Blind girl is YouTube sensation with tutorials

A woman who went completely blind two years ago has become an internet sensation after producing a series of beauty tutorials showing how to apply make-up with perfect results.

Nineteen-year-old Lucy Edwards has thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel which includes videos showing how to tackle liquid eyeliner. The teenager from Birmingham suffers from a rare condition called incontinentia pigmenti in her eye which caused her to lose the sight in her right eye at 11.

Lucy vlogs about her time on GMB!

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Former royal dresser jailed for murder gets parole

It's been 14 years since Jane Andrews has been in prison but in none of that time have we heard of any remorse. I find it hard to believe in rehabilitation without remorse.

– Rick Cressman, brother of Tom Cressman

It was the murder that made headlines around the world. Jane Andrews, a former dresser for the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, was jailed for life for the brutal killing of her boyfriend in 2001. Now, after serving 14 years, she's to be released from prison.

In a minute we'll be talking to the brother of her victim, businessman Thomas Cressman, but first here's Gargy Patel with a reminder of the devastating events that led to his death. We speak to Thomas Cressman's brother Rick, whose family has condemned the decision to release Jane Andrews from prison.

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Teens will take 44 hours of selfies in half term

It's estimated that teens will take 44 hours of selfies in half term

Half term for most begins this afternoon, but are you one of the many parents already dreading the summer holidays? New research by the National Citizen Service reveals that teenagers will spend an average of 44 hours taking selfies, 75 hours watching Netflix and and extra 84 hours in bed.

So do you struggle to get your children out and about during the school holidays? Are you concerned your teenager is spending too much time sleeping, taking selfies and in front of the box? Or maybe you think they should be allowed to sit back, relax and take the care-free approach?

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Have you tried to self-diagnose yourself?

Have you tried to self-diagnose health issues by searching for information online?

If you have, you're not alone as one in twenty of Google's one hundred billion searches is about something health related.

  • New figures out today reveal four in five adults in the UK turn to the internet for health advice
  • With more than three in four finding conflicting health information online
  • It's all led to a new condition itself: Cyberchondria

Well Cassie Warren is a mum who frequently uses the internet for health advice regarding her young twin boys. She joins us now on the sofa alongside Dr Hilary Jones.

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BGT disrupted by undetonated WWII bomb

Rehearsals for Britain's Got Talent have been disrupted by an undetonated Second World War bomb which was discovered by builders near the programme's studios at Wembley in north London.

Cameron's clampdown on immigrants

I think (the new bill) is only fair to working people out there who are working hard and pay their taxes.

– MP Theresa May

Illegal immigrants caught working in the UK would have their wages seized under new laws planned by the Government. David Cameron will today reveal he will publish an Immigration Bill in next week's Queen's Speech which will make illegal working a specific offence. He will also declare that all government departments will clamp down on illegal immigration.

We're joined by Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss the new bill.

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Is it safe to have a baby in the UK?

We still don't know why that happened... we'll never be able to get closure from that.

– Liz Bradbry

A midwife accused of a catalogue of failures which contributed to the deaths of two babies at Furness General Hospital in Barrow has been struck off.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council panel formally handed down their findings on the conduct of Marie Ratcliffe, who worked at FGH's disgraced maternity unit, in a public session.