Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby girl

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - the Duchess has given birth to a baby girl Kensington Palace has confirmed!

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Duchess of Cambridge goes into labour

The Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labour with her second child.

She is in the early stages of labour and has been admitted to St Mary’s Hospital accompanied by Prince William, Kensington Palace has confirmed.

These royal fans, who have been waiting at the hospital for the past twelve days, have to leave tomorrow - so they must be delighted!

The Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy in pictures

The Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to her second child!

As we welcome the new Princess into the world, after their son Prince George in 2013, we thought we'd take a look at some of the Duchess' moments during the past few months in our gallery.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expect their second child

Good Morning Britain celebrates Prince George's birthday

Happy first birthday Prince George

Roman's best birthday ever

A mother who took to social media to ask strangers to send her lonely son birthday wishes has said she has been left overwhelmed after he received hundreds of cards from around the globe and thousands of messages of support.

Molly-Mole Povey, from Newton Abbot in Devon, wrote a post on Facebook, two weeks before her son Roman's 11th birthday on Wednesday 29 April, explaining how he was a lovely, adorable boy with some learning difficulties. Roman used to cry himself to sleep at night because he had no friends and has only ever received just one party invitation from the kids at his school.

After the appeal for people to wish him happy birthday, he has now received 200 cards from as far away as Australia, Dubai, Denmark, Austria, Egypt, New Zealand, Finland, Germany and Norway. He even received parcels from NASA and 20th Century Fox.

Molly also took Roman for a pre-birthday meal and posted on Facebook that anyone wanting to join them would be welcome... 61 people turned up!

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The Stranger on the Bridge

It was the story that touched the heart of millions - a young man so desperately unhappy that he was prepared to take his own life by jumping off Waterloo Bridge only to be stopped and talked out of it by a complete stranger at the last minute.

Jonny Benjamin came on Daybreak in January 2014 to tell his story as he searched for the man who'd helped him. As a result, Neil Laybourn, who intervened to save Jonny's life, was tracked down and they were reunited on Daybreak.

Channel 4 have now made a documentary, with lots of detail about the search and about Jonny's schizophrenia. He is carrying on his work with Rethink, running his YouTube channel and the production company are in talks about a feature film about his story. Neil who is a personal trainer is also working with Rethink on the link between exercise and mental health.