Travellers told to prepare for standstill in France

British holidaymakers are braced for half-term misery as fuel strikers threaten to bring French roads to a standstill - while the country's striking air traffic controllers cause havoc for Brits trying to fly to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.

Ninety flights cancelled so far and French protesters have clashed with police in several cities. Bridges and motorways have been blockaded and power cuts are threatened as widespread civil unrest grips the country.

Flights to and from Paris, Nantes and Toulouse have been affected, and a rolling strike by train drivers has brought further disruption to regional and commuter rail services.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Thousands of travellers are bracing themselves for the worst as they're being warned to take precautions as protests by striking workers in France are causing blockades at oil refineries to leave 12,500 fuel pumps running towards empty

  2. A step closer to having Donald Trump as president: The controversial politician has reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination

  3. Mobile phone users can send a simple, free text message to opt out of unwanted sales calls from today. The text-to-register service, launched by the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Ofcom, allows you to add their number to the UK's official "do not call" database.

  4. The name's Bond... JANE Bond. Middle-age women are being targeted by MI6 recruitment chiefs to become a new generation of mid-career women to their ranks. Poll: Should the next Bond film star be female?

  5. DRUNK ON PLANES: Hundreds of passengers have been arrested on suspicion of being drunk on a plane or at an airport in the last two years, figures have revealed. At least 442 people were held between March 2014 and March 2016.

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Bus driver wins £6 million, goes to work the next day

I know there are quite a few shift workers that use that route and rely on the service

– Bus driver Kevin explains why he returned to work

If you won £6.1 million would you turn up for work the next day?

Well bus driver Kevin Jones did just that! He joined us on the phone this morning to explain exactly why he thought it was his "duty" to provide a bus service that morning.

Kevin, you put the 'great' in Great Britain!

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Good Morning Spain!

Is the sun about to set on Britain's love affair with Spain?

Kate joins us live from the European Union's fifth largest economy, Spain, where she's talking to some of the one million British expats who relocate there every year.

They all agree that the Spanish sunshine is great, but now they face fear, confusion and uncertainty ahead of the EU referendum. David Cameron has said holidays to Europe could cost £230 more on average if we leave the EU because of a weaker pound, increased air fairs and higher phone bills

The expats Kate spoke to are split on a Brexit decision - some are proud to be EU citizens and others believe Britain could survive solo once more. However, concerns around healthcare and pensions remain pertinent.

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With thanks to the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa

Meet Freya, Britain's loneliest dog

Freya has been dubbed 'Britain's loneliest dog' because she's been overlooked by a whopping 18,000 people at a rescue centre in Liverpool.

A campaign has been launched to help find Freya a home - she arrived as a stray puppy at just six months old and has gone on to spend six years with Freshfields Rescue.

Despite having 700 Facebook friends, the Staffordshire-Bull cross, who suffers with epilepsy, is looking for a "patient, experienced home".

We think Ranvir might be tempted...

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. A change in the law at midnight means legal highs are now illegal. Those in support say the drugs shatter lives - but those against say it will force people underground.

  2. A million British jobs have gone to migrants. That's what former Europe minister, David Davis, claims as he calls the EU a "destroyer of jobs".

  3. We say good morning from Spain - Kate is in Marbella speaking to British ex-pats who live and work here to see if stories like those job figures affect whether they think Britain should remain in Europe or leave.

  4. Is this Britain's loneliest dog? Six-year-old Freya has been in a rescue centre since she was just six months old, having been rejected a whopping 18 thousand times!

  5. And - Babe, Hon or Love? What does the Duchess of Cambridge call Prince William behind those palace doors? We'll reveal all on Good Morning Britain.

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Till deaf do us part

Mother-of-three Louise Windsor has been deaf all her life and lived in virtual silence for more than 40 years.

However, thanks to a pioneering cochlear implant - a small hearing device fitted under the skin - Louise can now hear her children's voices and engage verbally in longer conversations.

Louise joins us on the sofa with her husband Mark as we look back at the incredible moment she heard his voice for the very first time. Ironically, Louise is now finding hubby Mark's voice a bit too loud and complains about him rustling crisp packets... but wouldn't change it for the world!

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