Millionaire couple swap lives with family who live on £171 a week

He taught me how to be a better father

– Millionaire Matt Fiddes

Would you swap lives with another family for a week? Today we met two couples who did exactly that for a Channel 5 documentary - and it was a true awakening for both.

Andy and Kim Leamon, who are married with two children, live on just £171 a week after paying their bills and mortgage for their ex council house in Southampton. Their family swapped places with millionaires Matt and Monique Fiddes and Matt's two children - who are used to a lavish six- bedroom home in the Wiltshire countryside.

The Fiddes spend £16 a week on avocados alone, which is more than half of the Leamon's whole food budget. And although Matt and Monique found their temporarily smaller wallet difficult they say their family ended up better for it.

After their swap the two families met for the first time on the Good Morning Britain sofa to share their insights - would the Leamons swap permanently if given the chance?

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Two thirds of parents say Halloween outfits are too frightening for young children and 55 percent think they are too sexualised, according to a Channel Mums survey. The website's runner Siobhan Freeguard joins us today to talk about why she thinks certain costumes should have an age certificate. Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook.

  2. Theresa May will address EU leaders in Brussels later today with Brexit on top of the list of topics at the summit, after five rounds of talks between the EU and UK. The last round of negotiations ended with what the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier called a 'disturbing deadlock.' Dr Michael Fuchs said on Tuesday, the UK must offer to pay the EU more if Brexit talks are to advance on to the next round. We'll be speaking to him this morning.

  3. Self-harming in teenage girls aged 13-16 has risen 'rapidly' in recent years according to new research. Between 2011 and 2014 reports of self-harm among British girls in the age group rose by 68 percent, experts at the University of Manchester found. An increase in common mental health disorders and the impact of digital media were suggested as possible reasons behind the rise.

  4. Former England football captain Terry Butcher has said he is 'devastated' by the death of his son Christopher, aged 35. Butcher, 58, said his son's life had been 'tragically cut short' and described him as a 'dedicated captain in the British Army' after serving in Afghanistan with the Royal Artillery. Christopher died on Monday but the circumstances of his death have not been made public.

  5. The trial of a soldier accused of trying to kill his wife with a sabotaged parachute has been shown a video demonstrating how it could be done in a toilet cubicle in just over five minutes. Sergeant Emile Cilliers, 37, is accused of tampering with the chute of his former Army officer wife, Victoria Cilliers, the day before a jump at Easter in April 2015. Prosecutors allege the NCO in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps took the chute into a lavatory at the airfield at Netheravon, Wiltshire, and twisted the lines of the main parachute before removing vital parts called 'slinks' from the reserve.

Top five headlines you're going home to

  1. The FA has apologised after an internal investigation found that ex-England women’s football manager Mark Sampson made “discriminatory” remarks. The FA found that Sampson made “ill-judged attempts at humour” when speaking to players Eniola Aluko and Drew Spence. However, Katherine Newton, who led the investigation, concluded that Sampson “was not a racist” and that Aluko was not a victim of prolonged bullying.

  2. The Universal Credit helpline call charge has been scrapped. The 55p-a-minute rate has been scrapped following a heavy amount of criticism from MPs and campaigners, with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn bringing up the issue in last weeks PMQs. Welfare secretary David Gauke announced the fee would be scrapped in November and all of the departments helplines would be free by the end of the year.

  3. Shocking footage has emerged of a firework that was thrown onto a bus traveling between The Angel and Camden on Saturday night. The footage shows the firework being launched into the front of the bus before sparks flew in the direction of passengers. An eyewitness told ITV news: "No one was expecting the attack. They started attacking cars and bikes but then went on attacking the bus." Watch the video here.

  4. US President Donald Trump has hit out on Twitter after he was accused of “insensitive remarks” he reportedly made during a phone call to a soldier’s widow, whose husband was killed by Islamist militants. Myeshia Johnson was travelling to the airport where Sgt La David Johnson’s coffin was flown to, when she received a call from the president who is alleged to have said Sgt Johnson "must have known what he'd signed up for". Trump has hit back on Twitter claiming that he has proof that he didn’t say the alleged remarks.

  5. Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has praised the NHS after the care she received after fracturing her toe during her UK book tour. The injury resulted in the cancellation of several promotional events for her book. Clinton revealed the accident took place during the recording of The Graham Norton show, which was re-scheduled due to her injury.

Grey's Anatomy writer on Hollywood's 'sordid history' of sexism

I don’t have a female colleague in this town who doesn’t have stories like mine

– Krista Vernoff

A Hollywood writer has told Good Morning Britain stories of the appalling sexism she's experienced in the industry, claiming misogyny has 'never gone anywhere'.

Grey’s Anatomy writer and executive Krista Vernoff told GMB of how a show's boss belittled her at a meeting by reading her script before asking: "Did someone help you write it?". On a separate occasion another male showrunner asked her about her sex life in front of a room full of people.

Speaking to presenters Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Krista said: “We have a long history, a sordid history, of this kind of thing and it’s never gone anywhere. And it’s sort of thrilling at this moment that these very powerful actresses have come out and said ‘me too’."

She also spoke of her guilt over knowing she would have worked with Weinstein if given the chance, despite knowing of his reputation.

Should employees get paid leave to care for pets?

I didn't really cry when I got divorced but I was distraught when I lost Sam

– Liz Jones on how much losing her pet dog affected her

Should workers be given paid leave to look after their pets? You might think the question is barking mad but it follows a case in Italy where a woman has been allowed to claim sick pay after taking time off work to care for her unwell dog.

Sixty-seven percent of Good Morning Britain viewers said in a Twitter poll that they don't think people should get paid leave but animals are now recognised as part of the family in a landmark decision by a judge in the Italian courts. This comes after several UK companies - including the drinks firm Brewdog - have allowed their employees up to five days off to settle a new dog into their home.

This morning we spoke to entrepreneur and businessman Alex Proud who employs around 100 people and doesn't think they should be allowed paid leave when a pet falls sick or dies.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

Harvey Weinstein pictured in 2002 with Gwyneth Paltrow, who has claimed he invited her to his room for a massage during a casting

  1. Harvey Weinstein has resigned from The Weinstein Company's board days after he was fired by the firm following the flood of sexual abuse claims against him. Meanwhile, Amazon Studios' head of video content Roy Price has also stepped down from his role after he was accused of ignoring actress Rose McGowan's claims that Weinstein raped her. The latest high profile actress to say Weinstein harassed her is Game of Thrones star Lena Headey.

  2. Ambulance workers and A&E staff from across the UK are heading to Westminster today to lobby for tougher sentences for members of the public who attack emergency service staff. Last year there were 70,000 assaults on NHS workers in England and Wales, and 51 percent of ambulance staff say they have been exposed to sexual harassment whilst on duty.

  3. Plans to clamp down on unfair practices in the property management system in England which can lead to consumers paying over-priced charges have been outlined by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid. The Government will consider changing the law so that all letting and management agents, across both the private rented and leasehold sectors, must be qualified and regulated in order to practise. With over 4.2 million leasehold homes across the country and service charges reaching between £2.5 billion and £3.5 billion a year, the Government says it wants to fix problems in the property industry, drive down costs and protect consumers from a small minority of rogue agents.

  4. McDonald's has recently introduced mobile phone lockers in one of its branches in Singapore, encouraging diners to take a break from the virtual world and have real conversations over meals. Named the Phone off. Fun On. campaign, the first 100 transparent lockers are installed in the McDonald's Marine Cove outlet. So is it time to ban smartphones altogether at dinner?

  5. Also, should workers be given paid leave to look after their pets? The debate follows a case in Italy where a woman has been allowed to claim sick pay after taking time off work to care for her unwell dog. Animals are now recognised as part of the family in a landmark decision by a judge in the Italian courts. This comes as several UK companies - including the drinks firm Brewdog - allow their employees up to five days off to settle in a new dog into their home.

Top five headlines you're going home to

The Duchess of Cambridge's third baby is due in April, Kensington Palace has said

  1. Inflation in the UK is at its highest since April 2012 at 3 percent, figures released by the Office for National Statistics have revealed, with wages only growing by 2.1 percent in the last year on average. It comes as families already face rising airfares, electricity and fuel prices. The rise in inflation may also put pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates in November. The rise is being blamed on rising food prices and transport costs.

  2. A key economic survey has said today that reversing Brexit would have a 'significant' positive impact on the UK’s economic growth. The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) also warned that a 'no deal', would see investment seize up, the pound hit new lows and the UK’s credit rating cut. Chancellor Philip Hammond said the UK would consider the report and see how it could act.

  3. IS has been defeated in Raqqa by a US-backed coalition made up of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters. Raqqa was regarded by the extremist group as their 'capital' of their 'caliphate', imposing their idea of strict Islamic law and carrying out their most radical behaviour, including beheadings, crucifixions and torture to terrorise residents who opposed its rule. A statement declaring victory is expected to be made soon as the clear up operation begins.

  4. Ex-hurricane Ophelia has brought more disruption to the UK as winds of up to 77 miles per hour were recorded today. The storm has killed three people in the Republic of Ireland as it ripped off roofs, tore down trees and whipped up waves in the country. More than 200,000 people remain without power in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland today. Scotland, Wales and parts of England are also braced for disruption.

  5. The Duchess of Cambridge (above) is expected to give birth to the in April, it was announced today by Kensington Palace. The child will be a younger brother or sister for Prince George and Princess Charlotte with the couple saying they’re 'delighted'. The new baby will be fifth in line for the throne.

Samantha Geimer forgives Hollywood's Roman Polanski after rape conviction

Samantha Geimer was assaulted by director Roman Polanski in 1977, when she was aged just 13 and this morning told Good Morning Britain she forgave Polanski "many, many years ago".

Samantha said: “Forgiveness doesn’t come hard to me. I was having so much other trouble in life due to the court and the media that that really overtook and overwhelmed my whole family.”