Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Singer, television star, wife, mother, grandmother - she touched the hearts of millions. Today we pay tribute to Cilla Black.

  2. Police reinforcements managed to block another surge of migrants from entering the Channel tunnel overnight...but most are still determined to get to Britain.

  3. The children's charity Barnardo's has received three million pounds in funding to tackle child sex abuse in Rotherham.

  4. Europe's biggest bank HSBC has just announced its profits were up by 10 per cent in the first half of this year at £8.7billion

  5. The government says it will introduce changes to the energy market to allow families to switch suppliers within 24 hours by 2018, to help bring prices down.

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Stars pay their respects to Cilla Black

Much-loved television presenter and singer Cilla Black died in her home in Spain today aged 72, her publicist has confirmed.

Celebrities took to their social media pages to share their condolences and memories of the star, including fellow Liverpudlians and former Beatles Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and film star Russell Crowe.

Sir Paul said: "It was a privilege to know and love her".

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We meet the endangered animals in Britain

Their distinctive rhino horns are worth some £60,000 a kilo on the black market in Asia which is why they are so threatened.

– Helen Pearson on the black rhinos

After the brutal killing of world famous Cecil the lion, we take a look at the beautiful, endangered animals that we have here in Britain.

Helen Pearson is live at Chester Zoo - one of the major conservation centres in the UK - to meet some gorgeous black rhinos.

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Plane debris 'very likely' to be from Boeing 777

We can try and piece together the puzzle and hopefully find where the black box is.

– Oceanographer Dr Erik Van Sebille

Malaysian investigators are expected on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion today to investigate the debris that was found there this week.

The two metre object - thought to be from a plane's wing - will then be transported to France to find out whether it is from the missing flight MH370, which vanished while travelling between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing last year.

Initial reports suggest the debris is 'very likely' to be from a Boeing 777.

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Almost killed by a cupcake

I was severely shaken and my confidence was knocked. I didn't eat out again for ages. You have to go to places you know you're safe and I now triple check everything.

– Siobhan Gosrani

Siobhan Gosrani joins us today along with her lawyer Tracey Benson, from the firm Slater and Gordon, to talk about the severity of a nut allergy reaction she suffered after eating a cupcake with cream made from cashew nuts.

The lemon treat was presented in her local cafe along with other varieties of cupcakes that were labelled specifically as containing walnuts.

Siobhan says she thought she was safe as there was no warning like on the other cakes but the cafe says she should have declared her allergy beforehand.

Exclusive footage of migrants escaping lorry

The immigrants put bollards across the road and one was standing there with a machete.

– Dave Needham, lorry driver

GMB has obtained exclusive CCTV footage showing three migrants cutting free from a lorry in the West Midlands - over 250 miles away from the French border.

The chaos in Calais is leaving many lorry drivers fearing for their lives as migrants use new tactics such as makeshift bollards to slow the traffic down.

Increased police presence in Calais has helped the situation but the Prime Minister David Cameron will today chair an emergency Cobra meeting after jetting back from his tour of South East Asia.

Lorry drivers have been threatened with knives and baseball bats.

– John Howells, Road Haulage Association

Talk of the toon!

The voice has enabled Lewis to shine a bit more than he has before. But he didn't need to shine much more he's always had a really good sense of humour!

– Lewis' mum Wendy Fisher

A teenager with cerebral palsy has loaded his voice synthesiser with a Geordie accent because he says it's the way to win women!

Viewers can see plucky Lewis Fisher, 19, in new BBC3 show The Unbreakables which airs tonight.

Lewis' cerebral palsy means he has to communicate with an electronic voice via an eye-controlled communicator (similar to the one used by Stephen Hawking).