Top five headlines you're waking up to

Trump addresses the nation

Credit: APTN

  1. Donald Trump has reconfirmed his nation's commitment to securing peace in Afghanistan, saying the US military will "fight to win" in the country. The president said he would not be commenting on troop numbers, and that America's enemies "must never know our plans", as he laid out his strategy for battling terrorism in the region. In an address to the nation from Fort Myer in Virginia, Trump was light on detail but heavy on promises, as he told allies to boost troops and spending on the Afghanistan war in line with the US.

  2. Following yesterday's news that the van driver in the Barcelona terror attack was shot dead by police, this morning we speak to the British man who comforted a young victim of the terror attack and refused to leave his side.

  3. An earthquake has hit the Italian resort island of Ischia, killing at least one person and trapping around six others under collapsed buildings. Police said all but one of the people known to be trapped were responding to rescuers and were expected to be extracted alive. One person however, wasn't responding, raising worries the death toll could rise, said Giovanni Salerno of the financial police.

  4. The Government is to set out proposals to ensure that cross-border legal disputes are dealt with in a "fair and sensible way" after Brexit. A paper setting out the UK's position on future co-operation with civil courts in the European Union will say that families, businesses and individuals need "certainty" about how their cases will be dealt with following Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

  5. And finally, it looks like the weather is turning! After a grey and misty start in places many southern and eastern areas can expect to see a fine day with some locally very warm sunshine developing. However, one or two sharp showers are possible, and across many northern and northwestern parts of Britain it will generally be cloudier. If you've got any decent weather pics, email us at or tweet @gmb

Top five headlines you're going home to

Police released these images of 22 year-old Younes Abouyaaqoub - the suspected driver in the Barcelona terror attack who has been shot dead by police

Credit: Police handout

- The suspected driver in the Barcelona terror attack has been shot dead by police. Younes Abouyaaqoub was cornered in the town of Subirats, 30 miles west of Barcelona. He was wearing what looked like an explosives belt. Abouyaaqou, 22, is believed to have hijacked another car to flee the scene, killing the driver. Read more.

- A partial solar eclipse, where the moon will appear to take a "bite" out of the sun, will be visible in the UK tonight at around 8pm. Around 4% of the sun will be covered by the moon during the phenomenon which will last for approximately 40 minutes just before sunset. For those fortunate enough to be in a prime location to witness the event it could be a stunning spectacle. But overcast skies could scupper the chances of many Britons seeing the the partial eclipse of the sun

'One of the most talented performers this country has ever produced' - Nicholas Parsons on Brucie

Tributes continue to pour in for showbiz legend Sir Bruce Forsyth who passed away on Friday at the age of 89.

Broadcaster Nicholas Parsons joined us in the studio this morning to talk about his longtime friend saying Bruce had a "unique talent who gave so much of himself whatever he did''.

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. Seven-year-old Julian Alessandro Cadman was killed during the Barcelona terrorist attack, his family have confirmed. Julian, who was British born, was with his mother on Las Ramblas when the van hit pedestrians, killing 14 and injuring dozens more.

  2. Pork products sold at a leading supermarket may have infected thousands of people with a potentially deadly virus. The hepatitis E virus has been on the rise since 2010, according to Public Health England, and studies have found ham and sausages from a specific supermarket was a recurring feature.

  3. The courts have been told to get tough on social media hate crime. Prosecutors have been told to treat hate crime that is committed online the same as offences committed offline. In new guidance, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) states: "The internet and social media in particular have provided new platforms for offending behaviour."

  4. Ten sailors are missing and five are injured after a US Navy ship collided with a merchant ship near Singapore. An aircraft from another US ship and Singaporean coast guard vessels are in the area to assist in the rescue efforts.

  5. Barcelona players and fans held a minute's silence prior to their football match against Real Betis last night. The Catalans had 'Barcelona' embossed on the back of their shirts, replacing the players' names in tribute to those who lost their lives during Thursday's terror attack.

Top five headlines you're going home to

  1. Sir Bruce Forsyth has died aged 89. The veteran television presenter had been unwell for some time, battling a chest infection in hospital.

  2. Police in Finland say two people have died after a number of people were stabbed in the western city of Turku. A man was shot and apprehended and local media reported a woman pushing a stroller were among those attacked.

  3. The number of people killed in yesterday's attack in Barcelona has risen to 14. More than 100 were injured when a van crashed into pedestrians in Barcelona's busy Las Ramblas district and a single police officer shot dead four terror suspects.

  4. Princess Diana's former butler and "rock" Paul Burrell has told Good Morning Britain that he thinks she was aware of his suppressed sexuality, saying: "It was implicit in everything we did." Watch the full interview.

  5. Wayne and Colleen Rooney are expecting their fourth child. Colleen tweeted the happy news that a new baby will be joining their three sons Kai, eight, Klay, four, and one-year-old Kit.

Paul Burrell on friendship with Diana: 'I think she understood my sexuality'

She never saw race in anyone, she never saw colour in anyone. She saw people and she saw me as a person.

– Paul Burrell

The man Princess Diana called her 'rock' joined Good Morning Britain today to talk about his friendship with the iconic woman on the 20th anniversary of her death.

Paul Burrell, who was the princess's butler and confidante and recently came out as gay, told us that he thought Diana was aware of his sexuality but he knew it didn't matter to her.

"We never had that discussion but it was implicit in everything we did," he told GMB.
"I chose her dresses, I did wonderful flower arrangements, I chose her jewels. I was her best friend. I think she understood my sexuality.

Why isn't 'upskirting' a crime?

If a man's going to put his hands between your legs and take pictures of your genitals without you knowing, what's that man going to do when he's drunk?

– Gina Martin

Victims of 'upskirting' - where someone takes a picture of a woman's underwear by putting a phone or camera up her skirt - are campaigning to make it a crime after finding perpetrators can't be prosecuted because it's not technically a sexual offence.

Heading the campaign is Gina Martin, who grabbed a man's phone after he took a picture up her skirt at a festival. She told police, who were supportive but couldn't do anything apart from ask him to delete the image.

Former Met chief Sue Hill joined us to talk us through the complications around the issue, alongside Gina who stresses the reasons these men need to be registered as sex offenders.

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