The great llama drama: Best tweets and memes

The Twittersphere went crazy last night for two runaway llamas in Arizona. The two llamas on the lam led a sheriff’s team on a chase through the streets of Sun City.

Arizona's ABC 15 Reports live streamed the footage of the two escaped animals - eventually showing the safe capture of the pair - but it didn't stop news publications having a bit of a giggle at the same time!

Long awaited Jimmy Savile report published

This ugly little man can still make my stomach churn

– Victim Caroline Moore

A report on the abuse carried out by Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville hospital will finally be published today. The long awaited 'lessons learned' reports into Jimmy Savile's abuse of patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital is expected to reveal more could have been done to stop the Savile's abuse.

Stoke Mandeville's former director of nursing and a now-retired Thames Valley police detective have already said that their concerns about Savile's abuse were dismissed by authorities.

Richard Gaisford talks to victim Caroline Moore, who was a paralysed 13-year-old in a wheelchair when Savile abused her. She is still haunted by the assault as she recovered in a childre'ns ward at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1971.

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Lance Corporal awarded Victoria Cross for bravery

Astonishing acts of bravery within the military services have been recognised at this year's operational honours. The highest honour offered this year was the Victoria Cross given to Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey who was deployed in Afghanistan as a member of a Task Force conducting operations to disrupt insurgent safe-havens.

Lance Corporal Leakey's group came under attack from machine guns and grenade fire, realising the seriousness of the situation and with disregard for his own safety, Lance Corporal Leakey dashed across the hillside to come to the aid of his companions. The soldier gave first aid to the wounded officer and took control of the situation, initiating the casualty evacuation.

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Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey is awarded the Victoria Cross

Staff Sergeant Kate Lord was awarded the Queen's Commendation for Bravery

Is your phone giving away your secrets?

You might think that you control your phone... but could you phone be controlling you? Without your knowledge, your phone is giving away lots of secrets about you that you may not willingly publish online.

For example, did you know your phone battery can reveal your location? If you download an app you may have given the supplier access to the contents of your phone, including your photos - it's in those pesky terms and conditions you agree to with out even reading - we all do it but how do we stop it?

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