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Families have spent two nights stranded in the French Alps due to weather conditions

  1. A British father and his two-year-old daughter are among the 162 onboard the Asia Airlines aeroplane that's gone missing after taking off from Indonesia

  2. A number of Britons have been rescued from a burning ferry near Greece but more than 250 people are still trapped

  3. Dozens of British families have spent a second night stranded in the French Alps after heavy snow brought traffic to a standstill

  4. New guidelines on domestic abuse are being launched today - making it a criminal offence to use social media to control or coerce victims

  5. The cost of childcare for a family with two children has risen to £12,000 a year on average, leaving some families with as little as £100 to spend a month after bills

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The Christmas Jumpers perform

If you've ever been embarrassed by your dad's antics on Christmas day then perhaps you should show him this. The Christmas Jumpers, five dads, have become a viral sensation after their dub step routine to the Sugar Plum Fairy shocks the internet.

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Ben gets a lift out of the studio!

Christmas dancing dads

Mother watched as her family died

A special church service will be held in Glasgow today to remember the six people killed when a bin lorry lost control in a busy street in the city centre.

It's reported that a mother watched her daughter and parents die during the horrific incident on Monday.

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