There are no rules for Dame Helen Mirren

I like Dam Helen Mirren. In many ways I am that Damn Helen Mirren

– Dame Helen Mirren jokes about her noble title

Fresh from her Tony award winning performance in The Audience on Broadway, Dame Helen Mirren celebrates her return to the UK and joins us on the GMB sofa.

Helen celebrated her 70th birthday just two days ago and doesn't understand why everyone is so fascinated by it. She said to Ben Shepherd, "It's boring. I look 70... with a lot of make up on!"

Heart transplant mum competes in British Transplant Games

Twenty months ago, mum of one Louise McLellan was hardly able to walk but following a heart transplant she is taking part in the British Transplant Games.

The tournament is designed to demonstrate the success of transplantation and encourage recipients of organs to take exercise.

Louise hopes to encourage organ recipients to take up exercise. She said that since her transplant her life has 'completely transformed.'

Louise said, "I'm full of energy, I exercise daily. I enjoy everything I do. I enjoy taking on new challenges. I'm not the best at running or the fastest but I love it because I've never been able to do it before."

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Why phoning home from abroad can be costly

Briton's spend £573m on phone charges abroad but do you know whether your tariff covers you for holidays?

According to research carried out by iD, the new network from Carphone Warehouse, the average holidaymaker spends 40 minutes per day online when abroad.

Technology expert, Will Frances says that now we all have smart phones, it's the things they get up to in the background that we need to be aware of. "They're updating apps, they're syncing your photos... so it's really easy to build up megabytes of data usage."

PM flatly refuses to consider another independent referendum

David Cameron has put himself on a collision course with the Scottish National Party after flatly refusing to consider another independence referendum. Former first minister Alex Salmond has claimed a second public vote on independence is 'inevitable' and the only question was when his successor Nicola Sturgeon decided to go for it.

But the Prime Minister indicated that any decision by the Scottish Government to unilaterally decide to hold a referendum would not be legitimate.

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Government plans to protect young people online

The Government has pledged its support for an iRights initiative to protect young people on line.

A report published today by iRights shows children lack the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the risks of the internet. They want the Government and industry to come together to introduce five principles to protect and help young people.

Today, the Children's Commissioner Anne Longfield, has announced that she is launching a task force, Growing Up Digital, to support the move.

It's been recommended that under 18's be allowed to delete anything they post about themselves online.

John Carr is one of the world's leading experts on children's use of the internet and said. "This is not an anti-internet story, this is a pro-safety story."

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