Good Murray Britain!

I say it's like a mixture of nausea and a heart attack!

– Judy Murray on watching Andy play

Judy Murray, mother of Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, chats to GMB about her nerves as both Andy and Jamie play at Wimbledon today.

Judy is backing an initiative to encourage more women into tennis. Miss-Hits launched last July and is specifically targeted at girls aged five to eight years old.

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Dementia patients aren't getting enough help

GPs say that families looking after someone suffering from dementia aren't getting enough help from the NHS. A survey from the Alzheimer's Society suggests that 77 per cent of GPs believe their patients have to rely on friends, neighbours and unpaid carers for support.

In its latest annual dementia report out today, the Alzheimer's Society is pressing for a national action plan to combat dementia over the next five years.

We're joined by Pippa and her husband, Rob. Four years ago Pippa was diagnosed with Benson's syndrome, a rare type of dementia and Rob says they has no support.

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EU in crisis as Greece votes no to bailout

Greece is facing an uncertain future after an overwhelming vote against the bailout terms demanded by international creditors.

Hundreds of "no" campaigners took to the streets to celebrate last night in front of the Parliament building.

But the decision could see Greece being forced out of the single currency and its financial system collapse. Banks are expected to run out of money within days.

Earlier this morning, the Greek finance minister resigned following the result.

David Cameron will discuss the implications for the British economy with the Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England at talks in Downing Street today.

How did you chose your godparents?

Both Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton were not chosen as godparents once again. How did you pick your godparents? How important is the role to you? What's the most unusual task you've had to do as a godparent?

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Corrie star Helen Worth's lion rescue appeal

The cages are horrendous. The lions spend their lives in solitary confinement.

– Helen Worth

An appeal for the rescue of Bulgaria's last two circus lions has been launched by the Born Free Foundation in a bid to secure their relocation to the international wildlife charity's sanctuary at Shamwari, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Jora and Black are two seven-year-old lions known to be brothers. These fine-featured animals are caged in a metal beast wagon in the back yard of an ex-circus trainer's remote mountain lodge near the capital, Sofia.

Coronation Street star Helen Worth joined Born Free as a Patron 15 years ago and has been passionately working on campaigns ever since.

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