Myleene Klass helps rescued child brides in Tanzania

I found it very difficult to hear as a mother

– Myleene Klass

It's marriage season right now in Tanzania - which has the highest levels of child marriage in the world. Myleene Klass joined us live from rural northern Tanzania where she's meeting former child brides to launch Save the Children's Every Last Child campaign.

Thirty seven percent of girls are married before the age of 18 in Tanzania and in rural areas they can be as young as seven years old - Myleene's even met former child brides who now have children of their own.

Doctors react to today's junior doctors' strike

I’ll see you in court Jeremy, because that’s where we’re heading…

– Ben White's message to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Yesterday Dr Ben White resigned live on Good Morning Britain.

Today Ben returns to speak about the enormous reaction to his interview on yesterday's show, ahead of today's junior doctors' strike.

So, what would Ben say to Jeremy Hunt today?

Piers wants to know how doctors would feel on a personal level if a patient dies over the next couple of days, while doctors are striking with no emergency cover.

Dr Janis Burns and and Dr David Rouse both have opposing views on this - David feels the walkout is "safe", but Janis still thinks the potential risk to a patient is "a huge gamble". Watch their debate below.

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Friends of Army captain vow to finish marathon in his honour

We will walk as one, the final three miles

– Captain James Walker-McClimens

Friends of the Army captain who collapsed and died during the London Marathon have vowed to finish the race for him.

Captain David Seath, 31, who served in Afghanistan, collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest just three miles short of the finish line.

More than £120,000 has been raised in his honour for Help the Heroes. Close friend and colleague Captain James Walker-McClimens joins us to describe David as hugely popular and "the heartbeat" of the party.

"We don't like unfinished business in the army... so we're going to do it for him" - James says the response has been totally overwhelming and is extremely grateful for all the support and donations.

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Captain David Seath collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday

Faye Burdett's parents speak exclusively to GMB

It was like watching a curtain fall across her face

– Jenny Burdett describes the rash spreading across her daughter

The devastated parents of a toddler who died from meningitis have spoken for the first time after sharing horrific photos of her fighting for her life to raise awareness of the illness.

Faye Burdett, 2, battled the vicious condition for 11 days before her tiny body succumbed to it. A petition prompted by Faye's story was signed by 800,000 people.

"As a parent we have to make decisions that don't better us but better our children," Neil and Jenny told Susanna as they spoke of the difficult decision they had to make.

What clever things can your pets do?

Photo: Wales News Service

Pero the homesick sheepdog managed to travel an incredible 240 miles home from Cumbria to West Wales on his own to be reunited with his original owner.

It turns out that our presenters' pets are equally as talented...

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Watch Susanna's cat Suki have a game of Jenga...

... And Charlotte's pooch Bailey know just what do when she whips out her hand gun(!).

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Nearly three decades after 96 football fans lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster - today their families finally get the answers they've been waiting for. The hearings have been ongoing for more than two years, with the jury having heard months of evidence from more than 800 witnesses.

  2. Junior doctors will begin their unprecedented strike this morning, withdrawing emergency care for the first time.

  3. The parents of Faye Burdett talk about their battle for all children under the age of five to be given the Meningitis B vaccine in their first television interview. The death of Faye sparked national outcry when her parents shared a heartbreaking picture of her in hospital to support a campaign to roll out the vaccination to all children.

  4. Myleene Klass is live in Tanzania where 37% of girls are married before the age of 18. We meet Asha, who at 13 got back from school one day to find a strange man in the house. She was "married" to him and gave birth 9 months later.

  5. Also this morning - the incredible story of the homesick sheepdog who trekked an incredible 240 miles to be reunited with his original owner.

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Positive movement in miscarriage research

I was a shadow of my former self

– Nicole Martin has suffered three miscarriages

250,000 women suffer miscarriages every year and many women are never able to discover the cause. Today the first ever national research centre for early miscarriages is opening to help us understand more.

We meet Nicole Martin who has suffered three miscarriages and describes the ordeal as leaving her "broken". Nicole describes the lack of "treatable cause" as being the most difficult to comprehend during the agonising time.

Dr Hilary also joins Nicole on the sofa and is positive this research centre will make "a huge difference".

There is a happy ending for Nicole, who went on to give birth to her healthy son, Joseph.

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Nepal, one year on

It's a year to the day since a 7.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal, killing nearly 9,000 people and leaving millions homeless.

Despite international pledges of £2.7 billion - including £155m from Britain - no new homes have yet been built, leading to strong criticism of the Nepalese government. Charities are warning that another disaster is looming as monsoon season approaches.

Richard Gaisford reports live from Nepal, where he meets communities and experiences first-hard how locals are feeling one year after the tragic, natural disaster.

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