YouGov chief: '99% certain of a No victory'

The head of polling company YouGov said he was "99% certain" a victory for the pro-union No camp.

In an interview with Sky News, Peter Kellner said: "Now, at the obvious risk of looking like a complete prat in about eight hours time, I would say it's a 99% certainty it's a No victory."

He said his judgement was based in a survey of 1,828 people after they had voted, in addition to postal votes showing a 54% majority for No.

How did Scotland and England unite?

The Act of Union created a common currency between the two nations, as shown in this £50 note from 1732.

  • The two countries began to unofficially unite after the death of Elizabeth 1. The Virgin Queen left no heir, so her crown passed to Mary Queen of Scots son, James.
  • There were three separate attempts to unite the Scotland and England in 1606, 1667, and 1689 but it was not until 1707 that enough support was whipped up for the Union.
  • Queen Anne (House of Stuart) had made greater political unity between nations a main policy of her reign - a large number of the Whigs (Liberal party) supported the Union but the Tories were against the idea.
  • The Act of Union was meant to prevent Scotland from having a different monarch to England, as they feared a new King or Queen would align themselves with foreign enemies.
  • Scotland was blighted by extreme poverty due to a disastrous attempt at establishing a foreign colony, and saw the Union as a way of getting their hands on the cash they desperately needed.
  • The Act of Union created a greater trade link, common currency, a ban on Roman Catholic monarchs on the Scottish throne, protected the Church of Scotland, allowed Scottish peers to sit in the Lords and allowed Scotland to keep its own legal system.

Why Ice Bucket cause is close to Charlotte's heart

MND is a condition that has had huge public attention following the Ice Bucket Challenge. Today the charity behind it announces how much they've made exclusively on GMB - £6.8 million!

Meanwhile, Charlotte Hawkins shares her personal experience of MDN - her elderly father is fighting the life-changing disease.

We also meet 29-year-old Charlie Fletcher, who was diagnosed at the unusually young age of 26.

What will election day bring?

It's Election Day for the Scottish Referendum today, with voting across the region starting at 7am and closing at 10pm, when counting begins at 32 regional centres.

The eyes of the world will be on her but you probably don't know who she is - Sue Jameson meets Mary Pitcaithly, the woman who will announce to the world whether Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom on Friday morning.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. DNA tests have not been connected to any suspects in the brutal murders of two backpackers in Ko Tao, Thailand

  2. A former NHS nurse has become the first British person to be given the experimental Ebola vaccine

  3. The MND charity behind the Ice Bucket Challenge will today reveal on Good Morning Britain exactly how much money has been raised

  4. Next month's ending of the need to display a car tax disc could lead to tax evasion costing the economy £167 million a year, according to the RAC

  5. Decision day has arrived for Scotland, with voters north of the border going to the polls today to determine if the country should remain part of the United Kingdom or not

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Are hospital cafes too unhealthy?

One of Britain's leading weight loss surgeons has hit out at coffee shop chains that are filling NHS hospital patients full of unhealthy snacks and drinks while they're being treated.

We'll be speaking to Dr Sally Norton, a leading surgeon from Bristol, who says it's madness to fill hospitals with cafes selling cakes, biscuits and fattening fizzy drinks when we're fighting an obesity epidemic.

Do you agree with Dr Sally? Should hospitals be serving up healthier options?

Get in touch before 8am on Thursday 18 September, via Twitter, Facebook or by emailing and we may use your comments on the show. You must be 18 and over, terms at

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Charity's big reveal on Thursday's show

One of our discussions today will be about the dangers of being distracted by your phone

Today the MND charity behind the Ice Bucket Challenge reveals exclusively how much money has been raised on Good Morning Britain and we'll be learning more about the illness. We'll also be looking at Scotland's big vote and will be discussing the dangers of being distracted by your mobile phone and why a leading surgeon has hit out at hospital snack shops.

Also, Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle will join us to talk about flying over from her US home to take part in Michael Flatley's Riverdance Tour.

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