How to keep your children safe around dogs

Dogs are a man's best friend - but for some children the fear of dogs is a real problem.

A new survey by Dogs Trust reveals that over a third of UK parents think their children are fearful of our canine companions and a quarter say their child's fear of dogs affects their daily life.

As we approach the summer holidays, kids will be out and about more and are sure to come across dogs on a frequent basis. The Be Dog Smart education programme teaches kids and parents to stay safe around dogs. For example, although many children respond to seeing a dog by screaming and running away, the pooches think this means playtime!

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Would you leave your child at home alone?

I think we are creating a nation of children that are so fearful and anxious because we’re putting adult fears into young minds

– Natasha Harding

As the long school summer holidays begin, parents have been warned their children could be at greater risk of accident or injury if they are left at home alone.

However, Natasha Harding, a yoga teacher from Kent, says she is happy to leave her 10-year-old son alone - and has done since he was five.

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Owen Smith: There was a 'bullying culture' at BBC

As a young man, working a radio programme, the Today programme, there was a bit of a culture of bullying

– Owen Smith

He was relatively unknown until he stood up to oppose Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leadership - but we have a feeling everyone will know who Owen Smith is after this interview.

Alluding to a gaffe he made as a 20-year-old researcher working on a BBC radio show - in which he dialled a police emergency number to ask for a press quote - he told us he felt under pressure due to the "bullying culture" of the workplace. The BBC declined to comment on this when we contacted them.

Smith also told us in no uncertain terms that if he was Prime Minister he would be willing to use nuclear weapons. "If you are serious about defence and serious about having a nuclear deterrent then you have to be willing to do that", he told us.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. The Republican Party has formally nominated Donald Trump for president, completing the New York billionaire's rise from political outsider to major party candidate for the White House

  2. The NSPCC is urging parents to think carefully before leaving their children home alone during the summer holidays. The charity's helpline received hundreds of calls and emails between July and September last year from adults concerned about youngsters being left unattended and over three quarters were so serious they were passed to police or social services.

  3. Andrea Eagle has withdrawn from the Labour leadership race and meanwhile a Times poll has shown support for Corbyn has soared among grass roots members and he is on course at present to win, with a margin of 20 points, in September. The deadline to register to be allowed to join the Labour Party and vote - for the cost of £25 - ends at 5pm today.

  4. Latest figures out today show the number of dog attacks on children is continuing to rise. Summer - especially during the school holidays - is the worst time of year, so today the charity Dogs Trust is launching their Managing Fear of Dogs campaign, which teaches kids and parents to stay safe around dogs.

  5. Prime Minister Theresa May will discuss Britain's withdrawal from the EU with Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande this week. Her visit to Berlin will take place just hours after she's undertaken her first PMQs.

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Finding out my father is a killer

He was evil

– Katie Bryan, who kept the identity of her daughter's father a secret

In 2002, Ian Huntley notoriously murdered two 10-year-old girls Holly Marie Wells and Jessica Aimee in Soham, Cambridgeshire. He was convicted a year later and sentenced to two terms of life imprisonment.

A further ten years later, 14-year-old Sammie Bryan was investigating Ian Huntley's life as part of a school project - a lesson which led to the life-changing discovery that he was in fact her biological father.

Now aged 18, Sammie and her mum Katie give their first TV interview to tell their story.

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Two dead after eating E. coli lettuce

Two people have died and 151 taken ill after becoming infected with a poisonous strain of E. coli thought to be linked to bags of mixed salad.

Public Health England are investigating whether rocket imported from the Mediterranean could be the source.

The message from Health Officials is to thoroughly wash all raw salads and vegetables, and make sure you clean your hands before preparing your meals.

Latest updates from Public Health England

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Russia could face total Rio 2016 ban

Athletes and anti-doping experts are calling for Russia to be banned from the Rio Games after a report uncovered drug-related cheating.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is appealing to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) "to consider, under their respective charters, to decline entries for Rio 2016 of all athletes" submitted by the Russian authorities.

The move comes after an 103-page report by Canadian law professor Richard McLaren revealed the complicity of the Russian Sports Ministry in the doping of athletes.

The most identical twins in the world?

This is one of the greatest interviews I have ever conducted in my life!

– Piers Morgan

They have the same smile, same hair, and even speak in unison - meet identical twins Bridgette and Paula Powers from Queensland, Australia.

A clip of the twins talking together has received over one million hits in just three days on Facebook, and this morning Bridgette and Paula joined us live from Australia to explain that although they are two people, they actually feel like they're the same person!

The twins, aged 42, still live in the same house as their parents and have never spent a day apart. However, Susanna questioned whether they prepare their answers in advance to allow them to answer at the same time. Bridgette and Paula both insist that "it just happens automatically".

Watch the pair - who Piers likened to "something out of Star Trek" - talking in mesmerising unison and decide for yourself!

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