'It's the lowest place you can possibly be'

I've been given another opportunity in life and I'm going to take it.

– Clarke Carlisle on his depression

Former footballer Clarke Carlisle is widely considered one of the most intelligent sportsmen of his generation. However, like one in four of us, he suffers from a mental illness.

Clarke is here to tell us how he's tackling not just his own depression but also the stigma that comes with the condition to try and help others. But first, here's the ups and downs of his life both on and off the pitch.

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Cameron: 'We have got the country back to work'

If you think that we should keep on with the level of welfare that we have... That is the Labour approach.

– David Cameron on Conservative vs Labour welfare policy

It's the second official day of the General Election campaign and today we speak to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Speaking about the Conservative party policies he said: "We need to save one out of every 11 that the Government spend in the next two years, we've done that for the last five years, we need to do that for two more."

He added: "We've said that we'll cut the welfare cap," he added, "because we think families should be better off in work."

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Binge drinking costs taxpayer £4.9 billion a year

Binge drinking costs £4.9 billion a year to the UK taxpayer, or almost £80 per person, the University of Bath's Institute for Policy Research has revealed.

Findings show:

  • Binge drinking increases the average number of daily injury-related A&E admissions by 8%
  • The daily average of road accidents by 17%
  • The average number of alcohol-related arrests by 45%
  • The number of police officers in duty by around 30%

The research argues that policies in place to regulate alcohol sales and consumption are inadequate and that a possible solution would be increasing the average retail price of alcohol by at least 10 pence per unit.

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Jamie Oliver's campaign for food education

Diet related disease is one of the biggest killers so it's an important issue.

– Jamie Oliver on his campaign for food education

This weekend Jamie Oliver launched a global petition for better food education for all children across the world at the Sydney Opera House.

Jamie made an appearance at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney and took to the stage for an event called Food Revolution Live - which is an international movement to fight obesity and diet-related disease with better food education for kids and parents. He joins us live from Australia's Park Hyatt Hotel to tell us more about his mission.

He said: "They have the same diet related issues and diseases as we have" in Australia.

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Nigel Farage: No one's going to win the election

There’ll be nobody with a clear majority.

– Nigel Farage

UKIP launch their campaign today for a crunch election for Nigel Farage, who is under pressure to follow up the party's success in the European elections last year when they won the highest share of the vote in the UK. We're joined by Nigel to find out his plans.

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With the best will in the world, I am not going to be the next Prime Minister.

– Nigel Farage

Girls suffer with poor body image at school

The body confidence of young girls deteriorates rapidly as they progress through school, according to new research.

New figures from the Government Equalities Office show that one in five primary school age girls say they have been on a diet, while 87 percent of girls aged 11-21 think that women are judged more on their appearance than on their ability.

Poor body image among girls has also been associated with low participation in sport.

The research shows that 23 percent of girls aged 7-21 don't participate in exercise because they are unhappy with their body image, and 48 percent of girls think getting sweaty from taking part in sports is unfeminine.

There is also new insight into the long-term consequences of poor body image among young girls, which is associated with lower confidence, lower aspirations and lower social participation.

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