Alopecia almost ruined my wedding day

Ellie Baker suffered most bride's worst nightmare when a huge clump of her hair feel out just weeks before her wedding.

The 35-year-old hairdresser from Plymouth was planning the day of her dreams when she started shedding - an affect of a condition called alopecia, which can be caused by stress.

Ellie dreaded being a bald bride - but luckily her best friend Chelsea stepped in and helped fit hair extensions to save the day. Now the pair join GMB and we hear abut how Ellie has set up a support group for sufferers.

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Is breast really best?

Breast or bottle? Mothers have long wrestled with the decision of how to feed a baby. While those who opt for breast have long felt they've had to fight to be accepted to do so in public, those who can't breast-feed or simply choose not to, say they feel judged.

A survey by Channel Mum shows 69 percent of bottle feeding mums have been judged negatively and 41 percent feel they've failed as a mum and failed their child because they don't breast feed.

We speak to three mums who tell us their experiences.

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Rick's special thank you to bone marrow donor

It was an absolutely wonderful day

– Ian Brown

Rick Haines has honoured a promise he gave 24 years ago to his bone marrow donor by inviting him to his daughter's wedding in Pennsylvania.

Ian Brown joined the Anthony Nolan register when his son was being treated for testicular cancer when he was nine months old. In 1991 he got a call saying he was a match for a patient in the US.

This was Rick, who at the time was terminally ill with aplastic anaemia and only had a few weeks to live. All he wanted was the chance to see his little girl walk down the aisle and Ian's bone marrow donation made that happen when it was flown to the USA on Concorde.

Couple lose eight stone for wedding day

I set myself little goals.

– Claire Crowthers on how she lost her weight

When Claire Crowthers comfort ate her way to 14 stone the midwife received a comment about her weight from a stranger.

Determined to lose weight before her wedding the 31-year-old from Wrexham joined a slimming club and started training. Claire and husband Stephen lost a shocking eight stone between them with Claire slimming down from a size 14 to a six!

She said: "You do look back sometimes and think gosh that was me and you can’t get your head around things sometimes".

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Tax cuts for low earners, more free childcare and a vote on Britain's membership of the EU will be promised in today's Queen's Speech

  2. After the death of 21-year-old Fallan Kirek, women on the pill are warned that newer types of the contraceptive can almost double the chance of blood clots

  3. A genetically modified cold sore virus could be the key to curing one of the most deadly forms of skin cancer

  4. More than 80% of people with Multiple Sclerosis are being misdiagnosed, according to a new report

  5. Taylor Swift becomes the youngest ever entry into the Forbes' most powerful women list, at just 25 years old

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Carjacked: 'The car door smashed me on the head'

It was just a natural instinct to protect your car, protect your property.

– Nikki Law-Priddey was ambushed by a car-jacker

Nikki Law-Priddey was cleaning her car when she was ambushed by a carjacker. She tried to stop the thief but ended up being dragged 30 feet across the road before being knocked unconscious and left in the road.

Nikki is left with scarring on her knees and the tendon was ripped off the bone in her finger. She thinks that the leather boots that she was wearing protected her massively as she was dragged across the road.

Personal security expert Debi Steven said: "Be aware of what's happening around you... Statistically almost 70% of all cars that are carjacked are within a 5km radius of your home, so we need to be really aware around our homes."

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