Hospital slammed for maternity deaths

A "lethal mix" of failures at a Cumbrian hospital led to the unnecessary deaths of 11 babies and one mother, an inquiry has ruled.

The investigation into Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust found 20 major failures in care from 2004 to 2013 at Furness General Hospital.

It called the avoidable incidents "serious and shocking".

Liza and Simon Brady and James Titcombe, both of whom lost babies at the hospital, and led the fight for justice join us on the Good Morning Britain sofa.

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Lib Dem plans to decriminalise personal drug use

We can't leave substances as dangerous as these to the underworld

– Sir Richard Branson

The Lib Dems have announced a policy to decriminalise possession of all drugs for personal use, supported by Sir Richard Branson.

In a talk at Chatham House called UK Drugs Policy: Taking the Lead Internationally, Virgin Group founder Branson and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will both argue that personal drug use should be decriminalised.

We talk to a man who ended up in a psychiatric unit after extensive cannabis use, and Sir Richard Branson.

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Bright pupils failed by secondary schools

Tens of thousands of the country's brightest pupils are still being failed by state secondary schools and denied the chance to study at top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of Ofsted, will say that children who do well in their SATs at 11 are not doing as well when it comes to their GCSEs, especially if they're from poorer backgrounds. This was highlighted as a problem two years ago and nothing has changed, according to Ofsted.

Good Morning Britain talks to Ges Smith, headteacher of Jo Richardson Community School and Sean Harford, Ofsted's National Director of Schools.

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Farage outlines UKip's immigration policy

We're not going to win the election but what we are going to do is win enough MPs to have a big voice in the next parliament.

– Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has claimed that the British public has acknowledged that they can't trust other parties to be serious on immigration.

He says UKip's policy, announced yesterday, is to create Migration Control Commission to bring down net immigration and establish a points based visa system. Migrants will only be allowed to apply for permanent residency after a decade working in the UK.

Good Morning Britain speaks to him to find out more.

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Myleene Klass: 'I don't live by regrets'

Myleene Klass joined us on the show to talk about her charity work in Nepal, Susanna asked her about the headlines she recently made the press for, her opinions on children's party etiquette.

Myleene said: "There's been so much that's been said and I understand from your position it's a question you certainly want to ask", she added, "for me at the time I was in Nepal and that's the real perspective builder so when everything was really full on I just was like holding dying babies and then when you see that and you're looking at the mother's eyes and you think right I'm here with Save the Children, you wanna save the children and not deal with that."

When Ben asked her whether she regretted the tweet she said "do you live your life by regrets Ben?"

Myleene Klass tweets her opinions on children's party etiquette

WATCH: Myleene Klass' Nepal video diary

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