The dream is over for England Women's World Cup

The dream is over for England and the Women's World Cup as overnight the Lionesses took on reigning champions Japan and lost 2-1.

It was a crushing moment with Laura Bassett scoring an own goal in injury time, putting Japan in the final.

Home Secretary to hold urgent talks in Paris

Urgent talks to tackle the growing problem of illegal immigrants trying to enter Britain through Calais will be held today in Paris between the Home Secretary, Theresa May, and her French counterpart.

A released Government statement says: "The criminal gangs who try to cheat their way around our immigration laws will not escape justice. Since 2010, we have done more than any government before to clamp down on those seeking to abuse the UK's immigration system."

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MPs urged to step up action against IS

MPs are being urged to consider supporting British air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria.

The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is expected to tell the Commons that it's 'illogical' to attack IS extremists in Iraq, but not over the border in Syria.

The terrorists group is present in both countries and the militants now control major towns and cities in northern Iraq and also neighbouring Syria. They also have influence over large sections of land.

Colonel Bob Stewart MP, former British Commander in Bosnia, joins us to discuss the air strikes debate.

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Tell us a joke!

It's International Joke Day, so we want to hear your best (and worst) jokes this morning. If you need inspiration, just watch how Ben and Charlotte tell 'em!

Terror in Tunisia: Where did gunman come from?

The more you look at Tunisia, you realise that it's a country of deep contrasts

– Richard Gaisford

The first RAF flight carrying the bodies of British tourists killed in Tunisia will arrive back in the UK this afternoon. In Sousse in Tunisia, Richard Gaisford is learning more about gunman Seifeddine Rezgui, the town he'd been living in and the 'deep contrasts' that exist in the country.

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