Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Sir Cliff Richard has claimed in a High Court writ that his lawyers have text messages showing that the BBC struck a deal with South Yorkshire Police to broadcast their raid on his home in 2014. The singer is currently suing them for 'up to £1.5m' after being cleared of sex offences in June.

  2. Theresa May warned companies would leave the UK if the country voted for Brexit a month before the referendum, it is claimed. Secret recordings obtained by The Guardian are said to reveal the prime minister's fears about leaving the EU just weeks before the June 23 vote.

  3. Meanwhile there's more strife for May as MP Zac Goldsmith quits over the Government's decision to give Heathrow Airport a new runway. The environmentalist called the move "catastrophic" and announced he will now stand as an independent in protest - triggering a by-election in his Richmond Park constituency. However, the Conservative Party said they would not put forward another candidate.

  4. There was tragedy at an Australian theme park yesterday, as four adults died after a 'Thunder River Rapids' ride malfunctioned. As thousands head to theme parks this half term we ask how safe are Britain's theme parks? In August, Jim Shannon MP revealed that 500 visitors reported injuries at amusements parks and funfairs in the UK over a 12 month period - a rise of 100 reports on the previous year.

  5. Early intervention CAN reduce the severity of autism in children according to a study in the Lancet. The study, led by the University of Manchester, is the first to identify the long term effects of early intervention in helping parents to communicate with their child. The authors say the reduction of severity continued for six years after the end of treatment finished.

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Pride of Britain Winner Alice reflects on her year

She won Good Morning Britain's Local Hero Award at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2015, and Alice Burke returned to the show this morning to discuss how life is one year on.

But the first thing on Alice's mind was the whereabouts of our Ben Shephard as she asked "there's no Ben today?"

Alice was thrilled that Ben recored a special message for her and revealed she's still working in her local community where she mainly works caring for the elderly at a local luncheon club.

She also called on people to vote for their local heroes in the upcoming 2016 awards.

Are councils coming down too hard on dog owners?

I almost feel like I'm being asked to apologise for owning a dog in the UK

– Ryan O'Meara

A kennel club is claiming an increasing number of councils are using ASBO-style orders to ban and restrict dog owners from walking their pets in parks and public open spaces.

We sent Katy Rickitt to Daventry where she spoke to a professional dog walker who thinks the restrictions are a bit too much, as well as a member of the District Council who insists the rules needed to be brought in due to a small number of people who won't clear up after their dogs.

In the studio editor of K9 magazine Ryan O'Meara told us he feels the councils are using bans and restrictions when less extreme measures could be used.

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Lord and Lady Heseltine: 'Grey squirrels need to be culled'

Lord Michael and Lady Anne Heseltine have spoken out about the culling over 400 squirrels on their estate in recent times.

The couple, who are owners of the Thenford Estate in Nottinghamshire, have just released a new book about their passion for gardening called Thenford, The Creation of an English Garden. But their passion is not one that that extends to grey squirrels who have been running riot on their estate.

"They are destroyers," Lord Heseltine said.

"They destroy the trees and they destroy the wildlife. We had 30 nesting boxes and every one of them was destroyed by squirrels eating the eggs. We culled over 400 squirrels in 70 acres in nine months, so in other words we had an infestation. If you cull the greys, you get red back."

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The top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. A third runway at Heathrow airport is expected to be the choice when the Government announces its long-awaited decision on which airport scheme should get the go-ahead later on today.

  2. Thousands of migrants have been moved from the Calais 'Jungle' camp ahead of its demolition later. Around 2,000 residents, including around 300 minors, are thought to have passed through the registration centre on the edge of the camp.

  3. Tributes have been paid to singer Pete Burns who died from a cardiac arrest at the age of 57. The statement, signed by his manager Steve Coy and including his civil partner Michael Simpson and ex-wife Lynne Corlett, said he died on Sunday.
    It added: "All of his friends and family are devastated by the loss of our special star.

  4. The militant group known as Islamic State has released a new propaganda video falsely claiming that a series of suicide attacks in the battle for Mosul have been a success.
    The footage shows attacks on a convoy of Iraq's elite troops last week on the approach to the IS-held city. However, IITV News' Senior International Correspondent John Irvine confirmed at least one suicide attack IS claimed to have succeeded did not.

  5. At least 40 people have been killed after gunmen stormed a police training centre in Pakistan. Up to six militants attacked the centre in the Baluchistan province opening fire and detonating explosive vests. Baluchistan's top health official, Noor Haq Baloch, said at least 106 people were wounded.

Café owner asks parents to take children having tantrums outside

Have you ever been stuck struggling with an irate toddler? Well one coffee shop owner wants you to take them outside if they kick off.

Time Coffee Lounge owner Shaun Donohoe believes it is parent's responsibility to control misbehaving children in restaurants. He thinks it's important that parents take their children out if they are misbehaving as otherwise they disrupt other customers.

Daughter of footballer Jeff Astle: 'Headers gave my dad brain damage'

We thought Dad had alzheimer's. He didn't.

– Dawn Astle

Dawn Astle joined us this morning to discuss the dangers of headers in football.

Her father - star footballer Jeff Astle - was known for his incredible headers in the 1960s and 1970s. Jeff went on to suffer from Chroncic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a progressive degenerative brain disease that his family believe stemmed from his career.

Jeff once told his family heading the old leather ball was like "heading a bag of bricks".