The dogs that sniff out cancer

I've been truly lucky that my cancer was caught so early. If Missy hadn't alerted me to it, I might not be here today. I owe everything to Missy

– Allison Powell says her life was saved by her dog

A dog owner says her labrador saved her life by sniffing out her breast cancer. Forty-eight-year-old Allison Powell started to feel unwell and noticed her four-year-old labrador Missy acting "strangely" and pawing at her left breast.

After months of pestering, the mum-of-one decided to go for a check, and doctors found a small lump. Allison was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and she underwent a life-saving double mastectomy.

The worrying rise in tooth decay in children

One in every eight children aged three suffers from tooth decay, stark new figures show. Some 12% of three-year-olds in England have decaying teeth as parents increasingly give their children sugary foods and drinks, health officials warned. These youngsters have an average of three teeth that are decayed, missing or filled, Public Health England (PHE) found.

We talk to partner and clinical director at Toothbeary Practice Richmond, Dr Nicole Sturzenbaum to hear her top tips for promoting good dental health in children.

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Do boys bottle their emotions up?

The number of boys aged from 11 to teenage years suffering from mental health problems is on the rise, a head teacher has warned. Bernard Trafford, head of the Royal Grammar School (RGS) in Newcastle upon Tyne, said he was aware of a number of boys in northern private schools suffering anorexia as a result of the pressure to succeed academically.

Teenager Jack Jacobs, who developed depression and an eating disorder at the age of 14, joins us for an interview alongside his mum Jennie and Dr Hilary Jones.

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Report reveals 46% of cancers diagnosed 'too late'

Dr Hilary Jones

A Cancer Research UK report out today reveals that 46% of cancers in England are diagnosed "too late" when they are at an advanced stage, and are therefore much harder to treat.

The report also estimates that if the best national levels of early diagnosis were delivered across the country, an extra 5,000 cancer patients would be alive five years after diagnosis. Dr Hilary joins us to tell us more.

  • Britain's survival rates for nine of the ten most common forms of cancer are below the European average
  • They say earlier detection of cancer would lead to improved survival rates for more than 52,000 patients
  • The report also said that early diagnosis would save the NHS almost £210 million

Could heading a football cause brain damage?

The kids are back at school and this weekend across the country they'll also be back on the pitch as the football season kicks off. We know they need exercise to keep them healthy but experts are warning a skill as simple as heading the ball could be doing them major long-term brain damage.

We're joined now by Dawn and Claire Astle who's father former England and West Brom player - Jeff died from brain trauma caused by heading heavy footballs.

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Dr Hilary's 25th anniversary after party!

Old pals: Dr Hilary poses with Lorraine Kelly

Because we're celebrating Dr Hilary's 25th year in television we couldn't just stop the party when the show ended this morning!

So we invited members of the Good Morning Britain and Lorraine teams to join us for a celebratory breakfast!

Of course there’s been the sad things and the campaigns which have had good effects but also the fun things we’ve had so much fun over 25 years… Visiting people in their own homes, being invited [into people’s houses] and talking about health issues.

– Dr Hilary Jones about his career

Our editor Neil Thompson says a few words

Good Morning Britain's editor Neil Thompson said a few words as well as Lorraine Kelly who reminded us of a few funny stories from the early days of his career!

And, of course, we had cake!

Dr Hilary's celebratory cake!

Celebrating 25 years of Dr Hilary!

Today on Good Morning Britain we've been celebrating 25 years of Dr Hilary Jones who has been on our screens for a quarter of a century!

We surprised him with some of the people he helped medically and his family - take a look at some of our snaps from his special day and scroll through some of the messages and support people have sent in! #DrH25years

Take a trip down memory lane with our Dr Hilary gallery

Dr Hilary with his family and two of the people his advice has helped

Twenty five years of Dr Hilary Jones...

A fresh faced Dr Hilary Jones 25 years ago!

We're celebrating 25 years of the the legend that is Dr Hilary Jones on Good Morning Britain today!

The good doctor has helped the viewers of ITV breakfast television for the last quarter of a century, so we felt it was necessary to take a look at Hilary through the years!

And don't forget to share your memories using #DrH25years and get involved on Facebook and Twitter or by emailing your comments to before 8am Wednesday 3 September for a chance to get them on air. You must be 18 and over, terms at:

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The Dr Hilary we know and love today!