Man's bionic arm made with a 3D printer

A man who was born without his right hand has been fitted with a bionic one by an engineer who scanned his left hand and then made another with a 3D printer.

Daniel Melville contacted Joel Gibbard after seeing his appeal for funding help to develop affordable robotic hands. He offered to help Mr Gibbard test his products and the new hand was created within two days at a cost of just £300. The inventors have just returned from the US where they won a $200,000 prize to help develop the technology in a commercial way.

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Warnings over packaging for Christmas turkeys

Poisonous bacteria found on the outer packaging of supermarket chicken and turkeys have led health officials to advise shoppers to keep poultry in a separate bags in the fridge.

A report this week is expected to confirm that campylobacter, a major cause of food poisoning, is present on the external packaging of thousands of fresh whole chickens sold in Britain each day. The Food Standards Agency said the bacteria grew in the guts of poultry but was being transferred to the outside of plastic put around birds during processing.

Susanna joins chef Dean Edwards in the Lorraine kitchen to find out how to cook a turkey safely.

Ensure your presents arrive in time for Christmas

It's been reported that a shortage of truckers on Britain's roads could leave Christmas shoppers out in the cold as new rules for drivers kick in.

Hauliers are training warehouse staff to drive, hiring truckers from abroad, even turning to the army, to minimise disruption from a Europe-wide licensing scheme that requires drivers to undergo extra training.

So if you're a fan of online shopping, what's the best way to ensure your parcels arrive in time for Christmas? Retail expert Clare Rayner gives us her top tips.

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How can you help with Meal Appeal?

Yesterday, we launched a one week nationwide campaign called Meal Appeal asking you to help UK people as we approach the festive season. Meal Appeal aims to raise awareness of those in need and encourage viewers to donate non-perishable food items to help two charitable organisations.

Today Charlotte helps out at a drop in centre in Deptford Reach and Kate Garraway is live from another charity supported by food donations, we are also joined on the sofa by Neil, who was helped by a FareShare supported charity and has now turned his life around and is working for a charity.

Find out how you can help with Good Morning Britain's Meal Appeal campign

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Violent protests follow Ferguson ruling

Violent protests are breaking out in America as a jury decides not to press charges against a white police officer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager.

The case has increased racial tensions, with many in the community believing he should have been charged with murder.

Demonstrators have ignored the family of Michael Brown, who urged them to protest peacefully.

President Obama urges calm after Ferguson ruling

Michael Brown parents 'profoundly disappointed'

What is happening in Ferguson?

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Will glow-in-the-dark signs prevent dog fouling?

Dog walkers who don't pick up after their pets are being targeted in the new Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

Glow-in-the-dark signs are being put up in 20 councils across the UK telling thoughtless dog owners they're being watched. And early trials have found they're reducing dog mess by nearly 50%.

What do you think? Will signs posters prevent dog foulers? If not, what do you think needs to be done to tackle dog mess?

Let us know and we may use your comments on the show! Get in touch via Twitter and Facebook or email by 8am on 25 November and your comments may be used on air. You must be 18 and over, for full terms and conditions visit

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