Smaller providers outperform Big Six for energy

Companies are investing a tremendous amount of money and bringing on new staff and systems but you can't just employ someone and put them straight on the phones.

– Lawrence Slade from Energy UK

The Big Six power companies are being out-performed by the smaller providers when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The survey by Which? placed NPower in last place for the 4th year in a row. The energy company has expressed disappointment at the results and vowed to continue making improvements to its customer care. We spoke to Lawrence Slade from Energy UK, he said: "It takes time to train people and to get them really in a position where they can help customers".

He added, "these investments are being made, these changes are being made, but it does take time".

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Can you help us find the owner to this bear?

Great Ormond Street Hospital are trying to find the owner of a teddy bear left near their front door. An appeal on social media has provoked a huge response as efforts to get this teddy home have so far drawn a blank.

Good Morning Britain has now stepped in and asked former detective Jacqui Hames to investigate.

If you have any information please contact the hospital on Twitter @GreatOrmondSt using #GOSHbear. Please do not phone the hospital to contact them about this.

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Pledge on cigarette packaging law

Government proposals to put cigarettes in plain packaging could be approved before the General election. If MPs vote in favour of the move unbranded packets will be on sale in England by next year.

Currently they're made to catch the eye of the consumer, but will changing cigarette packets really deter people from smoking? A public health review last year concluded that standardised packaging would:

  • Make cigarettes less appealing
  • Lead to a modest but important reduction in smoking
  • Including a drop in the number of children who take up the habit