25% of kids are ordering takeaways

You're brainwashed into thinking that's what you should be eating

– Thomas

Teenagers are facing problems with overly accessible junk food that's much cheaper than healthier food. 25% of teenagers are buying junk food and a third of teenagers say there is a takeaway within 2 minutes of their school.

16 year-old Thomas joins us after having lost three stone by cutting out the junk food and talked to us about the way junk food is so easy to buy.

Concerned parents worry that with chips shops opening at 8am, this can't be good for tempted kids. The Child Obesity Strategy wants to make the labelling of junk food clearer to children, with proper nutritional information. Thomas says he now does all his cooking at home and is far more active.

"No child wants to be overweight or obese - they want to be healthy and look good" says Dr Hilary, calling for improved labelling of nutritional information on food. Thomas, agrees, and says he and his friends would be helped by more education from a young age.

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The reality of Lyme disease

The NHS is being criticised for its failure to diagnose and treat sufferers of debilitating Lyme disease. Today campaigners will lobby MPs for immediate changes to what they say is inadequate NHS testing and treatment for the condition.

Early detection is key but many sufferers report having to travel abroad to get a proper diagnosis. Three reports have been commissioned in recent months by the Department of Health - but it will be at least 18 months before they report their findings.

We're joined by Dr Hilary Jones to find out more as well as Phone 4 U founder John Caudwell, who says 11 members of his family has suffered with symptoms the disease for over a decade and believes the government should be doing more to find out more about it.

Supernanny has the secrets to banish sleepless nights

What’s bedtime like in your house? New research shows that more than 35% of parents say that bedtime is the hardest part of being a parent. Parents say night waking only increases the challenge with over half of parents whose children wake up three times a night saying it’s their main worry.

Supernanny Jo Frost is supporting Britain’s largest charity, BookTrust, and their ethos of reading for pleasure and the need for routine to assist in helping children to go to sleep. Jo Frost says that routine is key.

Bath, book and bed

– Jo Frost, Supernanny

Mum's sepsis bid to Hunt after family tragedy

Losing 44,000 people annually to something that can be treated reasonably easy if caught in time, is not acceptable.

– Melissa Mead

A mother whose 12-month-old son died of blood poisoning after a string of medical blunders has won her campaign for all parents to be warned.

Melissa Mead emerged from an emotional meeting with Jeremy Hunt with a promise for a major information campaign - the the Health Secretary even telling her he will check his own family is safe from the killer disease.

The grieving mum told us in January about how little William died in December 2014 after a series of mistakes by medics. The case put the NHS's 111 service under the spotlight.

Dr Arun Ghosh, 1 March 2016

On 1 March 2016 Good Morning Britain reported on the issue of the current unavailability on the NHS of the Meningitis B vaccine for children over one year old, and recent press reports that private clinics were charging up to £750 for the vaccine.

Due to human error, a graphic caption incorrectly summarized these press allegations, stating: “Some vaccine providers have been charging £750 per dose”. We would like to make clear that this was inaccurate, and that to our knowledge no private clinics have ever charged £750 per dose of vaccine, nor are we aware of any clinics that have in fact charged £750 for a full course of vaccinations.

We had invited Dr Arun Ghosh, who administers the vaccine privately, to take part in the programme. It was not intended to focus on his particular practice, but on the wider issue of whether the press criticism of private practice charging was justified, and whether the availability of NHS vaccinations should be extended beyond infants under 9 months.

However, following the broadcast of the inaccurate information above, and criticism of private clinics in discussion of the issue with another guest, where it was suggested that such clinics were exploiting parents’ fears, Dr Ghosh decided not to take part in the programme. Unfortunately the presenters were not fully informed of his discussions with the producers regarding the reasons for his decision, which we accept was fully justified in the circumstances. The programme presenter later referred to Dr Ghosh by name, repeating the suggestion that private clinics were acting unethically regarding the amount charged to parents for the vaccine.

The programme did state correctly that Dr Ghosh in fact charged £250 for the first dose of vaccine, and £155 each for two further doses of a full course.

We would like to make clear that Good Morning Britain accepts that Dr Ghosh has never charged £750 either per dose or for a full course of vaccine, and we apologize for any suggestion conveyed that he has behaved unethically in this regard. We also wish to express our sincere regret for any distress caused to Dr Ghosh or his family for the manner in which he was referred to in the programme.

Special pair receive The Sun's Health Star award

For our final day of meeting our Health Star winners we speak to Sophia Parvizi-Wayne and Amber van Damm, who used their personal experience with an eating disorder to help others and raise awareness.

Their good work has earned The Sun's Special Recognition Health Star and we meet them both as well as The Sun's health editor Lynsey Hope.

Charlotte surprises our Community Health Star

Our Hospital Health Star gets a BIG surprise

Meet our Lifesaver Health Star Darran

Charlotte surprises our Health Star live on her doorstep

I'm normally always talking but I don't know what to say!

– Rachael Jones, our Community Health Star winner

Charlotte was live from a top secret location this morning to surprise our third Health Star winner!

Rachael Jones suffered with post-natal depression after giving birth to her son. Her mission was to hear that it does get better, from parents who have battled with similar mental health conditions.

Rachael has gone on to help over 20,000 women cope with pre and post-natal depression, as well as their partners and families, and that's why we are crowning her our Community Health Star winner!

Watch the magical moment Rachael's friends helped Charlotte surprise Rachael live on her doorstep.

Meet our Hospital Health Star

Meet our Lifesaver Health Star

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