The website that offers 'sugar babies' the chance to find a rich, older partner

Controversial dating website Seeking Arrangement is hosting the UK's first ever 'sugar babies' summit, where men and women can get tips on bagging a sugar daddy or mummy.

But what exactly lies at the heart of these sugary relationships and is it safe? We were joined this morning by the website's founder Brandon Wade who insists it's not an escort agency and says the site, which has many married members, "promotes honesty".

We also spoke to Emma Gammer who has married and subsequently divorced her sugar daddy after seven years and is already looking for her next one.

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Video of wheelchair-bound man completing gruelling obstacle goes viral

Taking on a Tough Mudder is challenging for the fittest of the fit - but for 22-year-old Josh Landmann, being partially paralysed didn't put him off giving the gruelling course a go.

A diving accident left him wheelchair-bound, but with the help of his dad and a group of strangers also doing the course, he managed to persevere - and a video clip of him completing the particularly difficult 'Everest' obstacle has gone viral online with 12 million views to date.

Watch the amazing moment and Josh and his dad Neil tell us more about it above.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. The Conservatives have released their manifesto, which shows an apparent move to the left, with plans to cut benefits for the wealthy to help fund social care and the NHS. However, their plans also include ramping up the costs to businesses who employ migrant workers from the rest of the European Union and scrapping a pledge not to raise VAT or National Insurance. It comes as the leaders of all the UK's political parties, including the SNP, will take part in a televised debate on ITV tonight - but without Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

  2. Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has come under criticism after discussing Scotch whisky exportation during a visit to a Sikh temple. The Foreign Secretary was told that alcohol is "against our religion" by one outraged worshipper, who said she "wouldn't be wanting to put somebody in power who wants to put more alcohol in India, which is causing a lot of problems already". He has since apologised.

  3. Should patients pay to see their GP? Doctors will debate the proposal at the BMA's Local Medical Committees conference in Edinburgh today. Those behind the idea say it would generate much needed NHS revenue, and might discourage those with minor ailments from clogging up surgeries. Critics fear it would also discourage the poor from detecting major ailments and go against a fundamental principle of the NHS being free at point of delivery.

  4. The first ever UK 'Sugar Baby' summit is taking place today, where young men and women looking to get on the fast track to securing an older and richer partner will gather. The summit includes talks on how to be a good sugar baby, understanding the importance of first impressions and keeping yourself safe online.

  5. A video clip of a partially paralysed man completing a gruelling obstacle with the help of his dad and a team of strangers has gone viral. Josh Landmann, 22, from Lancashire completed a Tough Mudder Half course with the help of his dad, Neil. The video of the moment Josh conquered the difficult 'Everest' obstacle has been viewed over 8 million times and the pair join us today to tell us how it felt.

Was this McDonald's advert in bad taste?

Happy meal, happy life? I don't think so.

– Dr Shelley Gilbert MBE, founder of Grief Encounter

Fast food giant McDonald's has apologised and pulled its latest television advert off air after being accused of exploiting childhood bereavement.

The ad shows a young boy asking his mum about his deceased father as they share a meal in one of the chain's restaurants.

Founder of Grief Encounter, Dr Shelley Gilbert told us where she thinks they went wrong. "What McDonald's have done is not thought this through," she said. "What it has done is perpetuate the myths that we know not to be true - that it's a quick fix solution. Happy meal, happy life? I don't think so."

'All I can do is just keep trying to find him' - Corrie's mum keeps searching as mystery continues

Either someone is not telling the truth or he's ended up at the landfill

– Nicola Urquhart

The mother of serviceman Corrie McKeague, who has been missing since September, has told Good Morning Britain she will hire a private investigator if police give up their search for him.

We joined Nicola Urquhart as she retraced the 23 year old's last seen steps and she told us how the thinks someone has lied to the police as the mystery continues to remain unsolved.

"I've always tried to say that unless Corrie's physically found, I'm not going to let my own head go to the place that he may be dead - but I think it's completely unrealistic now to think anything other than that, so all I can do is just keep trying to find him," she told Piers and Susanna onWednesday's show.

Meet Fox and Owl, the trans couple who don't identify as male or female

I sort of denounce the idea of being a man or woman. A non-binary is an identity on its own outside of this binary.

– Owl

Today we were joined by trans non-binary couple Fox and Owl, who don't identify as fully male or female.

Although Fox was "assigned" a female gender at birth and Owl was born male, the pair are now speaking out about why they don't feel the need to be called a man or a woman.

Gender neutrality is a subject Piers Morgan has been anything but quiet about this week and the pair joined us to explain to him, Susanna and the nation the reasoning behind their identity.