Father's blog becomes inspiration to parents

When it first hit the 100s it was amazing, people from around the world [contacted us] - Sweden, North America, Australia, the Maldives.

– Wayne Little, Daisy Mae's father

It started as a way to cope and to keep loved ones informed, but a blog written by a father about his premature baby's fight for survival has now become an inspiration to tens of thousands of people.

Daisy-Mae was born 103 days early, weighing the same as a loaf of bread. We spoke to parents Wayne and Jen Little.

Find out more about Daisy Mae here

The mum misdiagnosed with cancer

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer and being told you have only a couple of years left to live - but then you find out it was a misdiagnosis and you didn't have cancer at all.

That's exactly what happened to Denise Clark, who spent two years preparing to die, in which she wrote farewell letters to her sons and even planned her own funeral.

Denise joins us alongside Dr Hilary Jones.

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