Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Cameron is accused of turning the UK into a pariah state after shocking pictures appear of a dead Syrian child on a beach Turkey

  2. Women are being urged to maintain a healthy weight before and during pregnancy to prevent a "time bomb" of children developing diabetes

  3. Great grandmother Betty Jones has been named Slimmer of the Year after losing seven stone from going to the gym five times a week - at the age of 92!

  4. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has called for an end to body shaming, suggesting it should be illegal to publicly criticise others over their looks - after comments about her weight loss in the media

  5. Sixth-formers will be offered practical maths courses that teach skills like working out interest and currency rates from this week, ministers have confirmed

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Locked inside my own body

Rachael fell ill in the first term of her first year at Liverpool University with the very rare Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The condition, which effects the nerves system, is developed by only two in every 100,000 people every year.

However, poor Rachel was in hospital for 135 days at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, battling the disease. Her mum thought she was going to die.

Initially she didn't think it was serious and believed she'd be back on her feet within a week but as the paralysis set in and she had a seizure, her morale plummeted and she wondered if she'd ever recover.

She spoke to GMB about her recovery and how her ordeal had shaped her plans for the future.

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Top 5 headlines you're waking up to

  1. Migrants break through security and, reportedly, climb on top of passenger Eurostar trains for first time causing severe disruption.

  2. The Prime Minister will announce the first wave of free schools for this parliament - and pledge to deliver two waves of new schools every year until 2020.

  3. Is poor vision making you a dangerous driver? Figures from the road safety charity, Brake, show an estimated 3,000 accidents happen every year on British roads as a result of poor vision.

  4. Will alcohol lessons cut underage drinking? Charities believe they could cut the number of children drinking under the age of 18 by giving children six alcohol lessons over the course of two years.

  5. Living in fear - Research reveals thousands of private renters are suffering abuse at the hands of rogue landlords. More than 125,000 have experienced harassment, threats or assault from their landlord in the last year alone, according to charity Shelter.

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The amazing artist with Asperger's

He needed an insular career - and that's exactly what that is. Now he has a business

– Chris's mum speaks of how he didn't let his social anxiety get in the way of his talent

A man who has barely spoken to anyone for 14 years because of his Asperger's Syndrome has shown the most incredible skill for drawing. Chris Baker, who turns 20 today finds it difficult to look anyone in the eye, but draws amazing, life-like pictures of people's faces and buildings. He now has his own exhibition in the Wales Millenium Centre.

We chat to his parents as he looks on in our studio about his amazing talent and how he's making a great career out of it.

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Some of Chris's amazing pictures

Gemma helps spread anti-bullying message

Bullies are very, very powerful if we allow them to be

– Gemma Oaten

More than a third of the ten million children going back to school this week are worried about returning because of bullying. In a major survey by The Diana Award it's also revealed that a quarter of pupils have said bullying made them feel suicidal. Therefore charity is calling for more young anti-bullying ambassadors to be trained to help their peers in school.

As celebrities have relived being bullied at school for The Diana Award's #Back2School Anti-Bullying Campaign we're joined byEmmerdale actress Gemma Oaten, who's experiences of being bullied led to her developing an eating disorder.

We also speak to Jack, who was bullied when he went to secondary school because he had come from a different primary school from the other pupils.

Deadly diet pills still available online

The difference between what works and what kills you is minuscule

– Fiona Parry, who's daughter Eloise died after taking diet pills she bought online

A Good Morning Britain investigation has found that potentially deadly diet pills are still widely available to buy online, more than four months after the death of 21-year-old student Eloise Parry.

Eloise died after overdosing on unregulated slimming tablets containing dinitrophenol - or DNP - a drug that contains chemicals similar to that used in explosives. Nick Dixon also found that some tablets sold are far more potent than advertised, with one supposedly 200mg pill actually containing 242mg of DNP. Just four of those tablets could kill you.

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