Heroes honoured for bravery at Dogs Home

Three heroes who risked their lives to run into a huge fire at Manchester Dogs Home and rescue 20 dogs have picked up a top award recognising their bravery.

Jason Dyer, 41, his nephew Dean Rostock, 25 and stepson Danny Vere jumped over a fence and kicked open kennel doors after hearing dogs barking in panic. Last night they were honoured at the Animal Hero Awards in London.

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Father spearheads campaign to stop drug smuggling

The dad of British drugs mule Melissa Reid is spearheading a campaign to try to stop other kids finding themselves banged up in a foreign jail trying to make a quick buck smuggling drugs.

Melissa Reid from Glasgow and Michaela McCollum from Northern Ireland are both serving seven year terms in a Peruvian prison. The advert made by the Foreign Office and Prisoners Abroad warns would be smugglers about the consequences of getting caught abroad.

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Surgery 'needs to triple' for obese diabetic patients

The number of obese patients with Type 2 diabetes having drastic weight loss surgery needs to triple over the next few years in order to help the NHS combat the rising caseload caused by sick people with poor diets.

In a U-turn on guidance, the National Institute for Care and Excellence (Nice) said moved away from encouraging doctors to look at gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy surgery as "a last resort". Instead, the want an estimated two million people in England to be considered for the £6,000 operation.

Patients with obesity and diabetes continues to rise with many doctors vocal about their worry about the undue stress it will put on the NHS. Currently, one in 20 people in the UK with Type 2 diabetes occupies one in six beds in some hospitals because of complications caused by the disease, Nice said.

Alex Blakemore, who has had weight loss surgery herself, joins us alongside Dr Hilary Jones, to discuss whether surgery is the answer.