Who do you share how much you earn with?

Google's Europe boss told MPs he did not know how much he gets paid as he faced an angry grilling over his company's tax affairs.

Matt Brittin, President of Google Europe, was asked five times how much he earns but failed to give an answer each time.

So who do you tell what your salary is? Your partner, or your parents? Would you tell your friends, or even your colleagues?

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. In a major breakthrough, world powers have agreed a nationwide ceasefire in Syria, to be implemented in a week's time

  2. E-cigarette warning for pregnant women - vaping could be just as dangerous for babies as smoking real cigarettes

  3. David Cameron has been warned he risks splitting the Conservative Party unless he campaigns for Britain to leave the European Union. More than 130 Tory councillors have written to the Prime Minister saying his renegotiation with Brussels has failed.

  4. Downton Abbey star's drink drive ban - Brendan Coyle is banned from getting behind the wheel for four years after being found nearly three times over the limit

  5. Forty per cent of people who rent a property believe they will never to able to afford to buy their own home. A new study also found rents are being pushed up by a lack of new starter homes.

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IS video shows British boy blowing up alleged spies

A four-year-old British boy believed to have been taken to Syria by his mother has appeared in a second Islamic State video, this time apparently blowing up a car with three prisoners inside.

The child, dubbed the Jihadi Junior, is shown pressing a button on a remote detonator causing the vehicle containing three alleged spies to explode.

He's then pictured shouting ''God is great'' next to the burnt out wreckage.

Counter-extremism expert Haras Rafiq of the Quilliam Foundation told Good Morning Britain: ''It's important that we as parents and experts get hold of these children as quickly as possible to de-programme them because they're suffering. This is a form of abuse as far as I'm concerned.''

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. A four-year-old British boy has appeared in a shocking new propaganda video from Islamic State extremists purporting to show him detonating a car bomb and killing three prisoners who are alleged to be coalition spies.

  2. The Government appears to be edging closer to imposing a new contract on junior doctors in England after the British Medical Association rejected a final 'take it or leave it' offer, which included a concession on Saturday pay. The doctors' second 24-hour strike in the long-running dispute over pay and conditions ends today at 8am, and it is thought Ministers will move to impose a new contract within days.

  3. Scientists say they've made the most concrete link yet between the Zika virus and birth defects in babies. Four cases of the virus have been confirmed in Britain this year involving people who visited affected areas.

  4. Supermarket special offers are luring shoppers into spending an extra £1000 a year on their groceries. Research by the Money Advice Service also found many people struggle to work which are the cheapest deals. The regulator - the Competition and Markets Authority - is investigating the pricing and promotional practices used by supermarkets to encourage customers to spend more.

  5. BT is launching a new service this year to divert millions of nuisance calls to a junk voicemail box - before they can ring on customers' phones. The company hopes to identify and divert up to 25 million unwanted calls a week.

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