Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Teenagers are calling for a ban on fast food takeaway deliveries to schools! Nearly one in five 10-11 year olds are obese, and with an obesity strategy on the way this summer, young people have now had their say.

  2. Today is decision day for Britain as polling stations prepare to open for voting in the European referendum.

  3. Giraffes are facing a silent extinction according to a new documentary by Sir David Attenborough. We meet the team fighting to stop giraffes from becoming extinct as numbers have slumped to 40% over 15 years to fewer than the number of endangered African elephants.

  4. In his only TV interview, David Schwimmer has told GMB that he believes child abuse is hugely underreported in the UK.

  5. And, a shock victory for Ireland secures them a date with destiny after a late goal sets them on course to take on France in the quarter finals of the Euros.

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Where did the system fail Ellie Butler?

When Mrs Justice Hogg decided to hand Ellie Butler back to her violent father, she was warned: "You are going to have blood on your hands", according to a source.

Ellie's maternal grandfather Neal Gray, who had cared for her since she was a baby, had strongly protested against the move to award custody to her parents in the family division of the High Court.

Within months, his worst fears came true when Ben Butler killed his six-year-old daughter in a fit of rage. Ellie died on 28 October 2013 as a result of of injuries that were likened to those caused in a high-speed car crash.

How could this be allowed to happen? We spoke to former social services and child protection expert Dr Ray Jones.

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The loss of innocence?

A mother who saw her daughter standing on the toilet took a cute photo, thinking it was a game... then burst into tears when the little girl told her she was practising for a "lockdown drill".

Stacey Feeley told us she was "floored" when she found out her child's pre-school had been teaching young pupils how to hide if a gun attack were to happen.

She joins us exclusively to talk about the huge reaction to the photo, which went viral after she shared on social media, and her despair that life in America has come to this.

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Exclusive: Sir Cliff Richard talks to Susanna Reid

I am very cagey now when I am having pictures taken with people

– Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard has spoken to Good Morning Britain about being accused of historic sexual abuse allegations and how he felt when the charges were dropped.

In a candid interview with Susanna Reid, Sir Cliff said he still felt "tarnished" from the accusations and said his trust in people had changed "to a certain extent".

He also said there should be anonymity for those accused of sexual abuse until they are charged and said he felt like he had been "collateral damage’"

Watch the compelling interviews above and make sure you don't miss Sir Cliff talking to his close friend Gloria Hunniford about how this experience has affected him on today's Loose Women at 12.30pm.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Sir Cliff Richard talks to ITV Daytime

Tomorrow ITV Daytime will be bringing you a world exclusive with Sir Cliff Richard - speaking for the first time in almost two years just days after a police investigation of historical sex allegations were dropped.

Catch him talking to Susanna Reid on Wednesday's Good Morning Britain and don't miss more exclusive chats throughout the day on Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women.

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Couple who lost baby overjoyed by 'hidden' miracle twin

Sadie Brittle was eight weeks pregnant when she lost her child to an ectopic pregnancy, which is when the baby is found to be growing outside of the womb.

Two months later - while on holiday with husband Gary - the couple noticed her stomach was still getting bigger. Confused about whether hormones were still in her body, Sadie decided to take a pregnancy test just to make sure... and was stunned by the positive result!

Doctors soon discovered Sadie was carrying the previously undetected twin of the baby she had lost at eight weeks.

Meet the creator of the website helping men find second wives

I want these marriages to happen in the way that the gay community had civil marriages

– Azad explains his logic behind the sites

Azad Chailwala is the controversial Muslim entrepreneur behind dating sites helping men find second wives; caters for Muslim men while is for men of all faiths.

"In some cultures having more than one wife is legally permitted... but here in the UK it isn't and yet you're promoting it here" - Susanna was quick to point out that bigamy is illegal in Britain and carries a jail sentence of up to seven years. However, Mr Chaiwala, 33, insists that his service is promoting fidelity and stopping women from being "lonely".

Critics have accused Azad of creating bad publicity for Muslims, but he told Susanna and Kate that he is simply giving women "access" to men who are willing to commit and be a father and husband to share their "love and resources".

"I've always felt I am somebody who wants to take care of multiple wives" - Azad is currently looking for a second wife but describes his wife's feeling towards the idea as "apprehensive".

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