Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Thousands of junior doctors across England are going on a 24-hour strike after last-ditch talks failed to reach an agreement on new working contracts

  2. Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders have won the New Hampshire presidential primaries - meaning both are a step closer to the White House

  3. Campaigners are urging fans of all 20 football premiership teams to join a mass walkout over ticket prices. A 77th-minute walkout of the Liverpool-Sunderland game was the clearest indication yet that vast numbers of supporters have been driven to breaking point over the failure of teams to share some of their new £8.3 billion television contract.

  4. As Cameron prepares to make a decision one way or another on a tax Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell is wading in on the debate on sugar. He joins GMB to tell us that while a sugary drinks tax is not a magic bullet, it is on balance a sensible intervention to help prevent the rise in obesity, especially among children.

  5. GMB's Ben Shephard today sensationally abseils almost 300 ft down the ITV tower as he interviews one of the world's top climbers Jimmy Chin about a new film

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Living with tinnitus

Tinnitus permanently affects six million people in the UK and almost half of us experience a form of it at some point in our lives.

For those that have to live with the condition, the ringing or buzzing sound in their ears or head can have a debilitating impact on their day-to-day lives.

We're joined by Tre Lowe who suffers with severe tinnitus to tell us more about living with the condition.

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