Student loses limbs after meningitis struck at university

Student Charlotte Hannibal dismissed her flu-like symptoms and sore throat as 'fresher's flu' during her first week in college.

Unfortunately for Charlotte, she ended up being hospitalised for two months, before doctors decided to amputate both legs below the knee as well as half the fingers on her left hand.

She was joined by Dr Hilary on the couch this morning to talk about her journey and to advise teens to ensure that they get vaccinated.

Watch to learn about her incredible story above.

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Caroline Flint: 'Jeremy will have to inspire loyalty if re-elected'

Ahead of the Labour leadership election tomorrow, Caroline Flint MP has said that if Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected, he will need to unite party members.

Speaking on this morning's show, she said: "It does seem like he's going to win tomorrow. The important thing is that if he is re-elected that he shows he will inspire loyalty to unite our party".

She added: "All of us have it in our interests to form an effective opposition."

Flint also said that Mr. Corbyn will need to speak up for the past achievements of Labour Governments in order to bring the party together.

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Yahoo hacking scandal affects 500 million users

At least 500 million Yahoo users have had their personal details stolen by hackers. The attack happened two years ago but was only recently discovered.

The company claims it was a "state sponsored" attack.

Yahoo said account information was stolen from the network in late 2014 during a security breach which the company believes was carried out by a "state-sponsored actor".

In a statement the firm said personal information was taken including "names, email addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth".

Yahoo said it is notifying potentially affected users, and asking users who have not changed their passwords in the last two years to do so.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

1: At least 500 million Yahoo users have had their personal details stolen by hackers. It happened two years ago but was only recently discovered. The company claims it was a "state sponsored" attack

2: The FBI says it is considering whether to launch an investigation into an alleged incident on a plane carrying Brad Pitt and his children. It's reported there was an altercation between the Hollywood star and a family member. Angelie Jolie filed for divorce this week citing irreconcilable differences. She has asked for physical custody of their six children.

3: The mother of a British teenager found dead on a beach in India says she hopes to get justice today for her daughter after eight years of campaigning. A court in Goa will decide if two men are guilty of causing the death of 15 year old Scarlett Keeling

4: New reports say rebel held areas of Syria had heavy airstrikes. At least 13 people died in the airstrikes near Aleppo, Syria.Recent attack comes after an attack on an aid convoy on Monday

5: People who are tricked into transferring money to fraudsters deserve better protection, according to the consumer group Which. It says anyone falling prey to a transfer scam has no legal right to get their money back from the bank.

Piers Morgan meets the Dalai Lama

If there is one man in the world who can influence Piers Morgan, it's the Damai Lama!

And when the pair met they ended up talking about everything - from IS and Trump to love, sex and marriage ... and even Brangelina and Arsenal!

Marriage is preparation for divorce!

– The Dalai Lama certainly has no regrets about not having a wife

Dalai Lama on Brangelina and Trump

Our presenter met his Holiness, who has collaborated with the Archbishop Desmond Tutu on The Book Of Joy, taken from conversations over the course of a year that show their thoughts about the surrounding world.

Piers asks the Damai Lama to cure his flu

Too much stress - that's the source of your problem!

– The Dalai Lama

GMB Investigates: Are hackers watching you through your devices?

A Good Morning Britain investigation has discovered strangers spying on your children at their schools, in your homes and in their beds through accessible camera feeds on a scale never seen before.

Our investigation found more than 100,000 British devices are vulnerable to be accessed in this peeping tom epidemic.
Our team were able to watch families in their own homes; we viewed live footage of a pensioner sitting in her living room, the inside of a child's bedroom, footage of children playing in a primary school playground and people in a health centre waiting room. None of the people who could be seen in these live streams were aware they were being watched online.

Charlotte Hawkins' baby monitor gets hacked

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. In another GMB exclusive, Piers Morgan talks to the Dalai Lama about everything from ISIS, Syria, Trump, Brangelina, the Kardashians, love, sex, marriage and even Arsenal

  2. Thousands of women with postmenopausal breast cancer are missing out on 43p-a-day drugs that could prevent their disease spreading, research suggests. A poll of cancer specialists for the charity Breast Cancer Now found confusion over who funds bisphosphonates - cheap drugs typically used to treat osteoporosis.

  3. From schools to bedrooms, health centres and even baby monitors. GMB investigates how cameras on a multitude of devices are being hacked on a scale never seen before. GMB Investigates has discovered that cameras on more than 100,000 devices across the UK are at immediate risk of being hacked.

  4. Parents in one local authority have been given the green light to take their children on holiday during term time without the risk of being fined. Derbyshire County Council has changed its rules following Isle of Wight father Jon Platt's victory at The High Court last May. As long as their attendance exceeds 94 percent, children will be allowed up to 11 days unauthorised absence without their parents facing a fine.

  5. New research released today shows that almost two-thirds of people in the UK have taken commonly available opioid painkillers, but over half of them are unaware of the potential risks of addiction, according to Opioid Painkiller Dependency Alliance. Shocking new figures show a 45 percent increase in deaths.

Rio cheers on his hero Jonnie at the Paralympics

Today we were joined by not one, but two heroes in the shape of Paralympic winner Jonnie Peacock and one of the Paralympics' biggest fans Rio Woolf.

Eight-year-old Rio, who lost his leg due to a rare bone disease and hopes to become a Paralympian himself one day, was at this year's event in Brazil to cheer on sprinter Jonnie as he won gold for the second time.

Watch the pair tell Kate and Ben all about the experience and how they first came to meet.

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