Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. DATING DANGERS: A Good Morning Britain investigation into online dating shows one in 10 women who've met someone online say they ended up being physically or verbally abused

  2. MUMS WANT OUT: A Netmums poll on the EU referendum has revealed a majority of women are planning to vote to leave, whilst 17 percent are still undecided as to how they will vote

  3. The NHS is being criticised for failing to diagnose and treat victims of debilitating Lyme disease. Today MPs are joining campaigners in a protest in London calling for changes to what they say is inadequate NHS testing and treatment for the condition.

  4. The AA is responding to calls from British tourists stranded in France as the country is hit by a fuel strike. The FCO has advised that there could be restrictions on filling up.

  5. A report out today reveals music and theatre tickets are still being sold unlawfully on some of the UK's biggest secondary ticketing sites. The consumer group Which? has published their research ahead of a Government review on Thursday looking at whether consumers are sufficiently protected by legislation last year amid claims that ticket resale websites are flouting the rules.

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Captain's family finish marathon in his honour

He was someone who wanted to get things completed and that's why we did what we did

– David's mum Libby

The family and girlfriend of the British commando and Afghan veteran who died during the London Marathon have completed the race in his honour.

Captain David Seath, 31, had a heart attack just 3.2 miles from the finish line. It later emerged he was about to propose to Gaby Schoenenberg.

This weekend his brother Gary and mother Libby ran and walked the moving final part of the race this weekend, joined by GMB's Sean Fletcher. Police and paramedics who tended David on the day also came to support them.

After Captain Seath's death a memorial fund was set up in his name which has helped raise around £240,000 so far for Help for Heroes, his chosen charity.

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Police 'too busy' to help as boss watches his firm get raided

It was like something out of Coronation Street, a drama. It was terrible, just terrible.

– Paul Smart on watching thieves raid his firm on CCTV

A businessman who called police during a break-in at his firm was left to watch it unfold live on CCTV screens at home as officers were too busy to attend. The thieves got away with £25,000 of hi-tech equipment in a raid during which they returned a second time as Paul Smart watched helplessly.

The 65-year-old boss, who was 12 miles away, dialled 999 when he saw masked thieves on camera sneaking around his office and was confident police would catch them in the act. But officers refused to attend and he was forced watch them spend 50 minutes ransacking his offices.

Mr Smart was told to call the 101 non-emergency number despite the crime being in progress at his photography firm Doodah Creative in Brierley Hill, West Midlands. He has since condemned police for failing to respond to the break-in.

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Nick Blackwell 'died' in ambulance after Eubank fight

I haven't got anything against him as a fighter, I think he's a really, really good fighter - but as a person some of things he's said and done, personally I wouldn't have done

– Nick Blackwell

Boxer Nick Blackwell speaks for the first time on live television since the brutal fight which could have made him a champion - but instead ended his career.

In our exclusive interview he reveals to GMB how he technically died in the ambulance - but was saved by medics after his gruelling fight with Chris Eubank Jr. Nick was joined by his brother Dan, who was also a boxer but pulled out of fighting because of what happened.

He also told us what he really thinks of the Eubanks, saying he was "disappointed" that they held a press conference against his family's wishes while he was in the coma.

The Eubanks respond: Chris Jr offers Blackwell his title belt

Could a high fat diet really be the key to weight loss?

I think the truth is somewhere in the middle

– Dr Hilary Jones

Everything we're currently told about diet and the best way to treat obesity and Type 2 diabetes is wrong and having "disastrous health consequences" says a controversial report from the National Obesity Forum.

Today's report says the low fat, low cholesterol diets recommended by most GPs and the NHS should be replaced by low carbohydrate, high fat diets. This diet's already produced striking results for GP Dr David Unwin - he says in addition to dramatically improving his patients' health, he's saved the NHS £45,000 on medication. If scaled up, this could save millions.

However, Public Health England has called the report "irresponsible" and a number of other medical groups have lined up to say the report's conclusions are seriously flawed.

We ask Dr Hilary Jones for his opinion - and he thinks the key is simply to stop snacking and eat a bit less of everything.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

Could low fat diets prescribed by GPs be having disastrous consequences for our health service?

  1. Low fat diets recommended by most GPs could be having "disastrous health consequences", according to a controversial new report from the National Obesity Forum. It says patients should be told to eat high fat, low carbohydrate meals instead. Is everything we've been told about a healthy diet wrong?

  2. EXCLUSIVE: Boxer Nick Blackwell speaks on live TV for the first time since the brutal fight which could have made him a champion - but instead ended his career. He'll reveal for the first time on GMB how he DIED in the ambulance after his fight with Chris Eubank Jr - but was saved by medics.

  3. We'll also be joined by the family and girlfriend of British commando and Afghan veteran David Seath in their first interview after they completed the race in his honour last night

  4. Plus, It's one month to the EU referendum - and the rows over membership are heating up. This morning, former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith will tell Good Morning Britain that George Osborne's predictions for the economy can't be believed.

  5. And finally, manager Louis van Gaal left Manchester United's team hotel declaring "it's over" on Sunday as reports indicated he was about to be replaced by Jose Mourinho - but what do diehard fans think and what could Mourinho expect from the move from West London to Greater Manchester?

All this and more this morning, with all the highlights coming up on this website

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Tributes to Briton feared killed in Egypt Air crash

Wreckage from EgyptAir flight MS804 has been discovered five miles south from where the plane - carrying 66 people - disappeared from radar, officials have said. Search and rescue teams are understood to be making their way to the area.

The brother of a man on board the Egypt Air flight that crashed into the Mediterranean says his family is struggling to come to term with the news.

Alastair Osman said his brother Richard, aged 40, had become a father for the second time just three weeks ago.

Richard, originally from Carmarthen, Wales, was one of 66 passengers and crew on board the EgyptAir flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo when it came down in the Mediterranean.

A mining company executive, Alastair said the trip would have been one of Richard's many work-related visits. He described his brother as a kind and loving father who was admired by many.

Investigators say the plane swerved sharply and plummeted 22,000 feet into the Mediterranean sea amid fears a terrorist attack was to blame for the crash. Experts say it is more than likely a bomb brought down the plane, however, investigators are still working to confirm the cause of the crash.

Authorities are exploring the theory that an explosive may have been smuggled on board.

A major search operation is currently underway but no wreckage or debris from the plane has yet been found.

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