More young people dying from diabetes in the UK

It's very easy to rebel against this condition.

– Dr Hilary on teenagers with type one diabetes

More young people are dying from diabetes in the UK than the rest of Europe experts are warning this morning.

We speak to Dr Hilary Jones who said the transition between childhood and adolescence for people with type one diabetes is difficult.

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What are the dangers of diet pills?

After the death of Eloise Parry, from diet pills that she had bought online, a OnePoll poll for Good Morning Britain has shown that more than 20 percent of people have had an adverse reaction to drugs that they had bought online. One in 10 had bought diet pills online, and more than half of those surveyed would rather get certain treatments online than go to their GP.

Dr Hilary investigates the dangerous substances that can be easily bought at the click of a button.

Mother warns over diet pill dangers

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Radical brain surgery for Parkinson's disease

It's horrible, it's absolutely horrible.

– Andi on Parkinson's disease

Nearly 130,000 people in the UK live with Parkinson's Disease, and a report out today shows their life is often made more difficult because of the way they're perceived - with more than half of sufferers saying they've experienced hostility or rudeness.

We speak to Andi Robertson who's been diagnosed with the disease. He's had Parkinson's since 2001 and underwent radical brain surgery last year to try and halt its progress. We followed his journey as he prepared to have the treatment.

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Brave Calum is an inspiration

He's had three open heart surgeries and other procedures and he'll have more to come

– John Morris

We meet 9-year-old Calum Morris - who's faced a lifetime of lifesaving heart operations since he was just two weeks old due to having a rare condition called truncus arteriosus.

But his appearance on GMB comes with positive news as it's revealed the child heart surgery death rate has been halved over the past decade.

Mum Nicola says: "If Calum had been born ten years earlier they wouldn't have been able to treat this heart condition. It's quite complex and very rare."

"The doctors and surgeons have been outstanding, " added dad John.

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British cancer patients 'dying needlessly'

Cancer survival rates in the UK are at or behind a level that many other European countries had already achieved by the late 1990s, according to new analysis released today by Macmillan Cancer Support.

The charity said that the research showed people in the UK are "dying needlessly", and said it is "shameful" that survival rates for four of the most common cancers were better in many countries over a decade ago than they are in the UK today.

The Concord-2 study looked at breast, lung, colon and stomach cancer survival rates across 67 countries in 1995-99 compared to in 2005-09.

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