Type 2 diabetes patients could get gastric bands

Surgery is not an easy fix

– Andy Reynolds

Hundreds of thousands of people with type 2 diabetes could be offered weight-loss gastric-band surgery on the NHS.

New draft guidance from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests that obese people with the condition should be assessed for bariatric surgery - such as having a gastric band fitted to reduce the size of the stomach or a gastric bypass, where the digestive system is re-routed past most of the stomach.

We speak to Dr Sarah Jarvis and Andy Reynolds, a type 2 diabetes sufferer, to find out more.

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Good Morning Summer: Sun damage

Every day in the UK THIRTY SEVEN people are diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Despite this alarming figure two thirds of people questioned said they felt HEALTHIER with a tan.

According to a OnePoll and GMB research published today, 75% of people have been sunburnt on holiday, 36% say their child has been burnt and 16% say they think getting burnt results in a better tan.

Only 10 per cent of kidney donors are Asian

More than 5,000 people nationally are waiting for a kidney alone and more than a fifth are from Asian backgrounds, but Asian donors make up less than 10 per cent of the register.

Emmerdale actor Wil Johnson is actively involved campaigning to encourage Afro-Caribbean communities to register, he joins us alongside Katheryn Hodgson, who has had a liver transplant and is now waiting for a lung transplant.

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One in ten mothers suffer postnatal depression

A new campaign by the Maternal Mental Health Alliance is being launched today to highlight the "huge gaps" in the support and care for the mental health of new mothers by the NHS.

According to stats, 97 per cent of Clinical Commissioning Groups have no strategy in place to give mums about to give birth and who just given birth any mental health support.

60 per cent say they have NO plans to put one in place. However, one in ten mothers experience some form of postnatal depression.

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Are antibiotics being over-prescribed?

We have learned with hindsight that antibiotics have been over-prescribed

– Dr Louise Leong

The Government is being urged to take urgent steps to stop doctors and vets from prescribing antibiotics when they are not needed amid a fight to prevent the spread of superbugs.

Dr Louise Leong tells us more about the threat of antibiotic resistant superbugs and what must be done.

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