Doctors told to change way they detect cancer

For every patient I diagnose with cancer, I have hundreds who haven't got cancer. What I'm hoping this will do, is that I'll be able to say 'this is why we don't think you have cancer'.

– Dr Sarah Jarvis

Doctors are being told to completely change the way they detect cancer in patients.

Experts say new checklists will help to catch the killer disease earlier, when it's still treatable.

Dr Sarah Jarvis tells us why these changes could help to save thousands of lives.

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The picture that could save your life

Amazing mum of four Lisa Royle took the dramatic and brave step of sharing a photo of her 'dimpled' boob, just a day before surgery to remove it.

She shared the picture on Facebook to highlight the tiny changes in the look and feel of breast tissue that could indicate cancer.

The Facebook message attracted nearly 50,000 likes and over 73,000 comments.

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How safe is your air cabin?

After the autopsies of a pilot and an air steward revealed toxic levels of organophosphates in their system, a British Coroner raised concerns that there is a risk that future deaths will occur unless action is taken.

We're joined by Charlie and Fiona Bass whose son Matthew was BA cabin crew for 15 years and died in January last year. The inquest starts later this year but Charlie and Fiona are convinced Aerotoxic Syndrome is to blame.

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I fall asleep 40 times a day

I can sometimes sense I might fall asleep in a bit, and I just try to carry on with what I'm doing, but then if I'm writing or reading, I'll realise when I've woken up...

– Lucy Tonge

Lucy Tonge can fall asleep up to 40 times a day because of a rare condition she developed after being given the swine flu jab.

Lucy, now 18, started falling asleep in class, in the middle of conversation and even when she was getting out of the car.

Narcolepsy occurs when the brain is unable to regulate the sleep cycle. Lucy is here to tell us how it affects her, alongside her father Jerry and Matt O'Neil from the organisation Narcolepsy UK.

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