Actress Roxanne Pallett spends 24 hours in isolation for 1 Million Minutes campaign

As part of our 1 Million Minutes campaign, former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett spent 24 hours in total isolation, in order to experience what it's like for some elderly people in the UK who speak to nobody from one end of the day to the next.

The actress was moved to tears during the day spent alone, with just the TV for company.

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New UKIP leader Paul Nuttall: 'You don't need members of parliament to influence'

You don't have to have members of parliament to influence things

– Nuttall is not worried that UKIP only has one MP

We were joined this morning by new UKIP leader Paul Nuttall who stressed that post-Brexit leaves the party with "great opportunities".

Speaking at the start of today's Supreme Court hearing regarding Article 50, he added: "Just because you have backsides on the green leather doesn't mean influence.

"The British people spoke on June 23rd. It was made perfectly clear during the referendum that if you were voting to leave, you were voting to take back control."

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Jamie Vardy on football sex abuse: 'It's sickening'

Leicester striker Jamie Vardy has branded sex abuse against young footballers "sickening".

Speaking to Piers Morgan in a GMB exclusive, Jamie also blasted darts champion Eric Bristow for the comments he made about sufferers being "wimps", adding "it's beyond a joke".

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The top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. The Government's Supreme Court appeal against the High Court rulingthat MPs must have a say before the Brexit starting gun is fired is set to begin today. Last month, three judges unanimously ruled that Theresa May cannot invoke the European Union's Article 50 clause to start the UK's withdrawal without seeking parliamentary approval.

  2. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has said he intends to resign after being defeated in a referendum on constitutional reform. Exit polls suggested he had suffered a heavy defeat, having staked his career on winning the referendum. Mr Renzi said the "no" camp won "extraordinarily clearly" and that he took "full responsibility" for the defeat.

  3. Donald Trump has accused China of currency manipulation and criticised its operations in the South China Sea. In two tweets, the president-elect asked whether China had asked the US "if it was OK to devalue their currency" or "to build a massive military complex in the middle of the South China Sea?" "I don't think so!" Mr Trump tweeted.

  4. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has announced he is resigning after more than eight years as leader. In the unexpected announcement on Monday, Mr Key said it was the "right time" to leave politics, citing family reasons for his departure. He said he had no immediate future plans, but told reporters he would stay in parliament long enough to avoid a by-election for his seat.

  5. Scarlett Moffatt has been crowned Queen of the Jungle in this year's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! The Gogglebox star was up against Joel Dommett and Adam Thomas in the final three in Saturday's show. With the fewest votes, Adam left in third place, before voting reopened - and Scarlett looked stunned when hosts Ant and Dec announced she would be handed the crown. It makes her the show's 16th winner, and the sixth Queen of the Jungle.

'I had pioneering IVF treatment to save my baby from cancer'

Seeing my mum go through cancer, I didn't want to go through that and I didn't want to put my children through the same thing.

– New mum Danielle Tagger

Angelina Jolie shocked the world when she revealed she'd had a preventative double mastectomy, a decision she made after finding out she'd inherited a gene making her more susceptible to cancer.

Three years ago Danielle Tagger discovered she carries the same gene as the star. Fearing she'd pass it onto her children - Danielle opted to undergo a pioneering IVF treatment - in the hope of sparing them the risk.

Her gorgeous baby Noah is the first named baby born free of the cancer gene thanks to that groundbreaking treatment.

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Walking corpse syndrome made soldier believe he was dead

A severe motorbike accident left Warren McKinley with an incredibly rare psychological condition that you would not believe.

His injuries put him in hospital - but while his body healed, trauma to his brain meant he thought he'd been killed in the crash.

The father-of-two believed he was dead, and even though he could see his family around him began to starve himself thinking food was useless.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. The Liberal Democrats have won the Richmond Park by-election in South West London - overturning a 23,000 Tory majority. It was sparked by Zac Goldsmith's resignation over the government's Heathrow expansion plans.

  2. It's expected to be confirmed that regulated rail fares - which include season tickets - will rise by an average of 1.9% from January. The fare jump comes despite continuing disruption for thousands of passengers on Southern Rail - due to industrial action and staff shortages.

  3. The former Chelsea striker Gary Johnson has revealed he was the player allegedly paid £50,000 by the club, after he accused their former chief scout Eddie Heath of abusing him in the 1970s. In an interview in the Daily Mirror, he claims he was sexually assaulted hundreds of times from the age of 13 and that Chelsea fans deserved to know the truth.

  4. Donald Trump has named his future Defence Secretary, a former US Marine Corp four-star General. James Mattis is known in the Pentagon as a smart, cerebral and no-nonsense military leader, who builds a strong rapport with the troops under his command.

  5. Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs has died at the age of 86. The actor, famed for playing Spanish waiter Manuel in the 1970s show, had reportedly been battling dementia for four years.

Mo Farah: ' Family's everything to me'

For me the Olympics in London was the moment

– Mo on the medal he's the most proud of

Thought by many as the greatest long distance runner in the world and the most decorated athlete in British athletics history, Mo Farah popped in to talk about his film: Mo Farah: No Easy Mile.

The film follows Mo's remarkable personal journey from Somalia to four-time Olympic champion, revealing a personal look at his life off the track and a side to him we have never witnessed before.

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