MP Chris Bryant calls for PC Keith Palmer to get George Medal

He was always one of the friendliest

– MP Chris Bryant

An MP who was locked inside Parliament during the attack on Westminster has told Good Morning Britain that the police officer who was killed should receive a posthumous George Medal.

Chris Bryant, who was voting on the pensions bill alongside his peers, said he was locked in for "several hours" and that there were terrified children and "frail" elderly people who waited inside as the atrocities unfolded.

'They'll never win': Piers Morgan says Britain will be 'fine' in face of attack

We'll be fine. This is just one lunatic in a car who wanted to change our lives. He will not succeed.

– Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan took a moment during today's show to reflect on how he thinks the nation should be feeling in the the aftermath of yesterday's attack in Westminster, in which three people were killed and the assailant shot dead by police.

Our presenter stressed that our focus should not be on the perpetrator but instead on the "heroes", including slain PC Keith Palmer and MP Tobias Ellwood, who risked his own safety to try and save the police officer's life.

"We have to stand firm," Piers said. "I've read a few people today who are saying it's the end, we're giving up, we've surrendered, it's the new normal. No, it's not. And no, we haven't."

Watch the moment above.

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If you have any information about the attack please call 0800 789 321

'People were going 20ft in the air': Eyewitnesses tell of harrowing attack

Good Morning Britain has spoken to a man who said he clung onto Westminster Bridge for his life as an attacker mowed down pedestrians next to him.

James Sheriff said he managed to jump out of the the way of the fast-moving car just in time and almost fell into the river.

"People were just going 20ft in the air and it just carried on and on. It must have hit about 20 people," he told our correspondent Louisa James soon after the incident on Wednesday afternoon.

Westminster attack victims named

Kurt Cochran

Three of the victims of yesterday's attack in Westminster have been named.

An American tourist Kurt Cochran 54, has been named as the third victim of the Westminster terror attack. His wife Melissa has been seriously injured and remains in hospital.

He and his wife were in Europe to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and had been due to return home today.

Donald Trump paid tribute to Kurt, calling him 'a great American'.

The woman who was killed on Westminster Bridge after the assailant mowed down pedestrians in a car has been named as Aysha Frade.

Aysha Frade

Ms Frade was in her mid 40s and worked in the administration team at DLD college in Westminster. Earlier reports suggested Ms Frade was a Spanish teacher at the college.

Meanwhile, tributes have been paid this morning to PC Keith Palmer, the police officer who was stabbed within the grounds of the Houses of Parliament. Despite immediate efforts to save his life he died on the scene.

More details to follow.

If you have any information about the attacks please call 0800 789 321

PC Keith Palmer

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Brendan Cox: 'These people won't win'

These people won’t win, they’re not going to defeat our country by driving a car down a bridge and mowing down pedestrians. The only way they’ll win is if they sow discord and they drive us against each other.

– Brendan Cox

Today Good Morning Britain spoke to Brendan Cox, whose wife MP Jo Cox was killed in a attack last year, about yesterday's supposed terrorist attack in Westminster in which three people were killed and 40 injured.

He told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid: “I think we have to understand what happened and we have to tackle it but one of the things I also want to make sure that we do is we remember the people that died not just the person that committed this act."

Today's headlines: What we now know about Westminster attack

  1. This is the police officer, husband and father who was killed in the terror attack in Westminster yesterday. PC Keith Palmer, 48, was stabbed by a man armed with two large knives inside the grounds of the Houses of Parliament. Aysha Frade, who was in her mid 40s and worked in a college nearby, also died.

  2. Altogether four people were killed and 40 injured. Two are thought to have died when the attacker ploughed a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before crashing into a railing. One woman was reportedly pulled from the River Thames later on, seriously injured but alive. Two police officers were also hit by the vehicle and remain in a "serious" condition in hospital.

  3. The attacker has been identified but not named but police have said he was "inspired by international terrorism". Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May has described the attack as "sick and depraved".

  4. Counter-terrorism officers are investigating how the events were able to unfold, with Scotland Yard's top anti-terror officer Mark Rowley telling reporters: "We are looking for associates."

  5. A group of French schoolchildren from the western Brittany region were caught up in the attack. Three were injured. On Wednesday evening, French President Francois Hollande said a plane is set to fly to London to bring the families of the students to their loved ones.

BREAKING: Four people killed outside Parliament

Four people have been killed and 40 injured in an attack outside Parliament in what police are treating as a terror incident.

The assailant was shot dead soon after stabbing a police officer, who according to sources died at the scene after receiving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

A woman in her 40s and a man in his 50s were also killed after a car collided with pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before crashing into railings close to the entrance of Parliament. A number of other people are said to have been left with "catastrophic" injuries, with a seriously injured woman pulled from the River Thames.

Press Association have released an image of a man thought to be the attacker on a stretcher

Credit: PA

On Wednesday afternoon The Commons were kept in lockdown amid reports of "further incidents in the vicinity" after gunfire was heard.

According to eyewitnesses, a man with a knife charged through the gates into the front yard of the Palace

Police say the incident is being treated as a "terrorist incident until we know otherwise".

The mother and son who became father and daughter

I don't believe to be mum you have to be necessarily female

– Eric Maison

Corey Maison was born a boy but at just the age of 11 knew she wanted to become a girl - and little did she know back then that the documentary she watched that made her come to her realisation had also made her mother Erica identify as transgender.

Erica, now known as Eric, supported Corey throughout her transformation before later revealing he had always identified as male. "When I did realise I decided to put that on the back burner and focus only on my child," he told us this morning.

Formerly mother and son, the pair are now father and daughter - although Eric's children still call him Mom ("it's just a word") - and they're believed to be the world's first ever transgendered parent and child.

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