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Terror in Tunisia: Where did gunman come from?

The more you look at Tunisia, you realise that it's a country of deep contrasts

– Richard Gaisford

The first RAF flight carrying the bodies of British tourists killed in Tunisia will arrive back in the UK this afternoon. In Sousse in Tunisia, Richard Gaisford is learning more about gunman Seifeddine Rezgui, the town he'd been living in and the 'deep contrasts' that exist in the country.

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UK police carry out counter terror exercise

In the wake of the Tunisia terror attack, the UK Metropolitan Police will carry out the UK's biggest counter-terror exercise.

SAS soldiers and 400 regular troops will take part in Operation Strong Tower; a drill to test the response to major terrorist attacks.

A number of suspected accomplices have been arrested over the Tunisia terror attacks and the Government's crisis response committee, COBRA, meets today.

There will be a national minute of silence on Friday at 12pm.

Prime Minister, David Cameron said, "together we will prevail" against terror.

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Tunisia hero Paul Short saved man's life

From the terror in Tunisia has emerged tales of heroism, bravery and survival.

Paul Short has been described as a hero after running into the gun fire to help a man who was bleeding to death.

Paul and wife Sarah are now safely home in Northumberland.

Paul said, "I didn't even ask him his name, I was that concerned that he was bleeding... the gunman was just around the corner, not even 50 metres from us."