Nick Dixon

Nick Dixon is a news Correspondent for Good Morning Britain. After starting his broadcast journalism career with STV News, he joined GMTV as a Reporter in 2005. When Daybreak went on air in 2010, Nick was promoted to Correspondent and after a secondment in New York, he returned to the UK in 2011.

Gallery: Take a look inside Windsor Castle!

The world's largest working palace and The Queen's 'weekend home' Windsor Castle is being opened to the public this Saturday as part of a new exhibition to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

Nick Dixon is live from The Grand Vestibule where The Royals host dinners, Prince Charles has held his drawing school and the likes of Barry Manilow and Shirley Bassey have performed.

WATCH: Nick Dixon's son interrupts him live on air!

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It commemorates the 200th anniversary of the defeat of Napoleon

  • Nick Dixon

That awkward moment when...

They say you should never work with children or animals... Even if it's your own? Judging by correspondent Nick Dixon's appearance on GMB this morning - yes!

Whilst doing a live from his home about the amount of sugar in breakfast cereal, three-year-old Brody decided it was 'daddy time', and promptly placed himself on Nick's lap. Right before his live.

To make things worse he then started eating the chocolate that was laid out for props... It's worth a watch and an "aww"!

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  • Nick Dixon

Not just toys for girls or boys!

We radically need to get more girls studying science at A Levels so they can become engineers

– Jo Swinson

Equalities Minister Jo Swinson writes to toy manufacturers and retailers to encourage them to market toys sensibly this Christmas.

The Minister is calling on the retail sector to do what it does best - respond to customers' demands and ensure the greatest choice by marketing toys for all children, rather than for boys or girls.

Jo joins us on today's show - let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

  • Nick Dixon

Want to know how we deliver your local news?

Ever wondered how Good Morning Britain delivers you the news you're waking up to each morning - from breaking world news to local headlines as well?

ITV News teams across the country deliver regional bulletins every day on Good Morning Britain with the latest news, weather and travel updates, and it's in these news rooms where many of our presenters and correspondents first started - including our own Charlotte Hawkins!

In this exclusive film for the Good Morning Britain website, correspondent Nick Dixon takes Charlotte back to ITV Meridian to take a look through the archive, and finds out what the teams at ITV Central and UTV get up to when they're in the office at 5am each day!

Looking back at her old news reports - and we think Charlotte's got the giggles!

  • Nick Dixon

Are we addicted to our smartphones?

Many of us have become so reliant on our smartphones, we use them to carry out a staggering 221 tasks every day.

A study of 2,000 smartphone owners revealed that the average user reaches for their phone at 7:31am each morning, to check personal emails and Facebook, and before they've even got out of bed, the majority of people check the weather, read the news, and send a text or two to friends. Nick Dixon has been finding out.

  • The average mobile phone user checks their phone for the first time at 7.31am
  • Some of us reach for our phone more than 1,500 times a day
  • Users carry out an average of 221 tasks a day on smartphones
  • Average users are on their phones for 3 hours and 16 minutes a day

Source: Tecmark

  • Nick Dixon

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expect second child

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George

We sent Nick Dixon to the village of Bucklebury, where the Duchess of Cambridge's parents live, to speak to some of the locals.

With a positive reaction around the second baby, and reports that Kate is looking well, we think it's time for a celebratory brownie... That's if Nick doesn't get to them first!

The Middletons do come in quite often and I saw Kate quite recently, she was looking lovely!

– Katie, who works in the Middletons' local pub
  • Nick Dixon

The Queen of Thrones...

Nick Dixon was in Northern Ireland this week, covering the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's trip to Belfast, which included a tour around the set of the Game of Thrones TV series.

In this short film he gives us an insight into the difficulties faced by correspondents on live locations, and gives us an exclusive look at the Queen's visit, including interviews with crew and cast members of Game of Thrones!

Aside from the early starts, the correspondents of Good Morning Britain can travel thousands of miles a week to deliver the news to the nation - by car, train, or plane.

Take a look at our behind the scenes Game of Thrones Gallery
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