Child trafficking numbers surge in UK

The number of British children identified as being trafficked for sex or forced labour within the UK has surged in the last year, crime-fighters say, as high-profile abuse cases in Rotherham and Rochdale boost awareness of the crime.

Britain was the most prevalent country of origin for potential child victims of human trafficking in 2013, with more than 128 child victims identified, a three-fold increase on the 38 found in the previous year, according to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

It comes as the HMIC claim that South Yorkshire Police have improved their child protection record despite scandals in the region.

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Tories to introduce weekend GPs if elected in 2015

NHS patients will have access to GPs seven days per week if the Conservative party win the next general election, David Cameron has announced.

The Prime Minister guaranteed family doctors would provide weekend appointments by 2020 if his party won an outright majority next May.

The PM also announced a £100 million investment in improving access to family doctors, ensuring that more people will be able to see their GP between 8am and 8pm on weekdays and weekends.

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Coming up on Tuesday's show, we talk seven-day surgeries as David Cameron promises weekend appointments and longer GP opening hours if the Tories win the next election.

On the subject of health, we look at the latest advice from dentists to restrict children to drinking simply milk and water to avoid toddler tooth decay.

And in showbiz news... from Venice to the White House, could George Clooney be making plans to become the most powerful man in the world?

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Why are there protests in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong was taken over by another night of peaceful protests as pro-democracy campaigners occupied four the city's busiest districts.

University and college students were joined by the Occupy Central civil disobedience movement on Sunday as they blockaded the streets.

They are protesting because:

  • Pro-democracy protestors are angry at China for limiting their choice of leader in the 2017 election.
  • Demonstrators want greater democracy and to choose their own candidates. At the moment there is a built in mechanism which favours the Beijing approved contender.
  • They are also calling for chief executive CY Leung to step down and open elections in 2017.
  • Protests started after the ruling Communist party announced plans to vet candidates for the chief executive role.
  • Since the protests began, 41 people have been wounded, including police, and 78 arrested, according to officials. Police have used pepper spray and tear gas and displayed weapons.