Fall in love, and lose weight

Falling in love can make us feel happy, bit did you know it could also help us to shed some extra pounds?

A survey by a dating website found that nearly 600,000 Brits are currently falling in love, with nearly a third reporting that they had also lost weight. Apparently the butterflies we get when we meet that special person can suppress the appetite.

We joined by former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson, who blames her weight loss and gain over the year on the different stages of emotions she feels during a relationship, and psychologist Jo Hemmings.

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Is this the spookiest house in Britain?

Jonathan Swain was live from a spooky house in Liverpool this morning, adorned with devilish decorations, Mary Flynn and her family raise money for charity from visitors who come to see the ghoulish graveyard in her garden.

She said: "It's all a bit of fun, that's all there is, and it's a good thing for the community".

Calories in common alcoholic drinks

Calls for clear and concise calorie labelling on alcoholic drinks have revealed the overwhelming number of people who do not know how much they are really drinking.

Calories in alcohol:

  • Large white wine - 200 calories
  • One bottle of alcopop - 150 - 170 calories
  • A pint of beer - 180 calories
  • Double gin and tonic - 150 calories

The Royal Society for Public Health found drinkers consumed an average 400 less calories on a visit to a pub when the calorie content of drinks were visible.

Calorie labelling on alcohol 'could cut obesity'

Clear calorie labelling on alcoholic drinks could help reduce the UK's growing obesity problem, health experts have claimed.

Some 80% of adults were not aware of just how many calories were in a glass of wine, and 60% did not know many were in a pint of beer, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

The health experts warned one glass of wine had the same amount of calories in it as a glass of wine. Now the RSPH wants drinks manufacturers to put calorie labels on products like wine, beer, alcopops and sprits.

Two in hospital after fireworks factory blaze

Two men are in hospital and one remains unaccounted for after an explosion at a fireworks factory in Stafford. One man had been hospitalised with severe burns, the other had suffered from smoke inhalation and a back injury.

Staffordshire Fire Service said the fire was now under control and they would resume efforts to find the one person still missing in the morning. Local residents were urged to stay indoors.

New Jaguar centre to create 1400 jobs

There will be a big jobs boost in the West Midlands today when the official opening of Jaguar's new £500m Engine Manufacturing Centre takes place.

The plant will create 1,400 new jobs and a further 5,000 throughout the associated supply chain. The Queen will officially open the plant later today.

Abuse 'normal' in parts of Greater Manchester

The sexual exploitation of children has become "normal" in some parts of Greater Manchester, according to a damning report. The inquiry blamed "sexting", music videos and social media for fuelling sexualisation of under-16s.

Labour MP Ann Coffey lead the inquiry to see what had changed in Rochdale after nine Asian men were jailed in 2012 for grooming vulnerable girls with alcohol, drugs and gifts before forcing them to have sex with multiple men.

Ms Coffey, who represents neighbouring Stockport, said mass sexual exploitation of youngsters in Greater Manchester was "a real and ongoing problem".