Phones For Food

Celebs support Phones For Food campaign

A whole host of celebrities have thrown their support behind the Phones For Food campaign to help give free, nutritious breakfasts to hungry school children across the UK.

Rugby players lack concentration without brekkie

It's the third day of our 50 million meal appeal as part of ITV's Tackle Hunger initiative and this week we're looking at hungry children in the UK, focusing on those who go to school on an empty stomach.

As part of our Phones For Food We have been monitoring a group of 12 school rugby players from John Roan school in South East London. We have done physical tests with them and we've asked them to assess their concentration and mood throughout the day - when they had breakfast and when they did not. The researcher's tests showed a 30 percent drop in concentration when the boys didn't have breakfast - plus they told us themselves that they felt a dip in their energy levels.

Help our Phones For Food appeal

Thank you to the following experiment participants from The John Roan school, Blackheath:

James Keating
Luih Tobin
Lukas Liorancas
Joe Episcopo
Val Reader
Eden Mallul
Matt Holmes
Jay Ogretman
John Ashbourne
Abdul Adebayo
Alfie Freeman
Harry Simmons

Also thanks to Paul Hough, Lead Sport and Exercise Scientist and his team of researchers from St Mary's University, Twickenham.

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Teachers reveal impacts of hunger on learning

Having breakfast can make a huge difference

– Anonymous teacher

Four teachers have revealed the impacts of hunger on school children who skip breakfast, sayng many go to school too hungry to learn.

One in three children in the UK go to school without breakfast every day.

Actress, mum and celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner, who is supporting our Phones For Food campaign, visited the breakfast club at Haseltine Primary School in Sydenham.

Why Lisa is supporting Phones For Food

Actress, mum and celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner is supporting our Phones For Food campaign and know the value of a good breakfast in the family.

Lisa won Celebrity Masterchef in 2010 and has since forged a successful career in food, writing three books and making numerous cookery appearances on television.

Get Lisa'a breakfast recipes

Blueberry smoothie

Egg in a nest

Banana porridge

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The mum who can't afford breakfast for her son

Over 2.6 million children in the UK are regularly missing breakfast before school, meaning one in three are too hungry to learn.

Good Morning Britain meets mum Kathy who's unable to work due to problems with her legs and back and has struggled to provide breakfast for her 11-year-old son. There were times she had to ask a neighbour for food and she had to make do with a tin of beans.

For ITV's Tackle Hunger Together campaign we're highlighting the importance of breakfast and asking our viewers to donate old and unused mobile phones. We will use the value of these phones to set up breakfast clubs in the country's most needy schools.

Find out how to donate your old phones

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