Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Theresa May has called a special meeting of her Cabinet to hear their action plans for leaving the European Union.

  2. Former BHS boss Sir Philip Green is facing growing pressure to dip into his personal fortune to help plug a massive 600 million pound black hole in the company's pension scheme. It comes after the last 22 high street stores closed.

  3. A Mediterranean-style diet packed with vegetables, nuts, fish and oils is even better at treating heart disease than the cholesterol-lowering drug Statins, according to new research.

  4. Some payday lenders are still trapping people with loans they can't afford. A report by Citizens Advice says finance companies should to be forced to check that borrowers can actually afford to repay the money they're lent.

  5. The number of nurseries going bust has almost doubled in the last year. Accountants say the soaring cost of childcare is to blame and warn that high staff-to-child ratios and rising administration costs could force more nurseries to either close of raise their fees to parents.

Ben Shephard: GB hockey triumph was my highlight of the Olympics

Around 9 million people across the UK tuned in to watch Team GB beat the Netherlands in the women's hockey final in Rio. One of the golden girls, Sam Quek, joined us today to recount the amazing achievement to claim Olympic gold in a nail-biting match which our Ben describes as his highlight of the Games.

The final was decided in a tense penalty shoot-out, which Kate Garraway describes as almost unbearable to watch. Looking back at that match, Sam says it was "one of the most surreal moments... and so special"

Drinking rules change for men

As the number of recommended units of alcohol for men and women changes, there are fears that this will drive women to drink more. Previously, men were advised to drink no more than 21 units whilst women were recommended the lower number of 14 units.

As the drinking rules change for the first time in 20 years, Dr Sarah Jarvis talks about the cancer risks and potential accidents that come with drinking. She shares how we should measure units.

Team GB rowers glowing from gold

As Team GB return home from a 'good, powerful, ferocious race', meet eight of the Olympic champions. The team, led by a German coach, beat the Germans who took silver which the team seem pleased by.

Phelan Hill, the men's rowing cox says: 'I just sat there and really enjoyed it. I had the best seat in the house.'

The men's team won gold just minutes after the GB women won silver.

Staycations are on the rise this bank holiday

Why would you want to go anywhere else? The staycation economy has become one of the strongest in the UK as holidaymakers spend more time and money on local shores, according to a report.

Some 70% of UK adults have been on or are planning a staycation - a rise of 7% - and are spending an average 6% more per holiday than a year ago, the survey from Barclays Business found.

The news comes as over five million people are said to be heading off for a great British getaway this weekend - leading to 'Carmaggedon' on the roads and the worst congestion seen for years.

It's the long-suffering seaside towns that will bear the brunt of the influx of British tourist.

'Staycate at home' suggests Ben.

British nationals affected by Italian earthquake

A 'number of British nationals' have been affected by the terrible earthquake in Italy, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said. At least three Britons, including a 14 year old boy have been reported. More than 250 have been found dead and 365 injured.

Hopes of pulling out survivors are shrinking but the rescue teams say that if they haven't found survivors in 72 hours, there isn't much chance that they will be found.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. As the search for survivors following the Italian earthquake continues, it's revealed that three Britons have been killed.

  2. Children's A&E services at County Hospital in Stafford have been suspended because senior clinicians have advised that the service is "not clinically safe". It follows an ITV News investigation earlier this week.

  3. The staycation economy has become one of the strongest in the UK as holidaymakers spend more time and money on local shores, according to a report. 70% of UK adults have been on or are planning a staycation.

  4. Nearly 200 people have been arrested in the first three months after a blanket ban on drugs formerly known as "legal highs" came into force. Hundreds of shops have also either shut down or stopped selling "psychoactive" substances.

  5. Ross has an exclusive interview with Barbara Streisand.