Shoppers turn their backs on supermarkets

A growing number of shoppers are turning their backs on the UK's supermarkets - in favour of the German discount stores Lidl and Aldi.

A survey by Good Morning Britain has found that it's cost that is driving this change in our retail habits.

  • A OnePoll survey for Good Morning Britain has found nearly half of you (44%) say price determines where you do the weekly shop
  • More than a third (38%) of shoppers have changed supermarkets in the past year
  • And of those, almost two-thirds (61%) say they switched to take advantage of cheaper prices

Tensions in Missouri stoked by second shooting

Police stand at the ready before dispersing a crowd

Tensions in Ferguson in Missouri have been stoked by a second fatal shooting by police yesterday - this time of a man they claim was armed and attempting to rob a shop.

A grand jury in the state will consider today whether to press charges against a policeman accused of shooting dead the teenager Michael Brown.

Michael Brown's cousin says his death was a 'blatant assassination'

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Islamic State militants release a video which they say shows them beheading kidnapped American photographer James Foley

  2. Domestic abuse is not just physical, that's according to the Home Secretary who wants to jail bullying and controlling partners

  3. Tensions in Ferguson in Missouri have been stoked by a second fatal shooting by police yesterday - this time of a man they claim was armed and attempting to rob a shop

  4. A two-year-old girl and her mother are reported to have died in Gaza, as airstrikes ended a truce between Israel and Hamas overnight

  5. Breastfeeding can improve the mental health of new mums, according to new research, but it's also found that those who plan to breast feed, and then can't

Non-violent domestic abuse may be criminalised

A new law is being looked at which could offer protection to victims of psychological abuse

Psychological abuse in relationships could become just as criminal as physical violence, under a proposed new law.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has launched a consultation to look at strengthening the law on domestic violence by creating a new offence of domestic abuse.

It would offer victims protection from controlling and coercive behaviour such as being threatened with violence, cut off from friends and family, or denied access to money.

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US journalist 'executed by Islamic State'

An American journalist has been killed by Islamic State militants, the group claims. The White House is working to determine whether a video of the alleged execution of James Foley is authentic.

A US Government spokeswoman said:

If genuine, we are appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist.

– US Government spokeswoman

Unarmed black teen 'shot six times'

It was a blatant assassination

– Michael's cousin Ty Bruitt

Michael Brown was shot six times, an autopsy into the killing of the unarmed black teenager by a police officer, commissioned by his family, has found.

New York pathologist Dr Michael Baden said there were no signs of a struggle, supporting witness accounts that Mr Brown held his hands up and undermining the police's claim that the 18-year-old was shot during a fight.

There have been protests and riots in Ferguson, the suburb of St. Louis, Missouri where Mr Brown lived, since his death on August 9.

Good Morning Britain speaks to Michael's cousin Ty Bruitt about his family's fight for justice.

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A memorial to Michael Brown, whose death has sparked unrest in Ferguson, Missouri

Man seconds from death on rail track

British Transport Police have warned have warned people to stay off railways lines this summer after a man playing "chicken" almost died on the tracks.

He and a friend were filmed by undercover officers in a dummy train which was looking for vandals. One of the men tripped on the track and was just seconds from losing a foot.

The transport police are due to release new figures on the cost of railways vandalism later this week.

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George Osborne under pressure to cut rail fares

George Osborne is coming under pressure to cut rail fares on the day the commuters discover how much season ticket will cost next year. Later this morning, we will find out how much rail fares will rise and they're expected to go up by nearly six per cent. It means some annual season tickets could rise by £300.

Last year George Osborne said fares could only go up by the rates of inflation - he's now under pressure to do the same again. Many commuters travel into towns and cities from marginal constituencies, and the next series of rises come into effect in January, just a few months before a General Election in May.

What do you think about trains in Britain? Let us know your thoughts and we might read some out on air.

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