Meet the real-life 'batboy'

Blind eight-year-old Ruben Graham-Morris has shocked the world by developing a skill which effectively allows him to 'see' for the first time.

Ruben has learnt 'echolocation' which enables him to interpret echoes and envisage his environment. The skill, taught to him by an American specialist called Daniel Kish, involves clicking the tongue and listening to the way the sound bounces back from different objects.

It's a skill also used by bats, leading many to dub him a real life 'batboy'.

We caught up with him to find out how he's getting on with his new super power.

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Would you eat your baby's placenta?

Just days after giving birth to her third child, Coleen Rooney has revealed that she will eat her own placenta.

Coleen tweeted that she has had it turned into capsules which are said to boost energy levels and help with the recovery from childbirth.

Dr Hilary reveals why some mothers decide to consume their babies' placentas.

Dr Hilary's top tips for getting sleep

Almost half of British women say they are not getting enough sleep and don't feel well-rested when they wake up.

The findings are according to a survey of over 4,100 UK adults, supported by the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association (SATA) conducted by YouGov for ResMed Ltd.

Pregnancy and the menopause can increase a woman's risk of having sleep apnoea, yet the majority of women in the UK are unaware of this.

Dr Hilary and Susanna speaks to our own producer Verina, who rarely gets more than four hours a night - plus Dr Hilary gives us his top tips for getting the sleep we need.

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Mum slams schools' BMI calculations

[After seeing my BMI] I had a very big problem, which actually robbed me of my childhood

– Emily McKenzie on how she developed anorexia after being told by a school text book that she was overweight

A mum who became anorexic at the age of 14 after her school said her BMI was too high is calling for changes after she received a letter saying her four-year-old son is overweight.

Emily McKenzie, 37, from Bath, said her confidence was hit as teenager and she started to shed the pounds by starving herself, resulting in a 15-year long battle with an eating disorder. At the age of 16 she weighed just 3st 10lb.

The mum decided enough was enough after being told her little boy Jack was in the 96th centile, which means he is heavier than 96 per cent of children his age. A BMI above the 91st centile suggests a person is overweight.

One in three women are missing their smear test

It only takes just a few minutes to have a smear, but almost a thousand women are dying from cervical cancer a year as screenings have hit a new low in the UK.

Only one in three are keeping up with their tests, with women in the younger age groups admitting to being embarrassed or scared by the thought of a test.

A total of 1.4 million women across the UK did not take up their screening invitation last year.

We speak to Frankie Appleyard, who was just 26 when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer three years ago.

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Why every new parent should know baby CPR

It's every new parent's nightmare - your baby suddenly stops breathing and you don't know what to do.

And, according to new figures from St John's Ambulance, even though this is our biggest fear, only one in four of us actually know how to give a baby CPR, which is very different from giving it to an adult. Therefore the charity is launching a new campaign today, with a video that shows mums and dads what they should do in an emergency.