Norman Lamb on children's mental health care

We would never accept it for physical health problems

– Norman Lamb

One in 10 children suffers from mental health issues, but many of them aren't getting the help they need.

Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb has had first-hand experience of children's mental health care after his son Archive was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) at the age of 15.

Now he's aiming to change the support that's available to children and their families.

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A selfie every day keeps the sadness away

The thought of it is actually more terrifying than the reality.

– Sara Cutting on losing her hair

Chemotherapy is a valuable treatment for cancer, but the hair loss it causes can damage many patients' confidence. But one woman from Brighton is embracing her baldness, and is using it to raise money for charity by taking selfies in different hats.

Diagnosed with breast cancer, Sara Cutting decided to take a selfie every day, showing off a spectacular hat each time. The 46-year-old company director makes her own headwear from anything she can get her hands on, including cakes, board games, a teapot, radio, lampshade and even kitchen roll.

She then uploads smiling selfies to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where she has thousands of followers. She has also helped to raise £9,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

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Stem cell treatment helped me walk again

It was this amazing, amazing treatment.

– Holly Drewry

Holly Drewry, like most of us, took walking, dancing even running for granted until she was hit by the debilitating neurological condition Multiple Sclerosis. Within weeks of the birth of her daughter Isla, Holly lost the ability to move without the use of a wheelchair.

Only three weeks after receiving a pioneering new stem cell treatment at Sheffield teaching hospitals NHS trust, Holly was able to walk again. She said: "It feels like a big dream", she added, "never did I think I'd be as healthy as I am now."

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Mother with breast cancer refuses chemotherapy

I've always been into the natural remedies, it's not really planning to cure myself with the raw food diet, it's getting my body on an even keel so it gives me the chance to fight cancer.

– Kelly Logan on why she chose to eat raw foods

A mother with breast cancer has refused surgery and chemotherapy, vowing that she can beat the disease with vitamins and raw vegetables. Thirty-four-year-old Kelly Logan was diagnosed with stage two cancer five months ago.

She was told she needed surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, but has refused medical care as she is against invasive treatments, in stead she takes herbal remedies, vitamins and eats a raw vegetable diet.

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Five energy drinks a day put Gina in hospital

Research for Action on Sugar finds that energy drinks contain up to 20 teaspoons of sugar (78g) per 500ml serving - more than three times the maximum adult daily intake of free sugars per day. The pressure group underlines that these products make children addicted to caffeine and habituated to sugars, and are calling for sales of energy drinks to children under 16 to be banned.

We speak to Jenny Waver and her daughter Gina, who ended up in hospital after drinking up to five energy drinks a day - plus Dr Hilary is here to give his expert medical opinion.

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Is your water making you fat?

It's being reported that high levels of fluoride in the water you drink can cause you to put on weight - because it can affect your thyroid. But did you know different places in the country have different levels of flouride and some places even have none? The reason flouride is added to water is to help stop tooth decay.

We find out more about what fluoride actually is and Dr Hilary Jones is here to give us his expert opinion.

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