Positive movement in miscarriage research

I was a shadow of my former self

– Nicole Martin has suffered three miscarriages

250,000 women suffer miscarriages every year and many women are never able to discover the cause. Today the first ever national research centre for early miscarriages is opening to help us understand more.

We meet Nicole Martin who has suffered three miscarriages and describes the ordeal as leaving her "broken". Nicole describes the lack of "treatable cause" as being the most difficult to comprehend during the agonising time.

Dr Hilary also joins Nicole on the sofa and is positive this research centre will make "a huge difference".

There is a happy ending for Nicole, who went on to give birth to her healthy son, Joseph.

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Nepal, one year on

It's a year to the day since a 7.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal, killing nearly 9,000 people and leaving millions homeless.

Despite international pledges of Β£2.7 billion - including Β£155m from Britain - no new homes have yet been built, leading to strong criticism of the Nepalese government. Charities are warning that another disaster is looming as monsoon season approaches.

Richard Gaisford reports live from Nepal, where he meets communities and experiences first-hard how locals are feeling one year after the tragic, natural disaster.

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Junior doctor quits live on GMB

Tomorrow junior doctors are due to strike once more, but this time there will be no emergency cover.

Watch the powerful moment Dr Ben White - a junior doctor - quits live on air, "for the future of our NHS".

Dr Ben White describes the NHS as being "chronically' underfunded and apologises for the people who have been affected by the strikes. He now feels that the best thing he can do for the NHS is to move across to the legal side and fight for the future of the public health service.

Dr White does insist that if you are unwell "it’s very important that you go to hospital" during the strike.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Is this the end for an icon of the British high street? BHS is expected to go into administration today leaving 11,000 jobs at risk. It comes less than a month after the struggling retailer was granted a lifeline by creditors who agreed a plan to reduce the rent on some of its high street stores.

  2. For the first time in history no emergency cover will be provided for tomorrow's junior doctors' strike. This morning we'll be speaking live to a junior doctor who thinks striking is right - and he'll reveal the life-changing decision he says he's been forced to make.

  3. He was the miracle baby pulled from the rubble 25 hours after the devastating Nepal earthquake. One year on we're live in the country to find out what's happened to him since and how efforts to rebuild the country have stalled.

  4. After months of preparation how did our very own Sean and Ranvir get on at this weekend's London Marathon?

  5. And The British Empire Strikes Back - Princes William and Harry are to feature in the next Star Wars movie - but who will they be playing?

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Are Ranvir and Sean ready for the marathon?

There's only two days to go until the Virgin Money London Marathon and this year Sean is tackling it for the second year in a row ... and Ranvir is facing her first ever race!

But are our presenters ready?

Brussels attacks: One month on

I think it will take a long time for people to recover

– Brussels attack survivor Julian Firkins reflects on the atrocity one month on

It's been one month since Brussels was hit by devastating terrorist attacks which killed 32 people and injured many more.

After bombs went off at the city's airport and on its metro system at Maelbeek station, security measures have been increased, including ID boarding checks and screening of cars on access roads.

We speak live to Julian Firkins, who was dropping his girlfriend off at the airport when the atrocities happened. She was in a queue to check in and he was getting refreshments when the first bomb went off.

Julian ran back to his girlfriend, who had dived to the ground for safety. He lay on top of her to protect her before pulling her suitcase on top of them to protect them from the falling ceiling debris. He shares their story and tells us of how they're recovering from the events of that terrible day.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Millions of music fans are in mourning after the pop superstar Prince was found dead at his home in Minnesota at the age of 57. A post mortem examination into the cause of the death will be carried out today.

  2. President Barack Obama has urged Britain to remain in the EU arguing the world needs the UK's influence within the European Union. He arrived in Britain last night for a four-day visit. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he claims membership of the European Union magnifies the UK's status on the global stage and helps it fight terrorism. Brexit campaigners say he should keep out of the referendum debate.

  3. The Royal College of Surgeons says it's worried overweight people and smokers have become ''soft targets'' for NHS savings. It claims there's evidence that one in three areas in England restricts access to surgery based on a person's weight or smoking habits.

  4. Around a thousand beacons were lit across Britain and the Commonwealth last night to mark the Queen's 90th birthday. Today, the Queen can look forward to a private lunch at Windsor Castle with president Obama and the First Lady.

  5. Tomorrow marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Britain's greatest ever dramatist - Shakespeare. The playwright's village, Stratford Upon Avon, is planning an extra special celebration to mark the occasion.

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