Do you argue about the heating bills?

A new survey reveals that women like the temperature hotter than men in the house, and that if the sexes lived separately, men would pay a whopping £425 less than women on heating their homes.

Do you argue about the temperature/heating bills? Would you be happy to go on camera later today with your other half for a lighthearted piece on thermostat wars?

If so please email before 3.30pm today (29 January). You must be 18 and over. Terms and conditions at

Send us your snow pictures

Snow is expected across Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northern parts of England today and tomorrow. If you've got snow then send us your photos and videos via by emailing by Thursday 29 January at 7am and we may use your photos and videos on the show.

Please remember to stay safe when going out in extreme weather conditions.

You must be 18 and over, for terms and conditions see

What's the kindest thing a stranger has done for you?

A stranger on a train from Birmingham stunned a young mum by handing her a note praising her parenting skills together with a £5 note. We want to know what is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

Get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing by 8am today and your reply might be read out on the show. You must be 18 and over, for full terms and conditions see

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Good morning Australia!

Good Morning Britain is off to Australia. We will be filming and broadcasting live from lots of the Australia's biggest landmarks and we want to meet up with Brits living there. Do you have relatives or friends in the Gold Coast? Sydney? Perth or Melbourne?

If you think they'd like to be part of our live broadcasts, please tell them to contact: Terms & conditions here: Person who emails must be over 18.

Thursday 29 January - Come join us outside the Arts Centre on Southbank in Melbourne from 4pm.

Friday 30 January - Come join us at Cottesloe Beach in Perth from 1pm.

The nation awaits payday!

The long wait till January's payday is nearly over for many. What's the first treat you will buy?

Jonathan Swain goes behind the scenes at the Royal Mint which produces five billion coins a year.

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