Could diet drinks increase risk of stroke and dementia?

People who drink diet drinks could be three times more at risk of stroke or dementia, according to scientists at Boston University.

Meanwhile, NHS England has announced that sugary drinks may be banned from hospital shops.

But could the diet version of sugary drinks be just as bad for you, or even worse?

Dr Sarah Jarvis told us it's "worrying stuff" - but we shouldn't swap our diet drinks for the full fat versions and in any case, drinking water is always the best option.

Watch the video above to find out more.

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The Queen celebrates her 91st birthday

Today the Queen celebrates her 91st birthday. After her big celebrations last year, this time around, her birthday will be a little quieter and mostly spent with close friends and family.

Her majesty is the oldest monarch to have reigned in Britain and has four children, eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

This morning we were joined by The Sun's Arthur Edwards who has spent the last four decades taking professional photographs of the Queen and shared some of his favourites with us.

But how well do you know the Queen? - take our test to find out:

Jo Wood 'furious' after being thrown off easyJet flight

I'm probably the only person in Britain who thinks overbooking is great, when it's done properly

– Simon Calder

Jo Wood has told Good Morning Britain of how she was left "furious" after she was told she no longer had a seat on a flight she had booked and paid for due to overbooking.

The incident came soon after United Airlines forcibly dragged passenger Dr David Dao off a flight, leaving him with injuries.

Jo, who is the ex-wife of Rolling Stones musician Ronnie Wood, said she had been on a break with her partner when easyJet staff approached the couple and said there wasn't enough seats for both of them.

She told GMB: "They pulled us aside and said one of you can get on and one of you has to stay.

"I was furious."

Nigel Farage says Theresa May has a 'record of failure'

We need a very strong UKIP voice to hold this government to account

– Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage MEP has surprisingly announced he's not standing in June's General Election - and this morning he joined us on our sofa to tell us why.

Nigel explained that having a "front-row seat" in the European Parliament means he "can do more for Brexit" rather than being in the British Parliament.

He also heavily criticised Theresa May, claiming that she has a "record of failure" and UKIP is needed "to stop them conceding to Brussels" in the Brexit negotiations.

Watch the full discussion above.

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Paris attack: Police are hunting for a second suspect

At 9pm on 20 April a terror suspect shot dead a police officer and left two injured in Paris.

Here's what we know so far:

  • The shooting happened in Paris' Champs Elysees avenue
  • Eye witnesses say that the suspect came out of a car holding a Kalashnikov gun and started firing at a police van
  • One police officer was shot dead and two were left seriously injured
  • After the attack, the suspect attempted to flee the scene and was shot dead by a police officer, according to police sources
  • Police are currently hunting for a second suspect
  • French President Francois Hollande said he is convinced the shooting points towards terrorism

The attack, which has been claimed by the Islamic State group, was ahead of the first round of presidential elections in France this Sunday.

How will the shootings affect the election results?

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. The terror probe continues as police man is shot dead and two others are left seriously injured in Champs Elysees in Paris. The attacker was shot dead by police officers while attempting to flee the scene, according by police sources. Police are currently hunting for a second suspect.

  2. The Queen turns 91-years-old today. The Queen is expected to celebrate in private. A gun salute is scheduled to take place today at midday.

  3. The number of motorists handed parking fines by private companies soared by more than a quarter over the past 12 months, new figures indicate. RAC Foundation analysis of official data showed that 4.71 million of the DVLA's vehicle keeper records were obtained by parking management firms in 2016/17, up 28% on the previous year.

  4. Nigel Farage has said he will not stand for a seat in Parliament in the General Election. Nigel said: "I have decided that I will not stand in this election but fight for Brexit in Europe". Farage will join us on our sofas later on this morning.

  5. Drinking at least one artificially sweetened beverage a day is associated with an increased risk of developing stroke or Alzheimer's disease, compared to those who drink these beverages less than once a week, according to a report in Stroke. It finds that people who drink at least one artificially sweetened beverage a day are three times as likely to develop ischemic stroke and 2.9 times as likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

Rebekah Vardy: 'This is what reality looks like after having children'

These pictures that you see on social media, they're not real

– Rebekah Vardy

Rebekah Vardy may have come into the public eye as the wife of a famous footballer - but now she's become a champion for women who are battling with body image demons after having a baby.

After reading malicious comments about her own body on social media just two days after her son Finlay was born, the 34 year old decided to have a post-baby photoshoot to show women that it's normal to have a 'mum tum'.

And although she's back in the gym, Rebekah's keen to carry on the message that "perfection doesn't exist".

Watch the above interview to find out what she said.

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My son died doing what he loved

I am completely at peace because he did exactly what he wanted to do, to the fullest of his ability and I allowed him to do that

– Debs Malone, whose son Nye died performing a stunt in Paris

Debs Malone's parkour enthusiast son travelled the world performing death defying feats until the teenager was sadly killed on New Year's Eve attempting a photo stunt on the Paris Metro.

It's every parent's dilemma - should you allow your child to pursue their dreams and talents, even if they put them in harm's way?

Debs was worried about 17-year-old Nye travelling the world alone to perform his stunts and even went as far as hiding his passport - but he just applied for a new one.

But instead of resenting her son's adrenaline lifestyle choice, Debs says she would have more sleepless nights if her children didn't follow their passions and now wants to be an ambassador for parkour.

Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping and rolling in a complex environment (picture posed)

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