Only 10 per cent of kidney donors are Asian

More than 5,000 people nationally are waiting for a kidney alone and more than a fifth are from Asian backgrounds, but Asian donors make up less than 10 per cent of the register.

Emmerdale actor Wil Johnson is actively involved campaigning to encourage Afro-Caribbean communities to register, he joins us alongside Katheryn Hodgson, who has had a liver transplant and is now waiting for a lung transplant.

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One in ten mothers suffer postnatal depression

A new campaign by the Maternal Mental Health Alliance is being launched today to highlight the "huge gaps" in the support and care for the mental health of new mothers by the NHS.

According to stats, 97 per cent of Clinical Commissioning Groups have no strategy in place to give mums about to give birth and who just given birth any mental health support.

60 per cent say they have NO plans to put one in place. However, one in ten mothers experience some form of postnatal depression.

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Are antibiotics being over-prescribed?

We have learned with hindsight that antibiotics have been over-prescribed

– Dr Louise Leong

The Government is being urged to take urgent steps to stop doctors and vets from prescribing antibiotics when they are not needed amid a fight to prevent the spread of superbugs.

Dr Louise Leong tells us more about the threat of antibiotic resistant superbugs and what must be done.

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What is emotional eating?

An eating disorder charity has said that 88% of people they spoke to claim their problems with food and overeating are linked to emotional problems, such as guilt, depression and self loathing.

We've all been guilty of comfort eating from time to time, and for the majority of us enjoying the odd unhealthy snack or meal is the perfect way to soothe whatever ails us

4,000 babies every year in the UK are stillborn

Our worlds just tumbled down and lives were shattered.

– Heidi Eldridge

It's a frightening statistic for any parent-to-be, 4,000 babies every year in the UK are stillborn. Now a new campaign is being launched to ensure every hospital in the country follows a nationally recommended programme to cut the number of stillbirths.

Heidi Eldridge is leading the campaign, her little boy Aidan was stillborn weighing just over 5lb.

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Women in 40s have more unplanned pregnancies

When it comes to unplanned pregnancies you'd think it's be more common in teenagers and women in their 20s... but actually it's happening to more women in their 40s, according to a new survey.

Research by Netmums found many women over 40 believe that fertility falls off a cliff after 35, so they aren't as serious about contraceptives as they might have once been.

We're joined by Dr Hilary and a 43-year-old mother who was shocked when she found out she pregnant.

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