Girl, 11, writes letter to burglars who ransacked her home

I hope you are happy with yourself, I can no longer sleep in my own bed

– Paris' letter doesn't hold back as she tells the burglars exactly how their actions have affected her

An 11-year-old girl who left frightened of the dark and unable to sleep after burglars stole birthday and Christmas presents from her house has written a passionate letter to the criminals to make them realise the consequences of their actions.

The thieves broke into Paris Mulholland's family home in Intake, Doncaster a week after her 11th birthday. In the letter, which she wrote in her school book, she tells the burglars how much they "hurt" her and that she cries for two hours each night.

I felt I had more power once I wrote to them

– Paris after she wrote the letter

Made in Chelsea's JP opens up about depression

It got to the point where I just couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel

– Josh Patterson on feeling suicidal when he was younger

As it's revealed that one in four are affected by mental health issues and 60 percent of people say they felt better after talking about it, we're joined by Made in Chelsea's JP (Josh Patterson) who opens up about his experience with depression and fighting suicidal thoughts for the first time.

He tells us of how his parents splitting up led to him behaving erratically as a teenager - but it took a long time to realise his behaviour was a sign of issues that needed addressing.

WATCH: Clarke Carlisle opens up about recent depression relapse

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Around 8,500 "bed-blocking" patients are stuck in NHS hospitals every day - costing the health service £900 million a year and driving up use of the private sector, a report shows

  2. A UN panel has ruled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is being "arbitrarily detained". He claimed asylum in London's Ecuadorean embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over sex assault claims, which he denies.

  3. A flagship fund to pay for cancer drugs in England "has not been managed effectively", a Westminster spending watchdog has found

  4. Police in Cologne are setting up a safe zone for women during the annual carnival which begins on Thursday, to avoid a repeat of the New Year sex attacks

  5. As GMB supports the Time To Change mental health campaign this week, Made in Chelsea's JP opens up about his struggles with depression for the first time

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It's Time to Change perceptions of mental health

Mental health problems affect one in four people every year, yet too often people are afraid to talk about their experiences because they fear it will affect their jobs or relationships. Today the Time to Change campaign, which aims to banish the stigma around mental illness, will be getting the nation talking about mental health to break the silence.

A survey released this morning of more than 7,000 people with mental health problems shows that nine out of 10 have experienced discrimination as a result of their illness and nearly two thirds have been treated differently by their friends and family. So, why is mental illness still so misunderstood?

We meet some people just like you and me who have had to break barriers in order to cope with their mental health problems - plus former footballer Clarke Carlisle, who has famously battled depression and Dr Hilary join us to tell us more.

Warning that Zika virus could spread to Med

British holidaymakers are being warned that the Zika virus could spread to the Mediterranean by the summer.

The UK is taking precautions, with the NHS banning anyone returning from the Zika virus-affected region of Latin America from giving blood in the month after their return.

The move comes after the World Health Organisation declared the Zika outbreak's effects, which are believed to include a number of birth and neurological defects, a global health emergency.

Health officials said anyone returning to England, Scotland and Wales from the countries in South and Central America affected by the outbreak would not be allowed to donate blood for 28 days.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. As schoolchildren in Syria learn to cope with the daily threat of war, world leaders gather in London to help save a whole generation of Syrian children. The UK Government is promising more money - 1.2 billion pounds - to help refugees fleeing Syria.

  2. Holidaymakers are warned the Zika virus could spread to the Mediterranean this summer

  3. Nine in ten people with mental health problems have faced discrimination, according to new figures out today. Footballer Clarke Carlisle tells us why he's tackling the stigma surrounding it.

  4. Julian Assange has released a statement stating he will hand himself over to police for arrest on Friday if the UN rules that he has not been unlawfully detained

  5. Have you been on Facebook yet this morning? The social media website is 12 years old today!

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George Shelley has something to say...

The Union J star has uploaded a video to YouTube opening up to his millions of fans. In the clip George says, "I've had girlfriends... and I've had boyfriends."

George goes on to say it's "not something I feel I can label" but that he "doesn't want to be scared anymore".

Well done, George!

Watch George with I'm A Celebrity campmate Ferne McCann on Good Morning Britain