From weighing 26 stone to personal trainer

Nathan Priestley weighed 26 stone when he was just 18-years-old and was so depressed about his weight that he spent a year avoiding leaving his house, and even attempted to take his own life.

From that low, he dramatically turned his life around. Now, three years later, take a look at how he's changed!

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Jessie's tips for surviving Lent

Today is the last day of indulgence for many with people giving up their favourite treats for Lent - but can we really keep our will power going? Our motivational expert, Jessie Pavelka, is here to give you tips on how to stick with it - and is here to answer your questions.

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Baby Emmie beats the odds 50,000 to one

Callie Martin had three miscarriages - and when she was told she was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy - her dreams of having a baby were shattered. With the pregnancy standing no chance of survival, she was rushed in for emergency surgery, but Callie Martin was in for a big surprise.

After invasive surgery following an ectopic pregnancy, one month later, doctors realised that there had actually been twins and a second egg had secretly survived the trauma of surgery and was developing normally in her uterus.

Six months on beating odds of 50,000 to one - baby Emmie was born, we're joined by Callie, her partner Kailan and baby Emmie this morning.

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Claira on the other side of double mastectomy

Rather than being emotional I felt elated because it was done

– Claira Hermet

Radio 1 DJ Claira Hermet is recovering after having her double mastectomy. Earlier this year, Good Morning Britain spoke to her after she had held a party to say goodbye to her breasts.

She made the decision after losing her mum Jane and elder sister Emily to breast cancer when they were 42 and 31 respectively. She joins us now to tell us what the experience has been like for her.

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Mum campaigns for everyone to get flu jab

After figures from the ONS showed a huge jump in winter deaths which they've attributed to winter flu we meet the mum campaigning for everyone to get the flu jab after the death of her 12-year-old daughter.

Olivia Diamond died suddenly of a heart condition at Manchester Children's Hospital, just four days after falling ill with the flu. She died suddenly of acute myocarditis - a type of heart infection. Olivia was 12 days away from being given a nasal spray vaccination against flu as part of a county-wide pilot scheme to vaccinate Year Seven and Eight children.

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One in four experience mental health problems

People suffering from a mental illness are so worried about the stigma of it they find it hard to discuss even with their closest relatives. One in four people experience mental health problems yet 60% of people are waiting over a year to tell anyone what they're going through.

New figures released on Thursday come from Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. They're launching Time to Talk today and the DPM's office is recognising Mental Health Heroes at an awards ceremony this afternoon to mark Time To Talk Day.

We're joined by actress and presenter Denise Welch who tells us about her own struggles with mental illness and why we shouldn't be afraid to speak out.

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A leaflet saved my daughter's life

We meet the six-year-old and her mum whose life was saved by a leaflet. Darcy was taken to hospital by her mum after she was complaining of bad headaches. The hospital in question sent her away - but the pain didn't stop so Chrissy decided to take her to the optician. While she was there the optician handed her a leaflet with the signs and symptoms of a brain tumour - Chrissy recognised them all.

Darcy was admitted to Sheffield Children's hospital, diagnosed officially and operated on successfully.

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