Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. David Cameron bows to pressure as Britain prepares to take in thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing from violence

  2. Donations pour in from around the UK for refugees desperately seeking a new home

  3. Can anyone catch Corbyn? With just a week to go a new poll suggests the Labour leadership hopeful will be the runaway winner.

  4. Fresh cuts to NHS cancer treatments are to be announced today

  5. Could we be seeing the end of the traditional milkround? We're with the milkman forced out of business and delivering to the doorstep for the very last time.

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Meet Betty, Britain's oldest slimmer!

My motivation is to live life as full as you can, not to sit around doing nothing. If you've got a dream do it and you'll succeed and age is only a number on a paper.

– Betty Jones

Betty Jones is the oldest slimmer in Britain who puts the rest of us to shame. The great grandmother, 92, lost seven stone after hitting the gym five times a week and is now taking swimming lessons.

The former nurse from Barnsley weighed 17 stone when doctors told her she needed surgery - so she started to eat healthier, joined the gym and lost the weight she had put on while running a fish and chip shop. She's just been named as Slimmer of the Year by Slimming World.

Well done you, Betty!

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Migrant situation reaches crisis point

Warning: The above video contains images some may find upsetting

David Cameron is facing accusations of turning the UK into a pariah state after shocking pictures have appeared of a dead Syrian child on a beach Turkey. The Prime Minister has said no to taking any more migrants but will these pictures force him to change his mind?

In Budapest fights have broken out in the main square by the station where police have been checking papers. Hungary rejected 99 percent of asylum request last year. Afghan migrants have also been found close to death in lorry in Austria.

Meanwhile, Kent County Council tells GMB its centres for children are so full its opening two more. They are running out of foster families and have 727 migrant children in care - up from 369 in April.

These young people predominantly are extraordinarily resilient

– Paul Carter, leader of Kent County Council

In a GMB poll...

  • One in ten said they would offer their home to a migrant
  • Six in ten say they wouldn't offer their home to a migrant

Should body-shaming be made illegal?

They shouted 'run fatty run' and threw a coke can at me

– Lauren French

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has called for an end to body shaming, suggesting it should be illegal to publicly criticise others over their looks.

The X Factor judge also denied accusations she has an eating disorder, saying she was shocked by the claims.

She said: "I can take whatever they throw at me after 13 years, what worries me is what its doing to the younger generation. and some of the people writing this stuff are women.

We speak to Lauren French, who was heckled in the street over her weight while she was jogging.

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Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Locked inside my own body

Rachael fell ill in the first term of her first year at Liverpool University with the very rare Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The condition, which effects the nerves system, is developed by only two in every 100,000 people every year.

However, poor Rachel was in hospital for 135 days at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, battling the disease. Her mum thought she was going to die.

Initially she didn't think it was serious and believed she'd be back on her feet within a week but as the paralysis set in and she had a seizure, her morale plummeted and she wondered if she'd ever recover.

She spoke to GMB about her recovery and how her ordeal had shaped her plans for the future.

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