Has Newport become Fort Knox?

A ring of steel has encircled parts of Newport ahead of next week's Nato summit, it has emerged.

The Ring of Steel has popped up around various parts of Newport and Cardiff City Centre.

Credit: PA

The wall is part of the tightened security put in place ahead of the Nato summit on September 4 and 5.

Some locals seem a bit bemused by the heightened security as it disrupts their daily routine.

More than 150 heads of state and ministers will attend the conference, along with 10,000 support staff and 2,000 journalists.

Timeline of Rotherham abuse scandal

Some 1,400 children are believed to have been sexually exploited in Rotherham since the early 1990s.

  • Early to mid-1990s: Workers told the new report they came across examples of child sexual exploitation from this period.
  • 1997: Risky Business, a team of youth workers, is set up over concerns about young people being abused through prostitution.
  • 2005: Councillor Shaun Wright appointed cabinet member for the newly-created department of children and young people's services.
  • 2012: Reports in The Times claim that details from 200 restricted-access documents showed police and child protection agencies in the town had extensive knowledge of these activities for a decade, yet a string of offences went unprosecuted.
  • 2014: Professor Alexis Jay's report finds 1,400 children suffered sexual exploitation in a 16-year period.

Farage: 'We are going to win seats'

If we fail next year the party will pick someone better than me but do you know what? It ain't gonna happen we are gonna win seats.

– Nigel Farage, UKIP leader

UKIP came one step closer to a Westminster seat last night as party members voted for Nigel Farage to stand as their candidate for South Thanet in Kent.

The party leader was quick to announce that he would stand down if his party failed to win a seat at next year's general election. Speaking on Good Morning Britain he said "ten years is a very long time in politics and ten years ago people did not see the UKIP message as relevant".

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Calls for national inquiry following abuse report

This is not a Rotherham problem, this is a societal problem.

– Peter Saunders, CEO NAPAC

There are calls this morning for a national inquiry, following a damning report into the abuse of hundreds of children in Rotherham.

South Yorkshire's Police and crime Commissioner is facing calls to stand down and the Home Office says it will investigate whether public bodies are doing enough to protect children.

  • In recent years there have been a number of high profile cases involving gangs of men targeting teenage girls
  • The spotlight first fell on Rotherham in 2010, when five men described as 'sexual predators' were found guilty of grooming teenage girls
  • Just two weeks later, nine men in Derby were convicted of sexual offences against a total of 27 victims
  • Then in 2012, nine men were jailed for running a sexual exploitation ring in Rochdale
  • And a year later, seven men in Oxford were found guilty of offences against teenage girls going back to 2004

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Demands for a national inquiry in to child abuse with fears that thousands more victims have been denied justice

  2. Nigel Farage says he'll stand down as leader of UKIP if the party fails to win a seat at next year's general election

  3. Supersize schools, more pupils but not enough places - are we heading towards a class size crisis?

  4. The pressure intensifies on Louis van Gaal as Manchester United are humiliated by League One team MK Dons

  5. Rave reviews for Kate Bush as she returns to the stage after 35 years, with Madonna and Lily Allen among the crowd who watched her comeback

Are we a nation of lazy parents?

The more time parents spend speaking to their children face to face the more established a family becomes.

– Reg Bailey, government advisor on children

How many hours a day do you allow your kids to watch TV and use gadgets?

It follows a warning that too many parents are using gadgets to distract their kids rather than spending time together.

Reg Bailey the Government's advisor on children and single mum Anna Wharton join us to discuss.

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