At what age is it okay to leave a child home alone?

It's been revealed that a parent is arrested every day on suspicion of leaving one or more of their children at home alone.

At least 105 mothers and fathers faced criminal investigations for leaving their offspring unsupervised in the final three months of last year, research by the Press Association has revealed. Cases involved children aged from just a few weeks to 14 years old.

At what age do you think it's okay to leave a child at home without adult supervision?

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What's the strangest breakfast you've had?

A study of what people eat for breakfast shows that some opt for cake, energy drinks or last night's dinner! What's the most unusual first meal of the day you've ever eaten? Perhaps you've been served something adventurous while abroad? Share your stories and pictures of unusual breakfasts with us.

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Need a confidence boost? Let us help you!

Are you happy with what you see in the mirror? Or sometimes, are you guilty of being too negative about yourself?

Good Morning Britain are looking for people who want a bit of a boost - we'll help you learn to love your appearance and flaunt what you've got! You'd need to be available to travel to London the week of the 6 April 2015. If you want a bit of help to feel happy in your own skin, we want to hear from you!

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