Paddy McGuinness gatecrashes the GMB studio live on air!

We had an intruder in the building today! Comedian Paddy McGuinness stormed into our studio live on air pushing a trolley full of cakes.

Presenters Kate Garraway, Ben Shephard and Richard Arnold were caught completely off guard when Paddy walked onto the set live.

He couldn’t resist a cheeky dig at absent Piers Morgan, suggesting the show was better without him.

Luckily it was all for a good cause, with Paddy urging viewers to get involved in Comic Relief.

Watch the invasion in full above.

The Voice: Gavin's team fight for a quarter-final place

Today we were joined by Gavin Rossdale and his six remaining acts who this weekend, battle it out for a place in the quarter-final.

Which acts will Gavin and the voting public choose to put through into the next round? We've got a tough decision to make.

Watch the full interview above.

After this interview our very own Richard Arnold played a fun quiz with Gavin and his six acts backstage - click here to watch it in full.

Tamzin steps out of Stepping Out

The show is still brilliant, my understudy is brilliant

– Tamzin Outhwaite

Poor Tamzin Outhwaite hobbled into our studios this morning and told us that she had to pull out of her new stage show, Stepping Out after fracturing her foot.

Stepping Out is a comedy play that charts the lives of seven women and one man attempting to tap their troubles away at a weekly dance class.

Despite Tamzin's absence from the play, she insists the show is "still brilliant" and her "understudy is brilliant".

We can't wait to see it. Watch the full interview here.

Richard helped Tamzin hobble into the studio this morning...

Susanna goes behind the scenes of the Love Actually sequel!

Someone's died, someone's got lots of kids, someone's been voted out of office and voted back into office

– A lot's happened since the original Love Actually, according to director Richard Curtis!

We were VERY excited to hear the news that the original cast of Love Actually are reuniting for a Comic Relief reprisal - so much so, that we sent Susanna Reid on a set visit to find out some secrets about the sequel!

Director Richard Curtis gave a few clues as to some of the changes the characters have gone through since the original 2003 film, plus Susanna bumped into star Hugh Grant, who didn't seem at all confident about reprising his role as the Prime Minister.

"I'm doing very badly," he joked (we hope). "I can't remember my lines, I can't remember my character and everybody hates me."

Hugh, we think you'll do just fine, actually.

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Secrets from the set of Broadchurch

“[The costume designer will say] you’ll never guess what’s happening to you next week. They might give you a bit of a clue. But you really don’t know when you show up.”

– Sir Lenny Henry on Broadchurch

The studio was buzzing this morning in the hopes of learning some secrets about hit drama Broadchurch, which returned to our screens this week. Ben and Kate did their best to quiz the tight lipped actor, who confessed it is the costume designers who seem to know the show's secrets.

Sir Lenny Henry is best known for his comic genius and continuing work as co-founder of Comic Relief. Henry confirmed there will be a Love Actually reunion as part of this year's Comic Relief activities. It's set to be a ten-minute short, starring Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Andrew Lincoln, Martine McCutcheon and Rowan Atkinson, and is aptly named Comic Relief Actually.

Richard steps out of the studio and into a tap class

Richard caught up with Tamzin Outhwaite, Amanda Holden and Tracy-Ann Oberman ahead of the opening night of new show Stepping Out in the West End. Stepping Out is a comedy that charts the lives of seven women and one man attempting to tap their troubles away at a weekly dancing class. Over the course of several months we meet the group, and all of them have a story to tell.

The production originally started as a touring show, before moving to the West End where it has seen the biggest advance ticket sales in the Vaudeville Theatre's history

Sadly since meeting the cast Tamzin Outhwaite has had to temporarily pull out of the production due to a fractured foot.

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Exclusive: TOWIE's James Lock apologises for using phone while driving

TOWIE star James Lock joined Good Morning Britain to exclusively tell us why he is going behind bars for his latest project.

Earlier this week, we caught James using his phone while driving. We took the opportunity to ask James about the incident this morning. James explained that he was actually on private land with no other vehicles nearby at the time. However he later admitted that it was an irresponsible example to set to his fans - and apologised for the offence.

Penalties for using phones while driving will double this week.

Richard's VERY relaxed interview with Benedict Cumberbatch...

We've seen him as a king, a detective and even a rather unusual-looking model... but now Benedict Cumberbatch is back on our screens as Dr Strange.

He had a 'little chin-wag' with our Richard who we couldn't help but notice was looking rather relaxed during the whole affair! We guess that's what happens when you're mates with the stars...

Watch the above interview to see Benedict telling Richard about becoming a dad for the second time and the sort of roles he'll pick moving forward.

Ben and Susanna imitate Richard's interviewing stance with some mirth!

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