Strict rules on sales of full English breakfast

Is it the end of the road for the full English breakfast? New rules state that from today, cafe and restaurant owners can only call their cooked breakfast 'Full English' if all the ingredients are produced in England. The same also applies to Welsh, Irish and Scottish breakfasts.

We speak to restaurant and cafe owners to find out how they think it will affect trade.

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Are £1 eggs all they're cracked up to be?

The price of Easter eggs is set to hit rock bottom this year as supermarkets slash their prices to attract customers. Big brand chocolate makers like Cadbury's, Galaxy, Lindt and Thornton's have seen in-store prices melt away as the supermarkets compete for customers. The big supermarket chains are also selling their own brand chocolate at super cheap prices - offering a regular sized egg for as little as 80p.

We get three mums to take the taste test to see if the cheapest eggs are all they cracked up to be!

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