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Sitting Squat Challenge: Bakwate the gorilla

We had a wild intruder in the studio today, when Bakwate the gorilla wasn't monkeying around with our studio equipment, he took part in our Sitting Squat Challenge. They say gorilla's are six times stronger than adults, so surely this challenge should have been easy for him.

Watch the video to find out.

Think you can do better? Tweet or Instagram us a picture or video of you doing your Sitting Squad Challenge including your time - or email it to us at gmb@itvcom.

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'Fad Free GMB has made me feel alive again'

Three quarters of us give up diets in the first two months - but we're going to show you why you should stick with your plan!

When we first met mum of three Sarah - she weighed 16st 12lbs and had dangerously high visceral fat, increasing her risk of heart disease, stroke and early death.

Has she turned her life around? We reveal her incredible transformation - inside and out.

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Sitting Squat Challenge: The winners

So we've come to the end of the Sitting Squat Challenge for our #FadFreeGMB fitness and diet plan. Our presenters here at GMB, celebrity guests and our TV friends around the globe put their leg muscles to the test to race to the top of the leaderboard.

In the end, the winner of the challenge came from Ireland AM's, Deric Hartigan. He stormed to the top of the leaderboard with an amazing time of 8 minutes 24 seconds.

Watch the video above.

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We put two famous quick fix diets to the test - do they work?

Have you ditched your January diet? If that's a yes, you are not alone. Two thirds of us have already given up - BUT before you reach for a 'Quick Fix' in February - think again.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow are all reported to be fans of juicing - BUT - do quick fixes work and are they safe?

With the help of GMB viewers and self-confessed fad diet addicts, Shantelle and Emma - we put two of these quick fixes to the test.

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Any-fish traybake

When we say any fish, we mean any fish; if its got fins, it will probably work.

The combination of roasted fennel, lemon, garlic and new potatoes is such a good one it goes with everything from salmon to sea bass.

This is definitely a recipe where it’s worth experimenting with the more sustainable (and often cheaper) types of fish such as coley and pollock.