Boy receives brilliant dental hygiene warning from the tooth fairy

I was a little bit horrified! I've never really got a letter from someone, especially the tooth fairy.

– Sam received a letter from the tooth fairy advising him to take better care of his teeth

Getting your little ones to brush their teeth every morning and night - AND PROPERLY - is a daily battle, but one dad has had a helping hand from... the tooth fairy, yes you heard that right!

Should abortion be decriminalised?

We're feeding a multi million pound abortion industry and it's going to get worse

– Anne Scanlan

Many people might be surprised to know that terminating a pregnancy is still technically illegal in the UK, despite the abortion act being passed over half a century ago.

Earlier we were joined by Anne Scanlan, the director of an anti-abortion organisation, who fears decriminalising terminations will make “abortion on-demand”.

On the other side of the fence we were joined by Kate Smurthwaite, who supports decriminalising abortion and believes the majority of people in Britain want the right to choose.

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. Theresa May is expected to tell fellow EU leaders that the UK is prepared to pay £20 billion for a two-year transitional deal after Brexit. The offer will be made to help secure favourable trade access.

  2. Kim Jong-Un has called Donald Trump mentally "deranged" and said he will "pay dearly" after the US President's threat to "totally destroy" North Korea. Reacting to Trump's speech in the United Nations, Kim said that the President's remarks convinced him that the path he chose to go down is the "correct" one.

  3. Hurricane Maria has left more than 15 people are dead in the island of Dominica, their prime minister has said. The centre of the Category 4 storm hit the Caribbean island with massive force late Monday destroying hundreds of homes and cutting off the communication systems.

  4. Ryanair could be forced to cancel more flights if they can't take back one week of its pilots' holiday, according to their Chief Executive . Michael O'Leary said he can't guarantee the end of the disruptions and explained the current cost of the six week cancellations is a staggering £22 million.

  5. Chelsea Football Club have agreed terms to sell their star striker Diego Costa to former club Atletico Madrid. The 28-year-old, who scored 59 goals in 120 appearances, argued he was being forced out of the club after receiving a text from Chelsea manager saying he was a surplus to the team's requirements.

Should cyclists who put peoples' lives at risk face tougher laws?

Should cyclists face the same consequences as drivers if they injure or even kill someone on the roads?

Couple '£600 out of pocket' after Ryanair flight misery

A couple who became stranded on holiday amid the Ryanair flight 'mess' say they have been left £600 out of pocket after forking out on new return tickets, extra accommodation and suffering a loss of earnings.

Phil and Emma Hopkinson were supposed to return home to Birmingham earlier this week but their flight was among some 2000 flights cancelled by the airline because of a scheduling error with pilots' holiday. The pair booked an alternative flight but that too was rescheduled at short notice.

The extra cost of buying new flights, an extra night in a hotel and missed work commitments totalled around £600, but Ryanair says it will only reimburse them for the price of their original flight home.

In a statement, Ryanair, who holds its AGM today, says they sincerely apologise to each and everyone of their customers whose original flights have been cancelled. They have taken on extra customer service teams to deal with booking alternative flights and refund requests, and they expect to have the majority of these completed by the end of the week.

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'Silent' Lords claim millions in expenses

Don't judge participation in the House of Lords just by standing up and saying something in a debate

– Lord Digby Jones on House of Lords expenses report

More than 100 Lords claimed almost £1.3 million in expenses, despite not speaking in the House in the past year, new research reveals.

The Electoral Reform Society figures show approximately one in seven peers didn't contribute to a debate, but claimed an average of more than £11,000 each. A House of Lords spokesman said the report doesn't consider the wider contributions of many peers in holding the Government to account. It's prompted calls for a reform of the house.

Watch the full fiery debate between Lord Digby Jones and Lord Paul Tyler above.

Is the end near for the name Nigel?

Despite his political triumph with Brexit, it seems Nigel Farage didn't see a surge in support from parents choosing to name their babies after him - with not one Nigel born in 2016!

The list of the most popular baby names in England and Wales has shown that while political names weren't particularly popular, royal and celebrity names did influence the top 10.

Oliver remained the most popular boys' name for a fourth year in a row. Harry and George are also in the top 10. For girls, Olivia replaced Amelia in the top spot, with Harper seeing the biggest growth in popularity, driven by Victoria Beckham's daughter.

What have you chosen to call your children and why? Join the conversation on Twitter.