Lifesaver Darran is our first Health Star

Thousands were nominated in our Health Star awards, which rewards heroes who have gone the extra mile to save a life or contribute to their local community - and we had the huge job of choosing just three finalists for each of our categories.

Today we meet our Health Star Lifesaver, fireman Darran Sampson, who in February saved a life when he acted quickly and performed CPR.

Charlotte's Health Star helps others despite her own loss

Eight years ago Charlotte Hawkins became patron of children's hospice Ellenor and met Vicky Read. Vicky is a respite carer for the charity, which helps families facing life threatening illnesses. She became a carer after her two sons Sydney and Freddie died, both aged three.

Charlotte became her friend after seeing her work at the hospice and thinks she is amazing for all she does in spite of her own loss. She's Charlotte's own Health Star, and today she gives her a big surprise!

Surgeon Mr Singh is Dr Hilary's Health Star

On Monday we launched our Good Morning Britain Health Star awards to reward those who have gone that extra mile to help someone's health or save a life.

All week we have been meeting our presenters' own Health Stars, and today we meet Dr Hilary's - Mr Singh, the surgeon at Birmingham Children's Hospital who operated on his granddaughter Bella when she was very ill.

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Ben Shephard's emotional Health Star nomination

It was an emotional moment when Ben Shephard was asked to reveal his Health Star as part of our new campaign.

Ben fought back tears as he nominated his health hero Mr Asif Hasan, a surgeon at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, who helped to save the life of his best friend's son, Sebastian.

Sebastian was born with a potentially fatal heart condition and had to have life-saving surgery when he was just four months old. He was told he would only live until he was two, but in January Seb celebrated his seventh birthday.

We caught up with little Seb and his parents Ivan and Nadine Hollingsworth who set up a charity to show their gratitude to the children's heart ward.

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Nominate your GMB Health Stars

Do you know someone who is a health star ?

Good Morning Britain's Health Star awards recognise the best of British healthcare, and if you know someone who has gone above and beyond to help someone we want to hear about it.

You could nominate a hospital consultant, junior doctor, mental health practitioner, GP, community nurse or just an ordinary member of the public.

The three categories viewers can nominate in are:

  • Hospital Health Star - anyone who works or volunteers in a hospital in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Lifesaver Health Star - a professional or member of the public, who has saved someone's life
  • Community Health Star - anyone who works in the health service or local community

Study reveals more than half of child asthma cases may be misdiagnosed

A new study suggests that child asthma is being over-diagnosed by doctors - more than half of those told they have the condition may not actually have it.

Dr Hilary looks at the results of University Medical Centre Utrecht's study into the respiratory condition, which indicated doctors were failing to properly assess youngsters or carry out appropriate lung function tests.

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