First air show since Shoreham disaster starts today

As families of the victims of Shoreham continue to wait for news of their loved ones, the first UK air show since the disaster prepares to get underway at Clacton in Essex today.

Organisers insist the event will go ahead as normal - with all of the stunts taking place in the sky over the sea so they're not affected by the new civil aviation restrictions.

However they say public safety is the priority at the show, which is due to attract 200,000 people over the next two days.

Another air show at Durham Tees Valley on Saturday has been cancelled.

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Barack Obama broken-hearted after US shooting

US president Barack Obama has said gun crime is a bigger threat to his nation than terrorism as he spoke about the shock killing of reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward.

The journalists were shot dead during a live broadcast on local breakfast TV in Virginia.

The gunman, Vester Lee Flanagan, a former employee of the TV station, and known as Bryce Williams professionally, posted a video of his crime on Facebook, before shooting himself dead.

Online safety - do your children know the dangers?

It's tricky. Everybody wants kids to feel safe.

– Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Research commissioned by the NSPCC and 02 has found 91 per cent of eight year olds use the internet at least once a week - yet many parents think that children should be at least 10 before they tackle the issue of online safety.

The new research reveals thousands of children are potentially missing out on vital online advice and support at a crucial time in their development, with parents focusing more on talking to them about stranger danger and bullying.

Musician Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who is expecting her fourth child, worries about her six-year-old wanting to follow in the footsteps of her 11-year-old and use the internet to upload videos and more. She joins us to talk about certain parental concerns when it comes to using the internet and how we can talk to our children about the dangers.

Today marks the launch of a brand new partnership between O2 and the NSPCC, designed to give parents the tools, support and information they need to help their children explore the internet safely. Parents can find out more at the 02 website.

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What's in your child's school bag?

If you have got a mobile phone, there's just so many lovely things you can do with a phone! And because children are really social and peers really matter, [a phone] is the device that really matters.

– Tom Bennett.

Children are carrying an increasing amount of technology with them to school, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. A new survey estimates a fifth of pupils will have gadgets worth more than £400 in their bags this autumn.

But are electronic gadgets an education aid or a distraction?

We put the question to government advisor Tom Bennett.

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Arch to Arc challenge for Help for Heroes

I've always been one to want to prove that when someone says or implies that you can't do something, that I'll find a way.

– Robert Cromey-Hawke

Imagine the level of fitness you'd need just to run 87 miles... then swim the English Channel... then get on a bike and ride nearly 200 miles. That's exactly what a group of wounded British servicemen are doing in aid of Help for Heroes.

They will be the first disabled team to take on the Arch to Arc challenge, from London to Paris next month.

We talk to one of the men taking part - Robert Cromey-Hawke - and get an idea of the journey he's been on so far.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Nurseries in crisis. The government promises to double free childcare places, but nursery workers tell Good Morning Britain a lack of funding could put the quality of care at risk.

  2. Manhunt in South Yorkshire as police search for two men following a fatal car crash. We're live on the scene.

  3. Olympic star Greg Rutherford hits back at his critics and says he hopes his gold medal win at the World Championships is enough to prove he's a "half-decent athlete"

  4. The hundreds of pounds worth of gadgets in your child's school bag - are smartphones, tablets and laptops actually harming their education and should they be banned?

  5. One Direction perform in America less than 24 hours after confirming they will split next year

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