Grenfell Tower: Deputy council leader accepts responsibility

As a member of the committee I accept responsibility

– Deputy Leader of the Kensington and Chelsea council, Kim Taylor-Smith

At last night's Grenfell meeting the local residents called for the resignation of the entire Kensington and Chelsea council after their poor response to the Grenfell fire disaster.

At the meeting the residents expressed their ongoing frustrations at the council's lack of support and hundreds to protestors gathered outside to support them.

This morning we were joined by the newly-appointed Deputy Leader of the Kensington and Chelsea council, Kim Taylor-Smith, who was previously a member of the housing and property scrutiny committee which was responsible for overseeing community safety issues.

Watch the full interview above.

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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. Grenfell council leader, Elizabeth Campbell said she's not resigning "yet" after yesterday's public meeting. The new council leader was faced with boos and heckles from the audience when she tried to deliver her speech to the Grenfell survivors. The local community have criticised the Kensington and Chelsea council for their poor response to the fire disaster.

  2. The BBC could be hit with a wave of equal pay claims by its female stars, according to a legal expert. The BBC's highest earners list show 96 names earning over £150,000, but only 34 are female. An employment lawyer believes the high-profile female stars will be examining the figures closely.

  3. Brexit secretary David Davis returns to Brussels today to conclude his EU negotiations with the hopes of making progress on the method of calculating the "divorce bill". There has been intense criticism that the government's not yet clear on its negotiation objectives for exiting the EU.

  4. One of America's most famous prisoners could be one step closer to becoming a free man. OJ Simpson will appear before the Nevada Board of Parole to decide whether he will be released from prison. If paroled, he could be released as early as October. OJ and an associate were convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

  5. England Women kicked off their 2017 European Championships campaign with a brilliant victory over rivals Scotland. They produced a brilliant performance against the Scots by thrashing them 6 0.

Grenfell Tower: Calls for council resignations

It's five weeks since one of the worst tragedies Britain has ever seen - the fire at Grenfell Tower which killed at least 80 people and left dozens homeless.

Kensington and Chelsea Council will meet in full tonight for the first time since the disaster as latest figures reveal that just 11 households have been re-housed so far, and up until yesterday morning, just 32 of 169 offers of temporary accommodation had been accepted.

There are fears the meeting could be abandoned due to protests with activists calling for cabinet resignations and a snap local election.

We spoke to one resident, who is among those still waiting for suitable temporary housing, and says he feels utterly let down by the council.

It's expected that the tower - a heartbreaking sight from miles around - will be fully covered up by November.

Watch the full interview above.

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BBC stars' salaries are revealed...

Chris Evans has been revealed to be the highest paid BBC staff member, as the corporation comes under fire for its lack of diversity among its top earners.

The Radio 2 DJ and former Top Gear presenter received an annual salary of £2 million last year, while Match of the Day host Gary Lineker collected between £1.75 million and £1,799,999, and Graham Norton between £850,000 and £899,999.

The BBC released their highest earners for the first time listing the staff and talent earning more than £150,000 last year.

With only one third of the list of talent earning over £150,000 being women and 0 of the top 20 highest paid on-air stars being BAME, the BBC has copped criticism over the lack of diversity amongst its highest paid stars.

Mr Hall, the BBC Director, acknowledged the need to go "further and faster on issues of gender and diversity".

The top 20 highest paid on-air stars at the BBC are:

£2.2 million - £2,249,999 - Chris Evans (Radio 2 Breakfast Show presenter)

£1.75 million - £1,799,999 - Gary Lineker (Match of the Day host)

£850,000 - £899,999 - Graham Norton (The Graham Norton Show and radio presenter)

£700,000 - £749,999 - Jeremy Vine (Radio 2 presenter)

£600,000 - £649,999 - John Humphrys (television and radio presenter)

£550,000 - £599,999 - Huw Edwards (newsreader)

£500,000 - £549,999 - Steve Wright (Radio 2 presenter)

£450,000 - £499,999 - Matt Baker (The One Show and Countryfile presenter) and Claudia Winkleman (Strictly Come Dancing presenter)

£400,000 - £449,999 - Alex Jones (The One Show presenter), Nicky Campbell (radio and television presenter), Alan Shearer (Match of the Day presenter), Andrew Marr (The Andrew Marr Show presenter), and Stephen Nolan (Radio Ulster presenter)

£350,000 - £399,999 - Derek Thompson (Casualty actor), Vanessa Feltz (radio presenter), Nick Grimshaw (Radio 1 presenter), Simon Mayo (Radio 2 presenter), Fiona Bruce (newsreader) and Tess Daly (Strictly Come Dancing presenter)

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You can't explain the effect it's had on you ... it's life-changing

– Luke Payne, the brother of Sarah Payne, reveals the devastating impact of the schoolgirl's murder

The brother and sister of schoolgirl Sarah Payne have spoken publicly for the first time about the chilling moment their sister was snatched and the catastrophic impact her murder had on their family.

It plays through my head every day. Every time I close my eyes it's there ... I can't get away from it

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

Flash flooding in Coverack Cornwall

  1. At least five people have been rescued after heavy thunderstorms led to major flooding in the coastal village of Coverack in Cornwall overnight. Residents described the scenes as like something out of a disaster movie, with reports of hail stones the size of 50 pence pieces.

  2. The salaries of the BBC's highest earners will be made public today and the figures are expected to reveal that two thirds of its top earning stars are men. Anyone who earns above £150,000 will be listed.

  3. A petition calling for the resignation of Kensington and Chelsea council bosses will be put before councillors at the first full council meeting since the Grenfell Tower fire this evening, but there are concerns the meeting may be abandoned because of protests.

  4. Former EastEnders star Paul Nicholls is seriously ill in a Thai hospital after falling from a waterfall and becoming trapped for three days.

  5. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to arrive in Germany today after spending the past two days in Poland as part of a five-day foreign tour.