Gove: Trump has 'honied words for almost everyone'

He had very warm words for [Theresa May] and Britain generally

– Michael Gove MP

Michael Gove joined us this morning fresh from his interview with President-elect Donald Trump to tell us what the controversial man is really like.

The MP, who spoke to America's next leader for The Times, revealed Trump is warmer and less aggressive than he seems on Twitter - and that "he has honied words for almost everyone" - even our Prime Minister with whom relations have been rather frosty.

The kidnapped baby found after 18 years

It's just such a joy to know I've got my grandbaby back

– Velma Aiken

Imagine finding out that the woman you thought was your mother had actually stolen you away from the maternity ward shortly after your were born.

This is what happened to Kamiyah Mobley, 18, who spent her entire life living as Alexis Manigo and had no idea her real parents were Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken.

Days after learning the shocking secret of how she was snatched at birth and raised by another woman, Kamiyah was finally able to meet her birth parents on Saturday in South Carolina.

Is raising National Insurance the answer to saving the NHS?

The NHS has come under increasing pressure, with some hospitals cancelling cancer operations, treating adults in children wards and closing birthing centres. The number of major alerts have increased and hospitals are struggling to see patients quickly enough.

This was certainly the case with Gaby Burden and her daughter - the toddler was rushed into hospital after suffering from an asthma attack and was left to wait on the hospital floor for eight hours before being seen.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Is the NHS in crisis? More than four in 10 hospitals in England declared a major alert in the first week of the new year as they encountered unprecedented pressures. Sixty-six out of 152 trusts raised the alarm with an increasing amount of bed shortages, cancelled cancer operations and closing birthing centres. The number of major alerts are the highest of the winter. Major alerts are raised when hospitals are struggling to see patients quickly enough

  2. Theresa May will make her highly-anticipated major speech on Brexit tomorrow. Reports have suggested Mrs May will commit to pulling out of the single market if the European Union fails to make concessions on the free movement of its citizens

  3. Are schools in crisis? Six major unions are so worried about the future of our schools, due to real-terms funding cuts, they have joined together to warn of the bleak outlook. Schools are having to increase class sizes and some are even considering closing one day per week. 98% of schools now face a real terms reduction in funding for every pupil. On the show today we’re joined by a Headteacher who is already considering closing their school one day per week

  4. The Women and Equalities Committee have launched an inquiry as new research reveals that many fathers do not feel supported in the workplace to care for their children. 53% of millennial fathers want to downshift into a less stressful job because they cant balance the demands of work and family life . Twice the number of fathers compared to mothers believe that flexible workers are viewed as less committed and that working flexibly will have a negative impact on their career.

  5. Tragic father-of-four Bradley Moore was stabbed to death outside a branch of McDonalds in Greater Manchester. A 12-year-old boy appeared in both Oldham Magistrates' Court and Manchester Crown Court on alongside two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old. The four boys, who cannot be named because of their ages, are all charged with murder and are put on trial today

Luther Blissett pays tribute to Graham Taylor

He put a smile on everyone's face

– Luther Blisset

The country mourns the death of former England, Aston Villa and Watford manager Graham Taylor, who passed away yesterday at the age of 72 of a suspected heart attack.

Luther Blissett, who was once managed by Taylor, came onto our sofa to share his memories of the man who had such a huge influence on his football career.

Blissett was 18 years old when Taylor joined Watford as a manager and he provided him with all the tools he needed to get his career off the ground - and told us of how the manager had a desire to have his football players "prepared" for all situations.

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11,000 under 65 will be diagnosed with dementia this year

Keeping your brain active can really make a difference

– Dr Sarah Jarvis

Alzheimer's is a disease associated with the elderly but research has shown that in 2017 around 11,000 people under the age of 65 will be diagnosed with dementia.

What's more, some develop symptoms in their prime, with Good Morning Britain hearing from the parents of one mother of two who started showing signs at 30 and by 39 ended up bedridden and unable to speak or recognise members of her family.

So, when does 'a senior moment' become a real concern?

Dr Sarah Jarvis joins us to tell us why we should be aware of the several forms of dementia and although many cases are genetic, what we can do to decrease the chances of developing it.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. The whole of the UK is on arctic alert as snow and freezing temperatures continue to grip the country. The South is braced for fresh blizzard conditions later today, bringing commuter chaos. Meanwhile, struggling A&Es are also on alert as the Met Office raises its alert level triggering health concerns for the vulnerable. And the cold spell is not going anywhere soon - forecasters predict it will stay until Sunday.

  2. President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference since his electoral win yesterday to address the speculation over reports of a dossier containing damaging information about him. Brushed them off as "nonsense" and "fake news", he questioned whether US intelligence officials were responsible for the leak and warned that it would be a "tremendous blot" on their record if that were the case.

  3. Meanwhile, former MI6 officer Christopher Steele has been unmasked as the man behind the allegations about Donald Trump. The 52 year old fled from his Surrey home yesterday morning and is said to be terrified of facing a dangerous backlash from Moscow over the leak.

  4. Several of the country's biggest retailers publish their Christmas trading results today, revealing the state of British retail and an indication of what we might see in the field over the coming year.

  5. And finally, the legendary Dallas icon Linda Gray will be exclusively live on Good Morning Britain this morning to talk about her recent success as Tabitha Maxwell-Brown in Hollyoaks, as she returns to film heartbreaking scenes in the Liverpool-based soap.