The dogs that sniff out cancer

A dog owner says her labrador saved her life - by sniffing out her breast cancer. Allison Powell, 48, started to feel unwell and noticed her four-year-old labrador Missy acting "strangely" and pawing at her left breast.

After months of pestering the mum-of-one decided to go for a check - and doctors found a small lump. Allison was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and she underwent a life-saving double mastectomy. She said: "I've been truly lucky that my cancer was caught so early. If Missy hadn't alerted me to it, I might not be here today. I owe everything to Missy".

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Time off for men to make ante-natal trips

Partners will be be able to take unpaid time off work to accompany expectant mothers to ante-natal appointments from the start of October.

New Government regulations come into force to allow men to be more involved in their partner's pregnancy. It comes after one in three men in the UK have said they feel left out of pregnancy and sidelined at the birth.

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What now in Alice Gross case?

The disappearance of teenager Alice Gross is now being treated by police as a murder inquiry after a body was found in a west London river.

Detectives say significant efforts were made to conceal the body, which was discovered on Tuesday night.

We're joined by child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas who tells us what the police will be doing now and more that could emerge about the case.

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Hundreds of GP surgeries could close

Up to 543 GP practices in England - potentially rising to nearly 600 across the UK - could be forced to close within the next year because of a deepening crisis in GP recruitment and retention, which is leaving many practices unable to replace family doctors who are retiring from the profession.

New figures released by the Royal College of General Practitioners show that over 90% of the GPs working in these practices are now aged over 60.

We find out more from GP Helen Pearson in Cheshire.

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China warns Hong Kong over 'illegal' protests

China's foreign minister has issued a stern warning over the growing number of "illegal" pro-democracy demonstrations taking place in Hong Kong.

Wang Yi issued the warning while visiting Washington, and said the protests were an "internal affair".

Secretary of state John Kerry urged Hong Kong authorities to exercise restraint when dealing with protesters of the so-called "umbrella revolution".

Pro-democracy protests, made up of mostly students and the Occupy movement, began last week when Beijing announced it would be vetting all candidates for the 2017 chief executive of Hong Kong elections.

More and more people have joined the protests and numbers swelled yesterday, which was a national holiday. Protesters are calling for the chief executive Leung Chun-ying to step down.