Scientists make breast cancer breakthrough

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have discovered how to stop breast cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

The medical breakthrough, which could save thousands of women's lives, found a trigger which causes the disease to spread to other body parts such as the lungs. Experts found that blocking certain signals 'greatly reduces' secondary tumours.

More than 12,000 women die from breast cancer every year in the UK, and most deaths are caused by tumours moving outside the breast.

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We lost over six stone going sugar free

Summer's just around the corner and if you're thinking about getting fit and healthy for the holidays, we could help.

Back in January we had huge success with our Sugar Free GMB campaign, and now it's back - but this time we're heading to Cyprus with fitness expert Jessie Pavelka and Nutritionist Tonia Buxton.

And to prove just what could happen when you go sugar free with GMB, viewers Louise Elphee and Carla Andrews reveal their amazing weight loss.

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New drug therapy hailed as cancer breakthrough

It is heralding a new era of cancer therapies

– Dr Hilary Jones

A new combination drug therapy offers new hope for cancer patients, with scientists claiming the breakthrough is the closest they've come to a cure for the disease.

A British-led trial on 945 patients with advanced melanoma found treatment with immune-boosting drugs ipilimumab and nivolumab stopped the cancer advancing for nearly a year in 58 percent of cases.

Dr Hilary Jones joins us to tell us more about what doctors are hailing as a 'spectacular' breakthrough.

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Why obesity is lying in weight

A third of people who thought they were overweight were actually obese

– Dr Ranj

Worrying numbers of Britons are deluding themselves about their weight, researchers say.

A startling proportion of the overweight and obese are convinced that they are perfectly healthy, according to public health experts at the European Association for the Study of Obesity.

The data, gathered from 14,000 people in seven European countries, appears to support the growing theory that obesity has become normalised in Britain.

The figures also suggest that 21% of overweight people in Britain mistakenly believe they are of a healthy weight, compared to 16% in France and 10% in Italy.

We took Dr Ranj out onto the streets to weigh a selection of people at random and find out if they've been in denial.

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Hay fever levels set to rise

As the sun returns and temperatures rise it's likely that a few of us will be sneezing more often due to hay fever.

The NHS believes the condition affects approximately one in four people, with the main triggers being tree and grass pollen.

Today, with much of the country facing high/medium pollen counts, we look at what causes it, the triggers that could make you susceptible and how to live with it, including why you should never be too far from some yoghurt, local honey, lemon, turmeric and pineapple!

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I saved my mum

Now that mummy is better I feel really happy and proud of myself

– Ava Whitehead

Six-year-old Ava Whitehead has been hailed a hero when she messaged for help and then rushed to alert her neighbour after her mother suffered a stroke on the school run.

Ava, who joined us on the show today, desperately tried to call for help when she saw her mother Sarah collapse to the ground in front of the family car.

But when she received no answer from her father Damien, she typed a frantic text message from her mother's phone to her grandmother, reading: 'Mommy has klapst'.

She then tried to calm down her younger sister Belle, three, and dashed to the house of her neighbour Pam Bancroft, who called paramedics and saved Mrs Whitehead's life.

May is Action on Stroke month. Click here for more information.

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