Poll: Do you find wolf-whistling offensive?

Poppy Smart made the papers this week for calling the police on men who wolf-whistled her on her walk to work. She recorded the constant whistling using her smartphone, and contacted one of the construction companies working at the site where the men were wolf-whistling to complain of sexual harassment.

So we want to know whether you find wolf-whistling offensive? Vote in our poll before 07:30 tomorrow morning and let us know what you think. Terms and conditions at itv.com/terms.

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Parents faced agonising wait for news of their son

[It was] frustrating probably more than anything.

– Kay and Nigel Carpenter

International aid is starting to trickle through into Nepal to help the tens of thousand of people left homeless by the earthquake. Kay and Nigel Carpenter faced an agonising wait for news of their son Mitchell.

The 23-year-old from Berkshire was in Nepal to do the Annapurna trail. After a 56 hour wait for news, Mitchell finally contacted his parents yesterday to say he was safe. Kay and Nigel join us to chat about how they felt.

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Anyone feel like we're in an alternative universe?

They're going to last about five seconds!

– Ben Shephard on Kate's chocolate stash

A new study has found that if you look at a type of food that you desire, in Kate's case chocolate, neurones can be triggered that reassure you the food is there - meaning you don't need to eat it.

So does that mean by staring at food you won't scoff it and won't put the weight on Susanna asks? It's an interesting debate and probably a very strange one for Ben to be involved in first thing in the morning an 'alternative universe' he called it!

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Emergency teams struggle to reach thousands

International aid has begun to arrive in Nepal, but emergency teams are struggling to reach thousands of families in remote areas, aid workers say. UK charities will make a joint television appeal tonight to raise desperately needed funds for the victims of the earthquake.

It's now known almost four and half thousand people were killed but one woman survived after 50 hours under the rubble. A growing number of Britons missing in Nepal have been contacting their families to say they are safe - but at least 50 are still unaccounted for.

Nick Dixon sent this report and Richard Gaisford was live with more from Nepal.

Are you offended by this advert?

We're a fitness brand, our own aspirations are to make the nation healthier.

– Richard Staveley, who's Head of Global Marketing at Protein World

An ad for an online protein shakes brand has sparked controversy across the UK with more than 40,000 people signing a petition to get it banned.

The billboard features a skinny model in a bikini - her ribs are showing with the words 'Are you beach body ready?'. The ad is now being investigated by the ASA. People across the country have defaced the ad.

We speak to Richard Staveley, who's Head of Global Marketing at Protein World, the company responsible for the advert, he said the advert is only suggesting if the individual has "reached and attained your own goals that you've set for yourself".

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Struggling to reach the survivors, emergency aid workers in Nepal say families in remote areas are not receiving the help they desperately need

  2. Rescued from the rubble - the extraordinary moment a woman was pulled alive from the debris after 50 hours

  3. Breaking news overnight - a state of emergency has been declared in the US state of Maryland as gangs of rioters clash with police

  4. Tens of thousands call for a beach body advert to be banned but do you find it offensive?

  5. And could it be magic now there's just three? We're backstage with Take That as they reveal their nightmare before their first tour without Jason

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Nepal earthquake death toll rises to over 3,200

Police say it's now known more than 3,200 people were killed in the earthquake which has devastated Nepal.

Hundreds of thousands have spent a second night out in the open - too afraid to return to their homes.

The ground was behaving like a giant jelly ... it was absolutely terrifying. You really thought, in a moment, I could be buried alive here.

– Chris Harling

Dozens of British tourists are still missing. Some are trapped on Mount Everest where the earthquake triggered a series of avalanches, and we speak to mountaineer Chris Harling, who is on the north side of Everest.