'We run a school, not a youth club'

If they are found with a mobile phone in view, it will be confiscated... These phones don't belong to the children, these phones are the parent's responsibility.

– Head teacher Serge Cefai

It may surprise you to hear that 70% of 11-year-olds here in the UK own a mobile phone.

And while they obviously have their merits when it comes to safety, with the new school year starting many head teachers are choosing to impose an outright ban to avoid distractions in the classroom. We spoke to head teacher Serge Cefai, who runs a "no phones" policy at the Sacred Heart Catholic School in London.

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Paul Gascoigne taken into hospital

Alcohol is a poison, we can tolerate a certain amount of it, our bodies can process a certain amount of it but if your liver and other parts of your body have to process too much, sooner or later it catches up.

– Dr Sarah Jarvis

There are some shocking images of former England footballer Paul Gascoigne dominating this morning's tabloids.

After a long battle with alcohol and several stints in rehab, he was taken to hospital yesterday after being found drunk and confused at his home in Dorset. We spoke to Dr Sara Jarvis, who's a consultant for the alcohol charity Drink Aware.

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Can we afford to feed our children?

Teachers have expressed fear that students dependent on free school meals are not being fed enough during the summer holidays.

Research backed by a leading foodbank charity also found that some have seen children noticeably thinner when they return to school.

The research shows:

  • 32% of parents say school holidays put an extra burden on their food budget
  • 40%of teachers surveyed believe pupils do not eat enough during summer holidays and in some cases appear noticeably thinner at the start of term
  • During August last year 24,000 children used foodbanks, food charities say those numbers will rise

Research comissionned by Kellogg's, in association with the Trussell Trust

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  5. Teachers have expressed fear that students dependent on free school meals are not being fed enough during the summer holidays