'All dignity and respect has been lost'

The bodies of flight MH17 victims have begun a long journey back to the Dutch city where they boarded the downed airliner almost five days ago amid continued diplomatic tensions over the 298 deaths.

A UK expert is among international representatives waiting to start the process of identifying the remains when they arrive in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv before being flown on to Amsterdam.

We speak to Jordan Withers, the nephew of one of the UK victims, Glenn Thomas.

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Happy first birthday to Prince George

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Prince during a visit to the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the birth of Prince George - and what a year!

To celebrate today we have six babies in the studio (wish us luck), all of whom also turn one today and are also named George! And meanwhile, we'd love to know... were you named after anyone famous? If so, why?

Let us know by 8am on Tuesday by commenting on our Facebook page or by emailing gmb@itv.com and your comments may be read out during the show (terms and conditions).

Now we take a look back at Prince George's first year in pictures...

Actress Pinto supports Girl Summit

Parents who fail to prevent their daughter being subjected to FGM will face prosecution under new legislation to be unveiled by the Government at a summit in London.

Girl Summit has brought together activists, young people, professionals and political leaders to tackle forced marriage, plus female genital mutilation (FGM), both domestically and internationally.

Hollywood actress Freida Pinto is on board, attending in her capacity as ambassador for charity Plan International's Because I am a Girl campaign.

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The top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrate their son Prince George's first birthday at a London butterfly exhibition

  2. Pro-Moscow separatists have released a train packed with bodies and handed over the black boxes from the downed Malaysia Airlines plane

  3. The number of Palestinians killed in the Israel-Gaza conflict has surpassed 560, according to the Associated Press

  4. GMB finds out more about the Commonwealth Games as it opens, speaking to Iwan Thomas, former Olympian and holder of Commonwealth and British records for 400m

  5. Headteachers will urge Nicky Morgan, the new education secretary, to introduce mandatory training for all teachers to tackle and prevent extremism in the classroom

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A brave dad who just wants his son back

Barry Sweeney, the dad of Liam Sweeney who died in the Flight MH17 tragedy, spoke movingly to us today, saying that he just wants to bring his son's body home for burial.

Sean and Charlotte explain today's top Talking Points, and Sean reminisces on his former career... as a pig farmer.

Watch more: Barry Sweeney: 'I don't want him to be lying there'

Farmer Fletcher goes back to his roots down on the farm

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Victim's father: 'I don't want him to be lying there'

I'm hoping Liam is one of those [body bags] because I don't want him to be lying there, somewhere where there's nobody to give him a good cuddle you know.

– Barry Sweeney, father to Liam who was on flight MH17

It's been four days of threats, anger and confusion, but despite global pressure we're no nearer to knowing who's to blame for the Malaysian Airlines crash in Ukraine.

Liam Sweeney was travelling to New Zealand with his friend John Alder to watch Newcastle United on flight MH17. Liam's dad Barry says his son was a tremendous bloke, we spoke to him this morning.

'Russia holds the key' to the MH17 crash site

The international community must have access to the [crash] site, and Russia holds the key to this.

– Chancellor George Osborne on the MH17 crash site

Chancellor George Osborne spoke to Good Morning Britain today about the flight MH17 crash.

He said that international communities must have access to the site to try and find answers for the families of the victims.

Victim's father: 'I don't want him to be lying there'

Former Kremlin adviser says there is 'no evidence still'

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