Number of accident and emergency visits soar

The number of Accident and Emergency visits in England has soared by more than 400,000 in 2014, figures show. The College of Emergency Medicine said that was the equivalent of filling an extra nine emergency departments.

The Health Select Committee has been taking evidence after the worst waiting times in A&E for a decade and many hospitals declaring "major incidents" and today the House of Lords will be debating the state of the NHS.

Dr Hilary joins us to discuss the matter.

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Andy Burnham calls for emergency A&E summit

I've said that we'll bring health and social care together - I think the time has come to see them as one budget

– Andy Burnham

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says hospital bosses are struggling to cope with rising demand as latest figures show accident and emergency department waiting times in England at their highest level in more than ten years.

The Government's target is 95% of patients transferred, admitted or discharged within four hours of arriving at an A&E. But only 92.6% were treated in this key four-hour window in the last quarter of 2014, the worst figures since the Coalition took power in 2010.

In the last week before Christmas 88.8% of emergency patients were dealt with within the recommended four-hour window.

We speak to Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham to ask why he has called for an emergency summit to alleviate pressure on A&Es in English hospitals.

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