NHS staff face huge fines for parking at work

Hospital workers who've racked up thousands of pounds worth of parking fines say they are devastated by a court ruling that means they will have to pay up or face county court judgments.

Due to a lack of adequate staff parking many NHS staff are forced to park in visitor car parks at a huge expense, often incurring large fines as they struggle to get back to their vehicles in time.Some staff have fines running into the thousands, which is unaffordable.

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. Hospital workers who have racked up thousands of pounds worth of parking fines say they are devastated by a court ruling that means they will have to pay up or face county court judgments. A crowdfunding campaign has now been launched to help the nurses launch an appeal against the verdict and they are looking for a barrister to appeal their case.

  2. The government is announcing a clamp down on knife crime - including restricting the online sale of knives. Online shoppers will have to collect the knives in person rather than getting them delivered to their location.

  3. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue their Brexit charm offensive in Europe today after the diplomacy tour kicked off in Poland in an attempt to strengthen UK relations with Europe as the process to leave the EU begins.

  4. A teenager has been charged with grievous bodily harm on the suspected acid attack in east London. Mustafa Ahmed, 19, has been charged over the incident which resulted in two victims being taken to hospital for treatment.

  5. The parents of Susan Nicholson, who was killed by her violent partner five years after he'd murdered another woman, say they put their lives on hold to bring their daughter's murderer to justice. Elizabeth and Peter Skelton will give their first live TV interview to Good Morning Britain this morning.

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  1. An American doctor has arrived in London with the hopes of examining and treating Charlie Gard. The meeting will take place at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

  2. The government has vowed to give an extra £1.3 billion to schools over the next two years. Justine Greening, the education secretary said: "I'm confirming our plans to get on with introducing a national funding formula in 2018/19, and I can announce that this will additionally now be supported by significant extra investment into the core schools budget over the next two years."

  3. Princess Charlotte, aged two, and Prince George, aged three, will join their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the start of their royal visit to Poland. A Kensington Palace spokesman said: "The duke and duchess are very much looking forward to this tour and are delighted with the exciting and varied programme that has been put together for it."

  4. Theresa May will warn ministers to keep their Cabinet discussions private following a number of leaks targeting Chancellor Philip Hammond. This comes after reports accusing the Chancellor of saying that the public sector staff were "overpaid".

  5. Are you excited for the return of Game of Thrones? Well, the first episode of the new season airs tonight and fans are struggling to contain their excitement. If you're a London commuter you could have witnessed random appearances of the show's spookiest characters, the White Walkers, walking along the high streets or invading our train stations. But fear not, these were not real, but just actors dressed up for the show's promotional stunt!

Nigel Farage slams Tony Blair on Brexit

I think Blair's lost it ... he can talk to whoever he wants, but 70% of people want the government to get on with Brexit

– Nigel Farage

This morning Nigel Farage told Piers and Susanna he is unhappy about the way the Brexit talks are progressing, and once more called for a hard Brexit. This comes as the second round of Brexit negotiations resumes today.

Farage criticised Tony Blair's recent comments, proclaiming the former PM has ‘lost it’.

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. Jodie Whittaker has been announced as Doctor Who's 13th Time Lord - the first woman to get the role. While the majority of committed viewers delighted in the announcement on social media, others hit out at the decision.

  2. Federer has become the first man to win eight Wimbledon titles and, at 35 years old, the oldest man in the open era to lift the trophy. Roger Federer sobbed after being crowned Wimbledon champion for a record eighth time after cruising through his 11th final at the tournament.

  3. An American neurologist is travelling to the UK and is due to examine the terminally ill baby Charlie Gard today and tomorrow. He will assess whether Charlie is suitable for an experimental gene therapy he believes could have a 10% chance of improving muscle strength and bringing a small but significant improvement in brain function.

  4. Home Office Minister Sarah Newton will outline the Government's strategy on combating acid attacks in the Commons today. East Ham MP, Stephen Timms, called a debate in the house to raise the issue of acid attacks. He said he would use it to press ministers to get acid treated in the same way as knives.

  5. Brexit Secretary David Davis will attempt to reassure EU negotiators over Britain's plan to guarantee the future rights of European nationals living in the UK amid deep scepticism in Brussels. Mr Davis returns to the negotiating table in the Belgian capital for the second round of talks with the European Commission's chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

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  1. Thousands of people turned up to pay their respects at the funeral of little Bradley Lowery in County Durham today. Crowds clapped and chanted "there's only one Bradley Lowery" as his funeral cortege went past. Bradley, who struck up a friendship with Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe, who attended the service, was six when he lost his battle with a rare form of aggressive cancer.

  2. Six tourists have been stabbed at an Egyptian holiday resort, with two Ukrainians, thought to be women, left dead. A man was arrested and is being questioned after the attacks, which took place at a hotel in the popular Red Sea resort of Hurghada, Egyptian medical officials say.

  3. Rio Ferdinand's mum has died of cancer, aged 58 - just two years after he tragically lost his wife Rebecca to the disease. Janice St Fort passed away in hospital on Thursday with her family at her bedside. In a statement Rio, his brother Anton and family described her as a "devoted mother" and "an inspiration".

  4. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron attended the Bastille Day ceremony in Paris today. Trump was invited as the guest of honour at the event, which also commemorates the 100th anniversary of the US entry into the First World War.

  5. A new strategy to tackle drug addiction has been launched by the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. She said the government want to deliver a strategy to ensure the most vulnerable people have a "good treatment and recovery outcome."

The government's new drug crackdown strategy

A new strategy to tackle drug addiction has been launched by the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. She said the government want to deliver a strategy to ensure the most vulnerable people have a "good treatment and recovery outcome."

A new study has found the following:

  • 36% of people went to school, college or work on a high or a comedown
  • 20% say they could get cocaine delivered to their home within 45 minutes
  • Two thirds believe current policies towards illegal drugs are ineffective
  • 20% of young people have taken illegal drugs at some point in their lives

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Teenager arrested after five acid attacks in 90 minutes

A 16-year-old male has been arrested on suspicion of robbery and grievous bodily harm after five acid attacks took place within a 90 minute period across London last night.

The Metropolitan police said two moped thieves are believed to have carried out the acid attacks leaving one of the victims with "life-changing" injuries.

The attacks took place in Hackney, Islington, Shoreditch, Stoke Newington and Clapton between 10.15pm and 11.37pm.