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Sitting Squat Challenge: Hollyoaks' McQueen brothers

The latest stars to give our Sitting Squat Challenge a whirl are Theo Graham and Malique Thompson, AKA The McQueen brothers from Hollyoaks!

One lasted three seconds longer than the other... can you guess who?

Think you can do better? Tweet or Instagram us a picture or video of you doing your Sitting Squad Challenge including your time - or email it to us at gmb@itvcom.

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Fad Free Fitness experiment: dispelling myths

Today our Fad Free Fitness zone was open for business. We were joined by the fitness champs, the Exton twins and Sports Science expert Doctor Bradley Elliot.

1/3 of all new gym goers sign up in the first two months of the year, so we provided key tips so you can achieve your fitness goals the right way.

With the help of the Exton twins, Doctor Bradley Elliot helped us dispel a few myths:

MYTH 1: Is HIIT the best way to exercise?
No. “It’s not substantially better, but it’s as good as.”

MYTH 2: Is it better to work out in the morning?
Yes. “Exercising in the evening can be bad for sleep quality. If you exercise in the morning you are less likely to interrupt your sleep quality and you’ll recover a bit better.”

MYTH 3: Is working out better than walking?
No. ”You can be a little bit active but all the time. You have to be quite disciplined. Get off a bus a stop early, don’t take the lift you should take the stairs.”