Help me find my mum

I've been through childbirth and being a mum. I can kind of understand how scary it is, and I've had a support network

– Leah

In 1994 newborn baby Leah was abandoned by her mother. She was found on the 29th Dec by Mabel Scott, a cleaner at Manchester's Wythenshawe Hospital, where she had been wrapped in a towel and left in the toilets.

Two decades on, Leah wants to ensure she and her own son know where they came from.

She said: 'I love my mum despite everything. I want her to know there is no angst or anger against her. We have prepared for all endings. She might not want to come forward.'

If you have any information on Leah's mum please can the After Adoption charity on 0800 0568578.

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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

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  4. Royal Mail address detectives are working extra hard to ensure un marked Christmas post makes it to their rightful owners in time for the 25th

  5. Two decades on from being abandoned in a toilet as a newborn, Leah wants to track down her mother

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Record number of 999 calls ahead of flu season

Britain's ambulance services say they're receiving record numbers of calls, before the peak flu season has even hit. One service has told GMB it's seen calls almost double, compared to the same time last year.

The findings follow comments from the Medical Director of NHS England that A&E departments are overstretched. A&E doctor Ranj Singh joins us to discuss the issue.

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The Royal Mail Christmas detectives

Christmas can be a stressful time for our postmen and women.

With over a hundred million letters, cards and parcels being posted at this time of year, we meet the mail detectives who are working hard to ensure none go missing.