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Are you breaking the bank for your 11 year old's prom?

Are you the parent of a 11 year old who is preparing for their prom? We are looking for a parent to appear on the show who is breaking the bank to give their 11 year old everything they want for their very first prom.

If you've had dramas about the dress, hair scares or can't decide between a limo or a taxi - we want to hear from you. Email us at by Wednesday 5 July 2017 at 4pm. Terms and conditions can be found at

GMB’S Holiday Zone wants to hear from you!

Are you struggling to find a summer holiday within your budget? Whether you’re a family big or small, travelling alone or even as part of a larger group – if you’re planning a holiday, GMB wants to hear from you.

Our travel expert can help a selected few find the perfect holiday.

For a chance to receive our help, e-mail us at before Tuesday 11 July and provide the following information:

Toddlers and technology addiction: What you need to know

Children aged two and under have as much as three hours of screen time a day, a Good Morning Britain One poll has found.

Leading psychologist Dr Aric Sigman says we could be creating a nation of addicts hooked on online gaming and the internet and we should follow Australia's lead and advise no screen time for under twos.

Behavioural Specialist Lorrine Marer gave us her top tips on policing your child's use of technology in the home - watch her tips above.

We also spoke to a mum whose little one would throw a tantrum if she took away his devices and what she did to overcome the struggle with the help of Dr Sigman - watch below to hear her alarming story.

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The dangers of trampoline parks: What you need to know

Trampoline parks have increased by 3000% since 2014 and one orthopaedic surgeon told Good Morning Britain he had seen a 92% increase in trampoline accidents in the weeks following a park opening near his hospital.

GMB has also learnt that only 50% of trampoline parks have signed up to new safety guidelines.

Earlier we spoke to Liza Jones who was severely injured at the Flip Out trampoline park in Chester. The branch are currently under investigation after three people reportedly broke their backs in one day after jumping 4m into a foam pit.

Penalties for using your phone while driving: What you need to know

A Good Morning Britain investigation has found five high-profile celebrities appearing to use their phones at the wheel and then posting the footage online.

It comes as the Department of Transport today increases penalties for using a mobile while driving in England, Scotland and Wales. New drivers (those who have had their license less than two years) will be disqualified and made to resit their test and more experienced drivers will see fines doubled to £200 with six points on their license.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “It’s totally unacceptable, it’s extremely dangerous. We’ve had a whole chain of fatal accidents in this country caused by it. It’s time it stopped.”

Should teachers and pupils connect on social media?

Would you be happy if your child's teacher Facebooked them - in and out of the classroom? And would you mind if they were instant messaging, or sending a Snapchat, tweet or Instagram to one another?

As Good Morning Britain found there's been a 60 percent rise in inappropriate contact between teachers and pupils online, the NSPCC has exclusively told us that they're expecting schools to ban social media communication between the two.

But with one in five parents we spoke to saying they think it's acceptable, who is right?

We visited one school that encourages social media interaction and another that has banned it.

High street sizes: What you need to know

Are you different clothes size in every shop? A Good Morning Britain investigation put the UK high street to the test to see if UK sizes are uniform across all stores.

A OnePoll survey commissioned by GMB found that 92% of women in the UK don’t fit into the same size clothes across the high street.

Of the 1,800 women polled, 83% were forced to buy a larger size, while one in three say fitting into a larger size has a negative impact on their self-esteem.

Frustrated shoppers are keen for a standardised guide, with 82% of women surveyed saying sizing should be uniform across the country.

GMB put shops on trial, with size-16 model Gemma Cruickshank trying on clothes in various popular stores. While some fit perfectly, other items were too tight or couldn’t be done up.

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