Calls for children to stay in care until they're 25

The Children's Commissioner for England is calling for support to be extended to all children to stay in care until they are 25 years old after nearly a third of care leavers who responded to the national survey of children in care felt that they had left care before they were ready to fend for themselves.

Children's Commissioner, Anne Longfield said, "We're talking about vulnerable young adults and if they don't get help will struggle throughout life... If we invest here we help them develop and get a secure springboard into adult life."

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Cold calling charities could be investigated

The Public Administrative Committee could begin an investigation into aggressive tactics used by charities.

This follows a Daily Mail undercover investigation that revealed the scope of call callings and pressure applied to vulnerable people to give to charity.

Save The Children has become the first major charity to ban cold-calling following the death of Olive Cooke and today launch their Supporter Promise campaign.

Justin Forsyth, Save the Children CEO said, "We need the money desperately but we need to raise the money in the right way."

Bernard Jenkin MP is Chairman of the Public Administration Committee and said, "We will be doing an enquiry into this in the autumn."
Alex Neil from consumer service, Which? gave some practical advice for viewers who still get called when they've signed up to the TPS and opted out of all cold calls, "You should say to them 'under the data protection act, I wish to be removed from your list and I don't want to receive any more calls'. If you use those words, there is no doubt about what you're saying. It means they have to take you off the list. If they call you again, take their number and report them."

The telephone preference service

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Budget day: George Osborne welfare cuts

George Osborne is expected to reveal that planned welfare cuts of 12 billion pounds will be introduced more slowly than originally planned, when he presents his Budget later today.

The chancellor is expected to take three years instead of two to reach his £12bn target.

It's thought Mr Osborne will unveil proposals today for £8bn of cuts by 2017/2018 and a further £4bn by 2018/2019.

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GMB takes Stacie to Wimbledon!

In February we met Stacie Pridden who was told she only had months to live unless she found a heart donor so she could receive life-saving surgery to live and breathe normally.
She has rare condition called Pulmonary Hypertension which means that the right side of the heart is damaged, making it less efficient at pumping blood around the body.

Well, after coming on the show, Stacie found a donor and five weeks ago had the heart and double lung transplants she so sorely needed. To celebrate the successful operations and her recovery, we took her to Wimbledon where she's been having the time of her life.

She joins us on the sofa on Wednesday's show with her sister Candice to talk about her transplants and going to the world famous tournament.

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7/7 survivor Gill says daughter motivates her

Every time I look at Amelie, I have to give extra thanks, and even more gratitude to those people, because by saving me, I've been able to go on and create another life

– Gill Hicks says thank you to the people who saved her life

7/7 survivor Gill Hicks was the last person to be pulled alive from the wreckage at Russell Square, and lost both her legs in the blast.

Gill now has an MBE for campaigning against terrorism. She tells us that her motivation is to ensure that her daughter Amelie, two, lives in a world that knows peace.

7/7 survivor Gill Hicks hugs PC Andy Maxwell, who came to her aid when she was injured at Kings Cross Station in London nearly 10 years ago

Gill joins us on the sofa alongside Amelie to share her thanks to the people who saved her life, and to describe the emotional reunion with PC Andy Maxwell, the policeman who rescued her.

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