Parents wrongly accused of abuse fight for child

It's heartbreaking, we just want our child back

– Parents fight to regain custody of their adopted child

A couple who were wrongly accused of abusing their baby have been talking about the agonising fight to reunite their family.

Karissa Cox and Richard Carter have launched a legal bid to regain custody of the child who was adopted before they were cleared of any wrongdoing.

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  1. Parents wrongly accused of child abuse vow to fight 'with every breath' to get their adopted child back.

  2. A cross-party group of MPs and business leaders are behind the new 'Vote Leave' campaign being launched today in a push for Britain to leave the EU.

  3. Sir Bruce Forsyth has been ordered to rest for at least a week after he was taken to hospital following a fall at his home in Surrey.

  4. The government says millions of families could save at least £200 a year if they switched energy suppliers.

  5. A 92 year old great great grandmother has become an internet sensation after her grandson posted a video of her online dancing to rap music.

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  1. Violent extremists on our streets. We reveal the shocking number of people being investigated by police in the UK everyday.

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  4. Could Sepp Blatter's 17-year reign as the President of Fifa be coming to a grinding halt? He's been told he faces a 90-day suspension, but this morning he remains in office.

  5. The woman who never forgets - the 25 year old with the astonishing ability to remember everything, including all the Harry Potter books word for word

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Quick-thinking boy saved mum and unborn brother

A schoolboy saved the lives of his pregnant mum and unborn brother when she blacked out in the bath

Julie Argent, 34, was running six-year-old Chay a bath when her pre-eclampsia caused her to fall unconscious into the water. The schoolboy realised his mum was in danger but stayed calm and turned off the taps, phoned his grandmother to help and dialled 999, staying on the line for 12 minutes until paramedics arrive to pull Julie out of the water.

Chay's quick thinking saved his mum and his baby brother Loan was born two days later
The boy attended St John Ambulance Badgers First Aid courses - and that helped him stay calm in a crisis.

We catch up with Julie and Chay to find out more about their amazing story.

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Poll shows parents are blighted by pester power

The Government should introduce stronger rules on junk food advertising to save parents from 'pester power', according to the British Heart Foundation.

A poll of 1,000 parents for the charity found 74 percent are frequently asked by their children to buy them unhealthy snacks.

Some 42 percent of parents said their children were triggered by junk food available at supermarket checkouts, while 26 percent said offers such as buy-one-get-one-free made their children pester them.

Almost four in 10 said their children were influenced by TV adverts for junk food, while 24 percent were affected by other advertising, such as banners in shop windows.

We chat to psychologist Emma Kenny (and her boys) about pester power and what we can do to control it!

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