Are hospital cafes too unhealthy?

One of Britain's leading weight loss surgeons has hit out at coffee shop chains that are filling NHS hospital patients full of unhealthy snacks and drinks while they're being treated.

We'll be speaking to Dr Sally Norton, a leading surgeon from Bristol, who says it's madness to fill hospitals with cafes selling cakes, biscuits and fattening fizzy drinks when we're fighting an obesity epidemic.

Do you agree with Dr Sally? Should hospitals be serving up healthier options?

Get in touch before 8am on Thursday 18 September, via Twitter, Facebook or by emailing and we may use your comments on the show. You must be 18 and over, terms at

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Charity's big reveal on Thursday's show

One of our discussions today will be about the dangers of being distracted by your phone

Today the MND charity behind the Ice Bucket Challenge reveals exclusively how much money has been raised on Good Morning Britain and we'll be learning more about the illness. We'll also be looking at Scotland's big vote and will be discussing the dangers of being distracted by your mobile phone and why a leading surgeon has hit out at hospital snack shops.

Also, Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle will join us to talk about flying over from her US home to take part in Michael Flatley's Riverdance Tour.

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British aid worker has first Ebola vaccine

Ruth Atkins has the first Ebola vaccine called Chimp Adenovirus type 3.

A former NHS nurse has become the first British person to be given the experimental Ebola vaccine.

Ruth Atkins was given the jab, which has so far only been tested on primates, in Oxford yesterday.

She said she volunteered after hearing about the trials on the radio.

Ms Atkins, an NHS communications manager from Marcham in Oxfordshire, explained her decision to have the jab:

I feel absolutely fine, it felt no different to being vaccinated before going on holiday.
The situation in West Africa is so tragic. I thought being part of this vaccination process was something small I could do to hopefully make a huge impact.

– Ruth Atkins

Two British men have DNA tests in Thai murder hunt

Victims David Miller (left) and Heather Witheridge

Two British men are having their DNA tested in connection with the brutal murders of two backpackers in Ko Tao.

The bodies of David Miller, 24, and 23-year-old Hannah Witheridge were discovered on a beach on the idyllic Thai island on Monday.

Deputy National Police Chief Somyot Poompanmoung told ITV News the results could take "a couple of days".

"Once (the results) are in we will know if they can be ruled out of the investigation and if they can be free to go," he said.

Olivia is Good Morning Britain's Young Hero

Back in May we launched the search for Good Morning Britain's Young Hero, the award will be made at Prince Harry's WellChild Awards.

The winner has been chosen and Dr Hilary is live in Southport to surprise our winner a Ruston.

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Are your children safe in Thailand?

Most of the hundreds of thousands of Brits who visit Thailand every year leave with happy memories.

But the murders of two British tourists this week adds to statistics that reveal a much darker side to the tropical island paradise. We speak to travel expert Simon Calder.

  • In the past year Thailand has seen 362 British deaths including those of natural causes
  • 11 cases of rape and six assaults
  • And this week brings the number of people murdered in the past five years to 13

Mother of missing girl makes television appeal

The mother of missing schoolgirl, Alice Gross, has made a television appeal for her daughter to come home.

Rosalind Hodgkiss said the last two weeks had been 'heartbreaking'.

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Yes and No gear up for a final day of campaigning

At the end of this campaign a decision of momentous importance will have taken place, no lives will have been lost, no bullets fired, no bombs will have been detonated.

– Scottish Justice Minister and YES campaigner Kenny MacAskill

Both sides in the Scottish independence referendum are gearing up for a crucial final day of campaigning. Three polls put the No vote slightly ahead but observers say it's too close to call.

Meanwhile a group of 14 former defence chiefs has warned that Scottish independence could put the UK at risk of attack.

If we vote to leave there is no going back, it's not like a general election where if it doesn't work out you can kick them out.

– Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign