Celebrating the 70th anniversary of VE Day

It was no big deal!

– Sarah Gadon pokes fun at Richard's suggestion she felt pressure playing the young Queen

This week we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of V.E. Day and with that the release of a wonderful film A Royal Night Out about what the young Princesses got up to on the night itself.

Richard Arnold went to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, Home for Chelsea Pensioners, and caught up with actress Sarah Gadon who plays the young Queen Elizabeth and also 91-year-old Dorothy Hughes who was there on the big night.

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Archie can now walk thanks to ballet

Archie Aspin's parents were warned that Downs Syndrome would mean he could never keep up with his peers - but thanks to a ballet class the three year old now walks, hops and jumps.

These are all movements that doctors thought would be too much for him.

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David Cameron still insists he can win a majority

I think we're doing things the wrong way round. We should stick to the issues at this election and talk about the results afterwards

– David Cameron

Despite the polls suggesting otherwise, David Cameron still insists he can win a majority.

He joins us ahead of his final plea to undecided voters today to give him another five years as Prime Minister.

He reveals he has "not spent any time" discussing potential coalition deals in the event of a hung parliament.

'I've been totally focused on trying to win that majority. I think people want to see a strong and decisive government.'

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. In just over 24 hours the polls will open in the closest election for more than a generation.

  2. A 14-a-day chewing gum habit could have led to a teenagers death.

  3. Ballet classes have helped transform the life of tThree year-old Down syndrome sufferer Archie.

  4. A charity single by Beverley Knight, Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger is released today to raise funds for the victims of the Nepal earthquake.

  5. Former Benidorm star Nicholas Burns joins us to talk about his role in new polling station TV show The Vote.

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The world welcomes Princess Charlotte

It's predicted that by the time she is seven, Princess Charlotte will have raised £1 billion for the economy.

Memorabilia to celebrate Charlotte's birth is being hurriedly designed and produced and will soon be flying off the shelves...

After her parents announced her full name yesterday - Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - we take a look at what it all really means, and meet a royal fan called Charlotte Elizabeth who is over the moon about the Duke and Duchess's choice!

Plus, we got some children to tell us how they think the Princess of Cambridge's life will play out. Once upon a time...

Nick Clegg to kick off last minute tour

We learned the hard away about some of the compromises you have to make in coalition government

– Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg kicks off a 48-hour whirlwind tour of the country today as he tries to secure last minute votes ahead of Thursday's general election.

While the polls are not looking good for the Liberal Democrats, the party is still expected to be a major player in any coalition negotiations, in the event of a hung Parliament.

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