Prince Harry charmed by young fan

Prince Harry received a welcome hug and high five from a seriously ill young boy at an awards ceremony recognising the courage of sick children and their families.

Four-year-old Carson Hartley, who has a heart defect and is fitted with a portable ventilator, wasted no time in running straight up to the Prince and wrapping his arms around his legs.

After receiving a number of high fives from the eager young man, the Prince, who turned 30 last week, chatted to Carlson's parents about the adversity he faced.

His mother Kirsty said:

We were worried he was going to high-five Prince Harry in the face he was so excited.

Harry got down on his knees and had a big smile on his face while he was chatting to Carson, he couldn't believe how active he was despite all the conditions he has.

He said he thought he was inspirational for still being so happy, but he also said that parents must be recognised too for how hard they work, which was really nice to hear.

– Kirsty Hartley

Miliband expected to tax and spend on NHS

Ed Miliband is expected to unveil plans to use a mansion tax to raise the funds needed to boost NHS spending if Labour win the next election in his party conference speech later today.

The Labour leader is expected to use his final conference speech before the 2015 general election to promise to redirect funds to the NHS.

There is speculation that more than £1 billion in revenue from an already-promised "mansion tax" on homes worth more than £2 million could be devoted to health and social care.

Mr Miliband is expected to echo the rest of Labour and stress his commitment to tighter government spending.

How can we protect our privacy?

It seems to be the hackers have got access to people's private cloud storage online where photos from your phone get backed up.

– David McClelland, technology journalist

More pictures and videos, which appear to show celebrities naked, have been posted online - it's the second leak in less than a month.

The first incident was at the end of August when more than 100 women had their private pictures stolen. We speak to technology journalist David McClelland.

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Prince Harry's Isabelle's Prince Charming

Nothing could hold back little Isabelle after she spotted her royal hero Prince Harry at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games. The brave five year old ran straight over to Harry, who promptly swept her up and put her on his shoulders so she could catch a clear view of rock band Foo Fighters.

The once in a lifetime moment stunned Isabelle's parents Adam and Taryn - who watched with pride as Isabelle got a dance with her very own prince charming. The family join us to tell us about the special moment.

Alice Gross suspect could have left the country

Police investigating the disappearance of teenager Alice Gross believe their main suspect, a Latvian builder, may have returned to his home country.

They've been accused of being slow to act on information about Arnis Zalkans, a convicted murderer.

Good Morning Britain's Breakfast in America

The nights are drawing in but here at Good Morning Britain we've got something to really cheer you up. We are offering 100 people the chance to wake up and experience some fun, thrills, sunshine this November In Orlando, Florida.

Adrenaline Junkie Jack Osbourne has been there to check out the famous theme parks of Orlando, now it's your turn. We are offering 50 people plus one companion each, the chance to be part of #Orlando100. All 100 of you will jet off with British Airways from London Gatwick airport on Monday 17 November for a six night stay close to the theme parks.

Hundreds of thousands join worldwide climate rally

Credit: PA

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have joined rallies across the globe in order to get political leaders to tackle the problem. More than 500,000 people took part in 2,500 marches around the world on Sunday ahead of Tuesday's UN climate summit set to take place in New York, organisers said.

In London, an estimated 40,000 people paraded past Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament. Some 310,000 people marched against the use of fossil fuels and oil in New York City.