Jenna Coleman on becoming Queen Victoria

Actress Jenna Coleman joined Ben and Kate in the studio to talk about her new leading role in the new ITV period drama, Victoria. Jenna credits Queen Victoria's diaries as an invaluable resource that helped her understand the monarch's psyche. She also confessed to trying to learn Beethoven on the piano and learnt to ride sidesaddle for the role.

At the end of the interview Kate cheekily asked Jenna about her about the rumours that she and Prince Harry have been dating. Jenna denies any relationship, saying that they are just friends.

Victoria premieres on ITV on Sunday 28 August at 9pm (BST)

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Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor on the big-budget Indian remake of 24!

He's one of India's biggest stars and an award-winning Bollywood legend. He's also starred in some huge Hollywood hits, including Slumdog Millionaire and Mission Impossible.

Now, Anil Kapoor is starring in one of his grittiest roles yet- the Indian remake of hit U.S. crime thriller, 24.

Katie Price on Celebrity X Factor, Pony Club and her boob job

Coleen doesn't bully me, it's called banter!

– Katie Price

Loose Women presenter and horse riding enthusiast Katie Price joined Ranvir and Kate to chat about her new reality TV show Katie Price's Pony Club. The new show, premiering this evening on TLC, follows Katie and her children Princess and Junior's day-to-day life down at the stables.

During the new show Katie gets fully engrained in the pony lifestyle, attending dinners, (fox friendly) hunts and coaching the kids at her pony club. She explains that horse riding is accessible to everyone and that you don't have to be posh to pony!

"It doesn't matter what family you come from, you can all do horses. You can find yards that will help you muck-out for a ride. My mum and dad had no money when I was younger and I was still able to do it."

During our interview Katie also revealed that she wants to be first in line for Celebrity X Factor!

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High profile celebrity divorces...

Our relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love

– Statement from Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has agreed to pay ex-wife Amber Heard seven million dollars to settle their divorce. In a joint statement the pair agreed their 18 month marriage had been 'volatile'.

The build up to the final divorce has been more dramatic by the day, with allegations of physical violence, cheating and more - and it's not the first time we've seen a high profile pair split.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise
Divorced in 2001

They were the ultimate Hollywood power couple who met in the early 90s while filming Days of Thunder and married on Christmas eve. They separated three days before their 10th wedding anniversary and Nicole claims that during the split she was pregnant and later miscarried. Nicole and Tom settled out of court splitting some of their assets and have shared custody of their two adopted children.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
Divorced in 2005

By far one of the most heartbreaking breaks-ups. Worse than Rachel and Ross. Did Jennifer really want it? Who knows? Rumour has it that during the shoot for Mr and Mrs Smith, Brad fell head over heels for Angelina Jolie thus ending his five year marriage to Jen.

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills
Divorced in 2008