Cilla the secret life-saver

The late Cilla Black was always known for her personal generosity, but it's not quite so well known that she did life-saving charity work with the Buckinghamshire-based Scannappeal, which provides medical equipment.

We talk to breast cancer survivor Tina Reid to find out more about how the equipment Cilla helped to fund and also hear from her former chauffeur Adam Harding-Jones, who says Cilla became like a mother figure to him.

Watch: Christopher Biggins mourns good friend Cilla

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Boy dies from meningitis after 999 call mix-up

A five-year-old boy has died from meningitis after a mix-up between the 999 ambulance operator and the NHS 111 non-emergency service.

Yusuf Abdismad's mother called 999 for an ambulance only to be told to hang up and dial 111. By the time an ambulance finally arrived, Yusuf was in cardiac arrest. During the call to 111, Sofia Mohammed said her son was not breathing but the call-handler continued to ask questions rather than dispatching a paramedic immediately.

St Pancras coroner Mary Hassell was so alarmed that she issued Prevention of Future Death orders to the London Ambulance Service and the NHS 111 provider, London Central and West Unscheduled Care Collaborative.

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First Blind Date wedding couple join us

I think she was quite proud of the fact that she had created us!

– Alex Tatham

Sue and Alex Tatham, the first couple to get married after meeting on TV show Blind Date, join us to discuss the sad death of their matchmaker Cilla Black.

Cilla was even a guest of honour at the couple's traditional church wedding in 1991 - three years after being introduced on the show.

The whole ceremony was filmed for a special edition of the programme.

Sue said: "She played a big part of our lives from the start. She was very encouraging and supportive and often asked how things were going. She was thrilled when we announced our engagement. It was great that she was at the wedding."

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Foster services in crisis as migrant kids need homes

We've experienced young people as young as 12 seeking asylum. They are extremely vulnerable and at risk of exploitation.

– Bernie Gibson from Compass Fostering

Police reinforcements managed to block another surge of migrants from entering the Channel tunnel overnight but most are still determined to get to Britain.

However it's emerged social services and fostering agencies in Kent are struggling to cope as hundreds of migrant children are being left at the sides of roads near Dover bewildered and unable to speak English.

The abandoned youngsters - some as young as 12 - are often traumatised after their long journeys across Europe and need to be found a safe place to stay.

Roger Black on athletics doping scandal

This is big numbers. It's extraordinary and very, very damaging.

– Roger Black

Athletics is facing a fresh drugs crisis after the results of 12000 blood tests from 5000 athletes appeared to show doping on an extraordinary scale between the years 2001 and 2012.

Leaked information suggests a third of medals in the Olympics and World Championships are won by athletes with suspicious tests.

Olympic silver medallist Roger Black joins us to discuss the issue.

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If you blood dope your red blood cells can absorb more oxygen which means you can run for longer and faster. It definitely works, people can recognise that.

– Roger Black explains the reason for doping

Christopher Biggins mourns good pal Cilla Black

In a way now she's there with Bobby having a glass of champagne and saying good luck to us all

– Christopher Biggins on Cilla Black

TV personality Christopher Biggins joined us this morning to pay an emotional tribute to his good friend Cilla Black on today's show.

Christopher - who worked alongside Cilla on Surprise, Surprise - revealed he last spoke to the 72-year-old 10 days ago where they had planned a holiday to Barbados together in September.

While incredible sad, Christopher, who was aware of Cilla's arthritis and hearing problems, was heartened to know she is now at peace with her beloved husband Bobby Willis who died 16 years ago.

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  1. Singer, television star, wife, mother, grandmother - she touched the hearts of millions. Today we pay tribute to Cilla Black.

  2. Police reinforcements managed to block another surge of migrants from entering the Channel tunnel overnight...but most are still determined to get to Britain.

  3. The children's charity Barnardo's has received three million pounds in funding to tackle child sex abuse in Rotherham.

  4. Europe's biggest bank HSBC has just announced its profits were up by 10 per cent in the first half of this year at £8.7billion

  5. The government says it will introduce changes to the energy market to allow families to switch suppliers within 24 hours by 2018, to help bring prices down.

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