Got a summer health question for Dr Hilary?

Do you have a summer health question for Dr Hilary Jones?

Maybe you have a skin condition and you're worried about the effects of the sun, or you might be travelling somewhere for the first time and want advice on necessary immunisations. Perhaps you need advice on jet-lag or travelling with young children, or maybe you take medication and are worried about taking this while on holiday?

Whatever summer health advice you're after, ask us anything and we'll answer some of your questions on the show.

Email us at with your name, age, contact number and question with SUMMER HEALTH in the subject line before Thursday 7th July 2016.

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Brexit Bust-ups!

Have you fallen out with family and/or friends over political views since the referendum result was announced on Friday morning?

Whether you've had an argument over the breakfast table or a full-on Facebook fallout, we'd love to hear from you! Have you resolved it now? Or do you think it's going to take some time to build bridges?

Get in touch via our Facebook page, tweet us or send us an email to by 8am on Tuesday 28 June 2016.

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Vote for your favourite Glastonbury moment!

We're looking back at some of Glastonbury's most iconic moments from the past 45 years as 175,000 festival goers pack their bags for the five-day extravaganza in Somerset this weekend.

From David Bowie, who played the first ever festival and returned for Glastonbury's 30th anniversary, to the highly-anticipated Rolling Stones comeback of 2013, take a look through our gallery and cast your vote below!

Please take our poll below before 8.30am on Thursday 23 June 2016.

Show us your special Dads

Do you have a special Dad that you want to shout about? To celebrate this Father’s Day we’re asking for your photos. Share a photo of the special Father in your life and tell us what they mean to you, and they might be shown on air.

Send your photos to us by Friday 17 June and we might show them on air. Send them via our Facebook page, tweet us or send us an email (Conditions at

What confuses you about the EU referendum?

In the countdown to the EU referendum, tomorrow's guest will be helping straighten out the facts and give accurate information about everything EU-related.

We want to know: which facts are you confused about? What questions do you have about the key issues of immigration, finances and the impact on travelling abroad?

Leave your comments by 9pm today (5 June 2016) and we might read some out on the show (conditions at

Are politicians failing to address your concerns about EU referendum?

Millions of voters say politicians are not addressing the concerns they have about whether Britain should remain a member of the EU or leave.

If you could ask a politician a direct question, what would it be? Or is there a particular issue you think hasn't been clearly addressed? We'd love to hear from you.

Get in touch via our Facebook page, tweet us or send us an email to by 8am on Monday 6 June 2016.

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Ever had a passport picture as unflattering as this?

A man has been left fuming after his new passport came back with him looking like HITLER in his picture. Shadows on the image had given him a toothbrush moustache that was sported by the famous dictator, making his likeness quite uncanny.

Passport pictures are unflattering for most of us - and we'd love to see yours, if you're brave enough! Have you ever ended up looking like anyone famous in yours? Or maybe you ended up with a funny expression? Either way we'd love to see your funny and strange pics!

Email them to us at or share them on our Twitter. You can also join the conversation on our Facebook page! Please share by 8am on Friday 3 June and we might share on the show.

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