Sean and Charlotte discuss airport security

Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher address the day's big news including Brazil's 7-1 thrashing by Germany in the first World Cup semi-final.

They also give their thoughts on the increased security at UK airports as checks will be carried out on all electronic devices in passengers' hand luggage.

The duo also discuss GMB's summer safety campaign to help parents feel more secure about their children's security while on holiday. Click here for more information.

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UK airport security tightened

Airline passengers coming into and out of the UK will have to show their electronic devices can be powered up before being allowed to fly.

The Department for Transport's (DfT) guidance has been updated following similar advice for passengers heading to the US in response to terror threats.

For more information click here.

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'There were multiples copies circulated'

There will be copies of it within government departments. That all have been destroyed - that's not just credible.

– Labour MP John Mann

David Cameron will appear at PMQs today, two days after he vowed there would be 'no stone unturned' in the row over the Home Office's handling of historical sex abuse allegations.

Labour MP John Mann tells us that he believes the allegations of child abuse at Westminster were known by many Home Office officials.

A dossier containing those allegations is among 114 that have gone missing.

Read more: Ex-Home Office official 'warned to back off' over concerns

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Are the unions ruining your week?

Members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are due to join council and health workers, fire-fighters and civil servants as part of the one-day stoppage tomorrow

More than a million people are expected to take part in what is billed as the biggest single walkout over pay since the coalition came to power.

The move threatens to close or partially shut almost every state school - causing parents to find emergency childcare or take the day off work to look after children.


National Union Of Teachers
PCS members, including Passport Office staff
Civil servants

Good Morning Summer: Child Safety

According to GMB research almost half of parents revealed they've 'lost' a child and were unable to find them at some point during their holiday.

It may have been for a matter of seconds or minutes but it's a terrifying moment to look round and find your child is out of sight.

Although cases like Madeline McCann and Ben Needham are rare 140,000 children go missing in the UK every year and, thankfully, most are found within a couple of hours. 1% of all missing children in the UK are still not found after a year - so what can parents do?

Ranvir and Dr Hilary will be speaking to parents on holiday in Benidorm to see what they do to keep their little ones safe and we've got top tips as to what you can do to feel more secure about your child's security.

One quarter of Brits go on summer holiday every year, with Benidorm attracting four million tourists annually.


Parents should remember the 'ABC' when it comes to child safety:

A. Arrange a meeting point - works well for visiting museums, theme parks, water parks etc

B. Be vigilant - even though you're on holiday keep an eye at all time what you kids are doing

C. Contact - Make sure your kids know how to get in touch with you. Write your mobile on their arm or clothing.

If you're holidaying in the UK or having a staycation then all adults should register with the Child Rescue Alert system which April Jones' parents and The McCanns support. If a child goes missing an alert will go out to you if your postcode matches the area where a child has been reported missing. Within the message there is a contact number to call if you have seen something or have information. The more people registered then the more 'eyes' are out there and more people that can help.


Here are some of the latest products to help keep kids safe this summer:

  1. Character rucksacks with reins - good for travelling and days out. Rucksacks coming in different characters such as Nemo, Butterflies, Dinosaurs and Ladybirds so kids can wear them. Parents can hold onto their kids via their reins plus if they do run off then they are easier to spot thanks to bright colours. £19.99 from

  2. Safety Tat - first spotted over in America and have now arrived here in the UK. These are waterproof stickers which can last up to two weeks. You write your mobile number on the stickers and then stick them onto your child in a visible place. £12.00

  3. ICE ID bands - good idea for children with allergies or medical needs. The waterproof band has an ID tag engraved with your child's name, town they live in, parents contact names and numbers and Doctor's information. You can also put on allergies like nuts or medical conditions like diabetes or epilepsy. £25.00

Download some guidelines for both parents and children from Kidscape

You can find out more about Kidscape here

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