The ordinary dads who hunt down paedophiles

Andy Bradstock and Ben Waters-Bleach are two ordinary dads, with an extraordinary past-time. The pair have made it their mission to hunt down paedophiles and bring them to justice.

In a documentary for 5*, viewers can see how they operate online, luring paedophiles through chatrooms then arranging a sting - usually involving the police.

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Almost 19,000 children hospitalised for self-harm this year

Social media is creating huge amounts of tension and pressure

– Emily Cherry, NSPCC

A report from the NSPCC shows 2015/16 saw almost 19,000 children admitted to hospital for self harm with an alarming 14% rise in three years. The 18,778 children aged between 11 and 18 were hospitalised in England and Wales, this statistic is up from 16,416 in 2013/14.

We spoke to Emily Cherry from the NSPCC about why such a shocking number of young people are turning to self harm as a coping mechanism.


Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. New measures to tackle the gender pay gap come into force today. For the first time the difference between men and women's salaries will be published online. It's hoped that the move will shine a light on workplace practices that could be preventing women from reaching the top of their organisations.

  2. Almost 19 thousand children were admitted to hospital in England and Wales over the last year as a result of self harming. That's according to figures obtained by the NSPCC which show a 14 percent rise since 2013.

  3. The conservatives have held the Sleaford and North Hykeham seat overnight. Their candidate Caroline Johnson won by a clear majority taking 17,570 votes to beat UKIP's Victoria Ayling, who had 4,426. Labour slipped from second place in the 2015 general election to fourth. The by election was prompted by the resignation of Tory MP Stephen Philips who disagreed with the government over brexit.

  4. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will be bracing himself today for a potentially testing tour of the Middle East after accusing British ally Saudi Arabia of being behind "proxy wars".

  5. The profit produced from council parking charges has reached a record high of three quarters of a billion pounds, a nine percent leap on last year. The figures, from the RAC Foundation, relate to on and off street parking, and penalty notices in England.

Junk food advertising ban across children's media

We’re poisoning our children

– Emma Kenny

Junk food advertising is to be banned across all children's media - including online and social - in a landmark decision to help tackle childhood obesity. The new rules will ban the advertising of food or drink high in fat, salt or sugar across all non-broadcast media targeted at under-16s from July next year.

Child Psychologist Emma Kenny and Tim Rycroft from the Food and Drink Federation joined us to discuss their opposing views on the advertising ban.

While Tim believes the industry is taking strides to deal with the obesity crisis, Emma states the media ban isn't good enough to change the way we deal with food.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. A report has revealed that hundreds of police officers have been accused of abusing their power to sexually exploit people, including vulnerable victims of crime. Watchdogs laid bare the scale of the issue - which they have described as the most serious form of corruption. An investigation was launched earlier this year to look into the the extent of the problem.

  2. Junk food advertising is to be banned across all children's media - including online and social - in a landmark decision to help tackle childhood obesity. The new rules will ban the advertising of food or drink high in fat, salt or sugar across all non-broadcast media targeted at under-16s from July next year.

  3. A committee of MPs are launching an inquiry into the subject of immigration today. The Home Affairs Select Committee will be holding events around the UK to find out what people want when it comes to immigration. In a speech to launch her first major inquiry as Chair of the Housing Allocations Service Centre , Yvette Cooper will say that while people want change, the polls don't tell us what kind of reforms or controls they're looking for.

  4. Parents are being urged to agree social media rules with children ahead of what experts are calling the "most shared Christmas ever" online. Web safety group Internet Matters has issued a "12 shares of Christmas" list of tips for parents to help protect children from over-sharing on social media. This includes guidance on reducing the amount of personal information children share when posting content on social networks.

  5. Local authorities spend less than 1% of their public health budget on mental health, and the figure is shrinking year on year, according to new data from Mind.

How Owen overcame autism barriers with his love of Disney

When Owen Suskind was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, doctors warned his parents Ron and Cornelia that he might not speak - and for the next three years he remained silent.

Owen couldn't make eye contact or communicate at all until a passion for cartoons revealed a way to change things for the better. One day Ron mimicked a line from a Disney film and Owen replied with the next line. Such films went on to provide the connecting link from Owen's world to that of his parents.

Owen is now 25 and has his own radio show. His father made a film about the family's journey called Life, Animated and the three of them joined us this morning to talk about how Disney changed their lives.

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MP tells GMB that UK should follow Germany and ban the burka

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the wearing of full-faced veils should be prohibited in the country "wherever it is legally possible".

Conservative MP Philip Hollobone joined us this morning to give his reasons why he believes the UK should follow Germany and ban the burka. He stated: "You simply can't have a normal everyday conversation, a normal human interaction, if a person has their face covered".

He added: "If you think it's acceptable for a woman to wear a burka, just ask yourself would it be acceptable for a man to wear a full face balaclava."

Is there a place for this kind of ban in Britain?

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