'Tell me the truth and I'll forgive you'

The father of a toddler kidnapped from a Primark store in Newcastle has spoken of the "agony" he felt in the two hours she was missing - and of his guilt over not preventing the abduction.

Speaking anonymously to Denise Fergus - whose son James Bulger was abducted and killed by two youths in 1993 - the man has opened up about how he still longs for the truth of what happened and cannot forgive the teenagers until they tell him.

Meanwhile, Denise opened up about her own traumatic experience - which ended in tragedy rather than relief - telling Piers and Susanna about how she has had to move on with her life since the death of her son. She told us how she still talks about him life he's still alive, so her other sons feel like they know him.

"I'm basically James's voice because he doesn't have one of his own anymore," she told us.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. A suicide bomber has killed himself and injured 12 others in an explosion outside a restaurant in Ansbach, near Nuremberg, in Germany. The alleged attacker was a 27-year-old Syrian who had been denied asylum, Bavaria's senior security official said. It's believed he was carrying a backpack when he was turned away from entering a nearby music festival earlier in the evening. This was the fourth attack in South Germany in a week.

  2. Today It is expected to be announced that 114 remaining BHS stores will be closed permanently by 20 August 2016, with Sir Philip Green in the firing line of stiff criticism from MPs for his role in the collapse of the retail chain

  3. The father of a toddler kidnapped from Primark in Newcastle by two teenage girls is warning other parents to "never be too cautious or over protective". Speaking exclusively to Good Morning Britain, he has told how his daughter has been affected by the ordeal and his fears that she will experience psychological effects.

  4. A man and a woman have been released on bail after a five-year-old boy died in a suspected drowning at a water park on Saturday. The child, named as Charlie Dunn, was taken to hospital from the Bosworth Water Park in Warwickshire, after medics tried to save his life by the side of the water.

  5. The world's anti-doping bodies are united in their opposition to the International Olympic Committee's refusal to ban Russia from the Rio Games. Despite calls for for the country to be thrown out of the Games for running a state-directed doping programme, the IOC's executive board opted against a blanket ban and asked each sport to vet proposed Russian competitors individually.

Today at Buckingham Palace

You may have noticed that our presenters weren't in their usual cosy studio setting today. That's because we were lucky enough to take over Buckingham Palace for a sneak peek at the Queen's wardrobe as part of its latest exhibition - which opens to the public for summer tomorrow.

The show features ten decades worth of memorable outfits and accessories worn by the Queen. Each item has a story to tell, and we loved hearing from former embroiderer Maureen Markham about creating epic dresses for the Queen's royal tours and visits.

While at the palace we also had the chance to look around the perfectly manicured gardens and grounds. Here' s a behind-the-scenes tour of the royal gardens, care of our very own Laura Tobin and in-house gardener Claire Midgley-Adam.

UK's first ever hand transplant is a success

It's better than any lottery win - because you feel whole again

– Chris King

A man is overjoyed to become one of the first people in the UK to receive a double hand transplant.

Chris King, who lost his in a machine accident three years ago, told GMB that having the 12-hour operation made him feel "whole again".

He's most thankful to be able to wear fashionable shirts again - as he can now do up his own buttons - and to hold his favourite bottled beer.

Watch an emotional Chris tell us more about how he feels about his new hands and his donor.

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Breaking news: Wiltshire army barracks on high alert

Military bases in Wiltshire are on high alert today after a suspicious incident took place thought to be involving a firearm . The warning comes after an attempt was made to abduct a soldier at knife point in Norfolk on Wednesday. Service men around the country are urged to keep a low profile as the incident could be terror related.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Five alleged accomplices in the July 14 Nice truck attack that killed 84 people have been charged with terror offences. The news came after the Paris prosecutor said 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was helped by at least one other and appeared to have been plotting his attack for months.

  2. Donald Trump formally accepted his nomination as the Republican candidate for US president on the last day of the national convention in Cleveland. During his speech he expressed his gratitude and pledged to increase stability, security and crack down on illegal immigration.

  3. Russia loses appeal against Olympics ban over doping ahead of the Rio Olympics taking place from 5-21 August 2016. It followed a damning report by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) showing widespread, state-sponsored doping. An appeal was lodged by Russia's Olympic committee and 68 individual protested against the suspension, implemented by world athletics' governing body, to sport's highest court. Some 387 Russian athletes hoping to compete in Rio could be affected by today's ruling.

  4. Happy birthday Prince George! We'll be celebrating as the Queen's great grandson turns three today. We wonder if there'll be jelly and ice cream?

  5. And finally, continuing with a royal theme, this morning we will broadcast live from Buckingham Palace to celebrate the 'Summer Opening' series, with tickets available to the public from tomorrow. This year's summer opening is dedicated to the royal wardrobe - we will discover some the Queen's most memorable looks from her wardrobe over the past nine decades and meet the people at the palace who keep the royal household running.

Meet child footballing prodigy, Destiny Ditchburn

Seven-year-old football mad Destiny Ditchburn from Blyth, Northumberland is en route to becoming a footy star. She started out playing every Saturday as part of Blyth Town FC and travelled down to West Ham United to become a mascot, where she wowed scouts and became part of the West Ham girls' team - and is set to train with the under-tens squad from February 2017.

Destiny's favourite position on the pitch is defence and she loves nothing more than tackling the boys and perfecting her technique. She is inspired by fellow Blyth player and England ladies defence and midfield player Lucy Bronze... who just so happened to be here today to give Destiny a big surprise!

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Buried alive and left for dead by the man she loved

I had to use my nails to get out... I had no upper-body strength

– Stacey Gwilliams describes how she escaped the make-shift grave

Left for dead by her violent fiancé, Stacey Gwilliams' story of survival is nothing short of a miracle.

Even though bodybuilder Keith Hughes had already spent time in prison for physically abusing Stacey, like many victims of domestic abuse she found it very difficult to move on from her relationship. They were engaged when he was freed from prison, but he attacked her again soon after his release.

"I ended the relationship because I couldn't cope any longer" - Stacey told Piers and Susanna as she spoke of how she finally found the courage to leave Hughes a year ago. However she accidentally found herself in his company following a chance encounter in their local town centre.