Shadow Chancellor defends 'Little Red Book' stunt

The Shadow Chancellor has defended his decision to quote Communist Chinese dictator Chairman Mao during an attack on George Osborne's Autumn statement and spending review.

The Chancellor scrapped tax credit cuts and protected the police budget in a dramatic u-turn.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, John McDonnell said, "It was a self-deprecating joke if anything. And I was trying to draw attention to the fact, with a bit of irony, that what George Osborne is actually doing is selling off British assets to the Chinese People's Republic.

He added, ''In the House of Commons people get a bit pompous and it's time to bring a bit of flamboyance and humour and into our politics."

Spot the warning signs of fake goods

More than one million potentially dangerous counterfeit items are bought each and are becoming harder and harder to spot.

Ahead of the Black Friday frenzy, charity Electrical Safety First is warning that trusted online retailers are easy places for scammers to operate and shoppers hoping to bag a bargain must be vigilant.

Sarah Brown helping refugee kids back to school

For children forced to flee war in Syria, staying alive often means leaving everything behind.

Not only do they lose their family and their homes, they also lose their education.

One person trying to change that is Sarah Brown - a passionate global advocate for both education and health issues. The wife of former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been to Lebanon where thousands of child refugees are finally returning to the classroom.

She joins us on the sofa to talk about the project which is helping more children back into school.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. George Osborne has abandoned planned cuts to tax credits in his Autumn spending review but has maintained his commitment to axe £12 billion from the welfare budget

  2. The Prime Minister will set out his strategy for new air strikes against Islamic State later today. David Cameron is hoping he'll get backing from all parties in Parliament to defeat what he calls the ''evil death cult'' of IS.

  3. Talks between junior doctors' leaders and the health secretary will begin today to ward off mass walkout planned for next week

  4. In the first interview since the Paris terror attacks, the lead singer of Eagles of Death Metal has said he wants to be the first person to play at the Bataclan Theatre when it reopens. The band was on stage when gunmen stormed the gig, killing 89 people.

  5. A newborn baby has been declared a Christmas miracle by a New York City church after he was found abandoned in the manger of its nativity scene

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Children return to school - with armed guards

Schools and the Metro in Brussels will be reopening today, following the lockdown in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

The city does however remain on its highest level of alert.

Hate crimes against British Muslims soar

It's been 12 days since the atrocities in Paris - and while many people have been left shocked and even worried about safety since those attacks, Britain's Muslim community seem to be paying the price for the actions of a small minority.

The number of hate crimes against British Muslims has soared by almost 300 per cent since the Paris attacks.

In the first week after the attacks, 115 anti-Muslim hate incidents were recorded compared to just 42 in the same period last year.

Most of the incidents involved street abuse with the majority of victims being Muslim women aged 14 to 45 years old.

About a third of cases took place on buses, trains and on the London Underground.

Ruhi Rehman who was racially abused on a train in Newcastle, just one week after the Paris attacks, but in a show of community spirit, other commuters on the train rushed to her defense and managed to force the man off the train.