10-year-old girl trolled on social media bravely stands up to bullies

A young girl has been left devastated by bullies after they launched a cruel campaign against her on social media.

10-year-old Mia-Lili Bennett from Norwich, Norfolk was subjected to a cruel poll on Instagram asking if she was 'ugly or not'. Going against her mum’s advice that she would have to wait until she was old enough to be on Instagram, Mia-Lili set up her own profile at the beginning of June, but confessed to her mum a couple of hours later.

1/3 of bosses admit to not hiring women in case they 'start a family soon'

Almost one in three bosses have admitted that they would break the law by rejecting a woman from a job if they suspected she 'might start a family soon'.

A further 37 per cent said that, if the law allowed, they would advertise positions targeted only at men to avoid having to shell out for women's maternity leave.

The research found that more than a third of senior decision makers said they would rather hire a man to get around the issue of offering maternity leave.

Good Morning Britain launches first cards for premature babies

Inspired by the personal story of Good Morning Britain’s weather presenter Laura Tobin - whose daughter Charlotte was born three months early - Good Morning Britain and Hallmark have teamed up with baby charity Bliss to produce a range of special cards for sick and premature babies.

A focus group of parents was organised by GMB and local hospital charity Bibs (Babies in Buscot Support). They talked to writers from Hallmark, to help them understand each step of their premature baby’s journey through neonatal care. Four different designs were created and 20p from each sale will be donated to leading premature baby charity Bliss.

Robbie Williams wows fans at X Factor auditions

Robbie Williams and his wife, Ayda, have joined Simon Cowell on the X Factor judging panel. Sitting alongside One Direction's Louis Tomlinson - who was upgraded from the old Louis - the panel is currently presiding over potentially winning acts.

Room auditions have been ditched and arena auditions back - and last night Robbie Williams put on a real show for fans at the auditions.

Lord Robert Winston on why Brexit could affect cancer treatments

Lord Robert Winston joined us to speak about his concerns over the impact Brexit could have on cancer patients.

When the professor was quizzed about a ‘no deal’, he stressed that a lot of the equipment used for cancer patients are made in Europe.

He said: “It’s more than just medicine, it’s things like radioisotopes, it’s also equipment for delivering radiation therapy for example, cancer treatment, because of course most these things are made in Europe and we have had special deals and there of course will be difficulties about transporting radioactive material for health care across borders, which were never a problem before.”

Watch the full interview above.

Calls for Trump to be impeached after declaring support for Putin over US intelligence services

There are fresh calls US President Donald Trump to be impeached following a summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

Donald Trump has been accused of treasonous behaviour after declaring his support for the Russian leader over his own intelligence services. The 72-year-old has been harshly criticised by people close to him and widely condemned by political commentators from around the globe.

Donald Trump shakes hands with Vladimir Putin at a summit in Helsinki. PA.

US intelligence agencies say Russia attempted to help Trump get into the White House during the 2016 election. They say the state used cyber attacks and planted fake news stories on social media to sow discord in the United States and encourage people to vote for the Republican candidate.

The show of support comes just one week after 12 Russian intelligence officers were charged over the hacking of emails during the campaign.