Sir Richard Branson: 'We're heading towards disaster'

I don't believe the public believe what a mess their vote would cost

– Sir Richard Branson

He was the best-known entrepreneur who campaigned to stay in the EU and we all know what happened next - and now Sir Richard Branson thinks a second referendum might be our only hope.

He tells us how much of a hit the vote has already been to the economy, revealing that his own companies have lost a third of their value and that we'll be heading for a recession.

Supermodel Tyra Banks has teamed up with Sir Richard for a competition to pitch business ideas. The grand finale of Virgin Media's VOOM competition is an annual contest for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

They both join us to talk businesses and what Brexit might mean for the future.

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Jeremy Hunt 'seriously considering' Tory leadership

There needs to be some democratic endorsement of the terms on which we leave

– Jeremy Hunt gives his thoughts on Brexit

Jeremy Hunt has exclusively told Good Morning Britain that he is "seriously considering" joining the leadership race in the Conservative party, meaning he could be a contender for our next Prime Minister.

Watch the full interview with Susanna and Piers above, where the Health Secretary tells us about his throughs on Brexit and the division within the UK and its major parties.

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Chris Eccleston Stands Up To Bullying

Bullying is endemic across the UK and across society, according to anti-bullying charity The Diana Award.

According to their figures, 81 percent said bullying was commonplace at school and nearly 60 percent thought it was a frequent occurence at work.

We set up a social experiment with three child actors, two playing bullies and one playing the victim. Over the course of an afternoon of filming we watched to see if anyone would step in to help the young person being teased.

Meanwhile, Dr Who star Christopher Eccleston joins us to tell us about his involvement with anti-bullying campaign Stand Up To Bullying, as he vividly remembers being bullied himself when he was at school.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

It's all over for England in the Euros - manager Roy Hodgson has resigned

  1. OUT - AGAIN! England Manager Roy Hodgson has resigned after England lost to Iceland at Euro 2016. Meanwhile, the team's captain Wayne Rooney has described being beaten by the smallest nation to ever reach the finals of a major tournament as "embarrassing".

  2. David Cameron has condemned "despicable" incidents of hate crime reported in the wake of the UK's decision to leave the EU. Since the vote, there have been reports of racism on social media and a number of groups have reported a rise in incidents of racism and hate crime.

  3. Meanwhile the PM today faces his European counterparts for the first time since the Brexit vote as the European Parliament holds an Extraordinary Session on Britian's departure from the EU. Cameron will then attend the European Council meeting of EU heads of State along with Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande where he is expected to brief them on the the course of action for the UK.

  4. Bullying is endemic across the UK and across society according to the Diana Awards. According to their figures 81% of respondents said bulling was commonplace at school and nearly 60% thought it was commonplace at work. A host of celebrities talk about their experiences of bullying.

  5. CURTAINS FOR CORBYN? As his own party and even a national newspaper call for his resignation, Jeremy Corbyn's role as leader of the Labour Party is on thinner ice than ever. Meanwhile nominations for a new Conservative leader opens tomorrow and closes Thursday. A new leader is needed by 2nd September - but could a General Election be on the cards?

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Could Scotland veto Brexit?

I think she's doing exactly the right thing

– Alex Salmond on Nicola Sturgeon's actions since the EU Referendum result

While the UK as a whole has voted to opt out of the European Union, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain - triggering calls for independence referendums.

What does this all mean for the future of the United Kingdom? As Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said Scotland may try to veto Britain's exit from the EU, we speak to former First Minister Alex Salmond.

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Osborne: Britain is 'open for business'

Our economy is about as strong as it could be to face the challenge

– George Osborne

George Osborne has made a speech reassuring financial markets following the country's decision to leave the EU.

The Chancellor, speaking from the Treasury on Monday morning, said although the result of the referendum wasn't what he was hoping for, he was confident in our economy, saying contingency plans means 'we are prepared for the unexpected'.

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Labour coup: 'It’s a matter of self respect and decency'

There wasn’t any honourable position staying in the shadow cabinet for me

– Chris Bryant

Jeremy Corbyn's leadership has been plunged into crisis as a string of shadow ministers quit, saying they had no confidence in his ability to win a general election. Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson said he is to hold emergency talks with Corbyn to "discuss the way forward".

We're joined by one of those who quit, Chris Bryant, Labour MP for the Rhondd, who shared his letter of resignation on Twitter.

He told us how in a telephone conversation he told Corbyn: "You will destroy Labour" and even hints that the party leader may have even voted to leave the European Union.

He's authentic. What you see is what you get.

– Emily Thornberry MP on Jeremy Corbyn

We're also joined by newly-promoted Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry MP, who tells us why she is sticking by her unpopular boss.

Eight children harmed in rollercoaster crash

Eight children and two adults have been taken to hospital after a rollercoaster derailed at a theme park in Motherwell, near Glasgow. Eyewitnesses said the Tsunami ride - which can reach speeds of up to 40 miles an hour - had been full when it came off the track shortly before 3.50pm.

Six ambulances and six fire engines rushed to the scene as several visitors posted images on social media appearing to show a mangled carriage on a pathway surrounded by dozens of people.