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  1. Taxpayers have lost £1 billion over the privatisation of Royal Mail because the Government underestimated demand for shares, a committee of MPs has reported

  2. Hundreds of thousands of people with type 2 diabetes could be offered weight-loss surgery on the NHS

  3. Bury council in Manchester will become the first in the country to collect rubbish just once every three weeks

  4. Deadline arrives to hand over the titles of 114 missing child abuse files which are thought to contain allegations of abuse by politicians and other high-profile figures

  5. A man with a slight eastern european accent found wandering in a Peterborough play park remembers absolutely nothing of who he was - not even his name

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Taxpayer have 'lost out on £1bn' in Royal Mail sale

Taxpayers have been let down by the coalition's sale of Royal Mail, the business select committee said.

Credit: PA

Taxypayers have lost out on £1bn in the privatisation of Royal Mail as the Government underestimated the demand for shares, a group of MPs has said.

In a hard-hitting report, the Business Select Committee said taxpayers were missing out on "significant value" and accused ministers of listening to "bad advice".

Firefighters tackle huge blaze in Glasgow

Firefighters are having to use a "specialist height vehicle" to tackle the blaze, according to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Credit: Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Firefighters are tackling a major blaze in Glasgow at an industrial recycling establishment.

Residents are advised to keep their windows closed to avoid "the large plume of smoke", estimated to be between 40-50ft high, billowing from the site.

The big strike: What you need to know

One million people are expected to go on strike today in what's been dubbed the biggest walkout since 1926.

Those on strike include firefighters (FBU over pensions and retirement age), teachers (pay, pensions, workload), council workers, care workers, school support staff as well as members of the RMT union, the PCS and UNISON.

We look at the hardest hit regions and discuss why are people striking.

Sara Tomlinson, teacher and NUT member, tells us why she's taking strike action and we question Cabinet Minister Francis Maude on why these people aren't getting the pay they claim they deserve.

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'You cannot equate the occupier with the occupied'

Israel has dismally failed the peace process...we were not responsible for breaking the talks.

– Professor Manuel Hassassian

Eight members of one family including five children have been killed in pre dawn raids in Gaza after a third night of bombing by Israeli forces.

Palestinian authorities say at least 60 people have been killed in the violence since Tuesday.

Israel has promised to "further increase the assault" on Hamas until it stops firing rockets at Israeli cities and communities.

Joining us in the studio is Palestinian Ambassador Professor Manuel Hassassian.

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