Why isn't 'upskirting' a crime?

If a man's going to put his hands between your legs and take pictures of your genitals without you knowing, what's that man going to do when he's drunk?

– Gina Miller

Victims of 'upskirting' - where someone takes a picture of a woman's underwear by putting a phone or camera up her skirt - are campaigning to make it a crime after finding perpetrators can't be prosecuted because it's not technically a sexual offence.

Heading the campaign is Gina Miller, who grabbed a man's phone after he took a picture up her skirt at a festival. She told police, who were supportive but couldn't do anything apart from ask him to delete the image.

Former Met chief Sue Hill joined us to talk us through the complications around the issue, alongside Gina who stresses the reasons these men need to be registered as sex offenders.

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Barcelona terror eyewitness said 'everyone just ran for cover'

Everyone was just in shock and panic

– Eyewitness, Liam Searle

Earlier we heard from Liam Searle, who was in Barcelona at the time of the terror attack. He shared his shocking account of the scared and panicked pedestrians trying to run to safety.

Liam was on riding on his skateboard wearing his headphones when he heard people screaming and running towards buildings.

He said: "Everyone just ran for cover, everyone was just in shock and panic, people were crying and everyone was pretty upset about the whole situation."

Watch his full eyewitness account above.

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Shocking eyewitness account from the Barcelona attack

I could see chaos and it was like an avalanche, a human avalanche

– Aamer Anwar

Good Morning Britain have spoken to an eyewitness from yesterday's horrendous terror attack in Barcelona.

Lawyer Aamer Anwar was doing some sight seeing in Barcelona at the moment when the van mounted the pavement and crashed into pedestrians.

Mr Anwar described the horrific scenes around him, saying he heard "lots of screams" as people ran for their lives.

Watch his full eyewitness account above.

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BREAKING NEWS: Spanish police kill five suspects in a second terrorist attack

Spanish police have shot five suspected terrorists in a second terror attack to hit Catalonia in a matter of hours.

The attack left seven people injured in the town of Cambrils.

Here's what we know so far:

  • The five suspected terrorists who were wearing fake explosive belts were killed by Spanish police
  • All five terrorists were shot dead, while six civilians and a police officer were injured
  • Several controlled blasts were carried out in the area
  • The incident came hours after a van deliberately ploughed into pedestrians 60 miles away in the Las Ramblas district of Barcelona, killing 13 people and leaving hundreds injured
  • Two suspects are in custody and are being treated "as terrorists"
  • The driver of the van has not been found and a major manhunt is underway
  • Spanish authorities have confirmed that both attacks are linked
  • Spanish police have said a third person has been arrested in connection with the Barcelona attack

La Rambla, Barcelona

Several injured after a van crashes into a crowd in Barcelona

Several people have been wounded after a van crashed into people in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona.

Here's what we know so far:

  • Police said a white van mounted the pavement and struck several people
  • The driver of the van is reported to have fled on foot and Spanish authorities have warned people to avoid the area
  • Las Ramblas is a well-known tourist area because of its market stalls and is a popular part of town for British holidaymakers
  • Eyewitnesses reported seeing people running away and screaming after the incident happened
  • Local media reports have also suggested that police are treating the incident as a terror attack

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GMB Today to air from next week in a two-week summer special

GMB Today, a two week summer special, will air from Monday 21 August from 8.30am on ITV.

The hour-long show will focus on showbiz and entertainment news featuring top celebrity guests, along with items on the day’s trending topics and talking points, as well as the biggest names from the world of sport.

GMB Today will air for a fortnight while Lorraine Kelly is on holiday and her set is given a makeover for her new series, which returns on 4th September.

What to do if your A-Level results aren't what you hoped for

This morning thousands of students across the country are finding out how they did in their A-Level exams - but not everyone will get the results they hoped for.

So, what should you do if you didn't get the grades to get into your chosen university or course? Annie Dobson from the Exam Results Helpline gives us some advice, above.

Meanwhile, UCAS advisors are running the Clearing Helpline from the UCAS Customer Experience Centre which provides information and advice to students, via phone and social media, about confirmation, clearing and adjustment.

Contact UCAS

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Thousands of 17 and 18-year-old students get their A-Level results this morning. Students will be able to find out online whether they have been accepted to their universities from 8am. The exams got tougher this year out of government concern about grade inflation, but OFQUAL have lowered the pass mark to make sure results don't fall this summer. Despite this, the OFQUAL Boss has admitted some students will still get surprises. Get A-Levels advice

  2. Labour MP Sarah Champion has resigned from the shadow Cabinet after a backlash reaction to an article she wrote about grooming gangs in The Sun. The former shadow Women and Equalities secretary apologised for her "extremely poor choice of words" in her article, published on Friday, about child abuse. Her article opened with the words: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.”

  3. Former Presidents George HW Bush and George W Bush have called on the US to "reject racial bigotry, anti-Semitism and hatred in all forms". They are the latest Republican figures to weigh in on the backlash to Donald Trump's latest remarks blaming "both sides" for violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a woman was killed.

  4. Counter-terror agencies have registered a dramatic surge in tip-offs after Britain was hit by an unprecedented wave of attacks, new figures reveal. Calls to a dedicated police hotline rocketed by more than 600% in just six months as thousands of potential leads poured in.

  5. One in three family members has been concerned about the hospital care of an elderly relative, a new poll has found. Issues raised ranged from having to call 999 from a hospital ward to being told to use "adult nappies" even when the patient could use a commode with assistance, according to parliamentary and health service ombudsman and website Gransnet.