POLL: What's your favourite box set to binge watch?

Research reveals that millions in the UK love to regularly binge on multiple episodes of their favourite show in one sitting. Are you catching up with Breaking Bad, years after everyone raved about it, or immersed in a more modern boxset such as The Handmaid's Tale? Let us know your favourite box set by taking our poll, above, and we'll reveal the results on Thursday's show!

Dicky and Ricky Stay Together!

To celebrate the Kaiser Chief's new album Stay Together we got frontman Ricky Wilson to do just that - with our very own Richard Arnold and Laura Tobin!

The object of the game was to make their way out of GMB towers without dropping or popping the balloon... and of course, the task wasn't to be completed without a little innuendo. Cough.

Watch Ricky's interview on Good Morning Britain

Eamonn and Charlotte's lip-sync battle!

After Tuesday's show Eamonn Holmes and Charlotte Hawkins took each other on in a rather energetic lip-sync battle - judged by no other than Professor Green, who was clearly very impressed with their efforts.

Was that a wince, Pro Green?

Eamonn gave it his best shot with a rousing performance as Elvis, while Charlotte showed us how to Shake it Off as Taylor Swift. But who was crowned the GMB Lip Sync champion? Watch the video above to find out...

Love Island's Kem and Amber make an exciting announcement...

We had an exclusive first interview with Love Island's winning lovebirds Kem and Amber.

Charlotte and Eamonn, who now go by the name of "Charmonn", spoke to "Kember" about their special relationship and celebrity life since leaving the island.

The happy couple also confirmed on today’s programme that they would be joining Good Morning Britain for a week.

The pair will guest host Richard Arnold’s showbiz and entertainment slot while he is on holiday.

Kem and Amber will appear on the programme from Monday 28 August to Friday 1st September.

Watch the full interview above

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Breaking Bad legend Bryan Cranston talks about sexism in Hollywood

Hollywood eats women up in their 20s, and spits them out in their 30s

– Bryan Cranston on Hollywood sexism

Bryan Cranston talked of Breaking Bad’s enormous success and sexism in Hollywood as he joined us this morning to discuss his latest flick Wakefield.

The award-winning actor revealed he knew Breaking Bad was a hit when traffic signs from the hit show were being stolen.

"Why would they steal the signs? And that’s like, something’s happening... it had this effect on people," he told GMB.

Bryan's also opened up about how his career has soared in his 50s and spoke about acting later on in life, saying he’s well aware of a gender divide.

"It’s great for me. I can’t complain about it but I think honestly there’s probably a double standard to that; I think it’s a lot more difficult with women."

Watch his full interview on our YouTube channel.

'I love working with Simon!' - but will Alesha swap BGT for The X Factor?

This morning Alesha Dixon joined us to talk about her latest charity work, being a mum and her small recent stint on The X Factor panel.

The singer and television presenter, known for judging on Britain's Got Talent, recently stepped over to The X Factor - could she looking to make a permanent move there?

"I just stepped in to help the guys out for a couple of days because a couple of the judges weren't around," she told Good Morning Britain.