More votes in reality TV than the general election?

This morning it's been revealed that more 18 to 22-year-olds have cast their ballot in reality TV shows than are planning to vote for the next government.

With just over six weeks to go until the General Election a poll of potential first time voters found:

  • Around a third voted on the X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing
  • While less than a quarter were planning voting in the election.
  • 70% said they would consider voting for 'none of the above' if the option was available
  • And a third agreed with comedian Russell Brand on refusing to vote as a protest that political parties don't offer them anything

UK shoppers warned to be extra vigilant

I think we've got to take it as seriously as America - certainly in terms of particular locations being noted.

– Will Geddes, Security expert

Shoppers in the UK are being warned to be extra vigilant after Islamist terrorists issued a video calling for supporters to attack shopping centres in the UK, US and Canada.

The warning has come from US Head of Homeland security Jeh Johnson, who said when terrorists call for attacks on a specific place, it has to be taken seriously. We spoke to security expert Will Geddes, he said: "what we're seeing at the moment is almost this beauty parade" between terrorist groups.

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Teenage 999 operator's quick-thinking saved a life

I wanted to do whatever I could. All the emotion had to wait until the end of the call.

– Collette Storr

What's a bad day at work for you? If you think you know - next time spare a thought for Collette Storr - at just after 8 in the morning she found herself answering the phone to a distressed 11-year-old boy, who's father had collapsed of a heart attack in front of him.

With Collette's calm guidance brave little Josh Williamson managed to successfully perform lifesaving CPR until paramedics arrived. We talk the 999 operator who's quick thinking helped a little boy save his Dad.

The story is all the more extraordinary as Collette is just 18 herself - and had only completed her training two weeks before taking the call.

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'A quick fix turned into six months of hell'

That’s one thing I do regret, I can’t stress enough 100% you need to look into where you’re going and who you’re seeing and if they’re actually capable and professional enough to do that.

– Abi Clarke

Former The Only Way is Essex star, Abi Clarke, spoke to Good Morning Britain today about her regret at recent cosmetic enhancements.

Abi - who had a bad reaction to lip fillers - spoke about the six months of trauma she suffered following the procedure.