Hunt clamps down on agency hospital staff

Healthcare agencies that charge up to £3500 a day for fill-in doctors could be banned from doing business with the NHS

The government wants to reduce the £3.3 billion bill for temporary doctors and nurses.

New rules will impose a maxmium hourly rate for agency doctors and nurses and a cap on spending by NHS trusts. Some agencies charge £3,500 for a single doctor's shift.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt details his plans for us.

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Former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy dies

He was one of the most gentle and unflappable politicians I have ever known

– Nick Clegg

It's been announced that former Liberal Democrats leader Charles Kennedy has died at his home in Fort William, Scotland, aged 55.

His family have released a statement saying they are devastated by their loss, describing Charles as a "fine man, a talented politician, a loving father to his young son".

Nick Clegg, the recent former leader of the Liberal Democrats has described him as "one of the most gentle and unflappable politicians I have ever known".

Leading Lib Dem politician Tim Farron told Good Morning Britain that Kennedy was a man who could "move hearts, move minds, move votes", and Lembit Öpik told us that the news was "heartbreaking".

Top five headlines you're waking up to

Desperate families are arriving on the Greek holiday island of Kos, which is itself struggling to cope

  1. A major humanitarian crisis is growing in Greece as it struggles to cope with the influx of hundreds of migrants escaping from Islamic State violence

  2. Banning the rip-off private agencies that are bleeding the NHS dry - government announces crackdown on companies providing doctors for up to £3500 a shift

  3. Commuters are being warned to take extra care on their journeys this morning, as gales hit the UK and winds of up to 70 mph are predicted in places

  4. A judge in Hull has ordered that a boy of two should be put up for adoption, because of concerns for his health at home. Both of the child's parents were said by the court to be heavy smokers.

  5. Introducing Caitlyn - Bruce Jenner reveals her new name and says shooting the new front cover of Vanity Fair was better than winning the Olympics

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One in five schoolchildren skip breakfast

One in four secondary school children say they start the day without breakfast, and over two thirds aged five to 16 are not drinking enough fluids, according to research conducted by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) among over 8,800 school children from across the UK.

The survey was conducted as part of BNF's Healthy Eating Week 2015, launched today by HRH The Princess Royal. Over 7,400 nursery, primary and secondary schools across the UK are participating, during which a 2.5 million of the UK's schoolchildren will be learning valuable lessons about healthy eating, cooking, food provenance and the benefits of physical activity.

Richard Gaisford joins us live from Bristol with families with younger children who are taking part in Healthy Eating Week.

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Expert warns women to have babies before 30

If you have the right partner, you're financially stable and you're physically ready then do not delay.

– Professor Geeta Nargund

One of Britain's top NHS fertility specialists has issued a stark warning to women: Start trying for a baby before you're 30 - or risk never having children.

In a strongly worded letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, consultant gynaecologist Professor Geeta Nargund has also demanded that teenagers are taught about the dangers of delaying parenthood, because of the spiralling cost to the taxpayer of IVF for women in their late 30s and 40s.

Professor Geeta Nargund joins us to tell us more about why she thinks women should not be delaying motherhood.

What do you think? Do you think women should have children before 30 or do you think there's no danger in waiting until they're in their thirties?

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