."

She added, "I'd just been through so much trauma and when I got in there it was just the shock come out and I was in shock, I was in trauma and I was in a really bad way."

She claimed that she was advised by a counsellor before she went into the jungle not to go, "I thought I'd just had such a terrible time of it that I deserved to go in and be Queen of the Jungle".

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What was the final straw for Gemma Collins?

It's such a shock for everyone. She is a strong woman

– Elliott Wright

Elliott Wright, TOWIE star and cousin of former I'm A Celebrity... runner-up Mark Wright revealed he is stunned his friend Gemma Collins to quit the jungle after just three days as she is such a 'strong woman'.

Elliott says: "Gemma had a lot going on before she went in the jungle so maybe her head wasn't in the right place. It's a shock for everyone.

"It must have been quite brutal for her. We all know she has enjoys her food to a certain degree and we all knew that was going to be an issue for her.

"I think what killed it for Gemma was the Celebrity Slammer. She didn't help herself by not going on the helicopter or helping with the knitting challenge."

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