Showbuzz: Game of Thrones baby names you’ve just got to have!

The latest list of popular baby name have been released, and there’s some Game of Thrones character names parents simply can’t resist for their newborns.

Plus, can you believe we’ve been watching Kim and the Kardashian clang for ten whole years!

Get the latest Showbuzz news with Richard Arnold.

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Showbuzz: Little Mix are back with a brand new single!

In Richard Arnold's Monday Showbuzz, Little Mix are back with their brand new single, Reggaeton Lento, starring Latin American boyband CNCO.

Plus, find out which one of Donald Trump's former employees stole the show at the Emmy Awards...

Watch the Richard Arnold's showbiz news above.

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Showbuzz: Starr plays a game of Ringo Bingo!

I love country! Even to this day I believe Liverpool is recognised as the country and western capital of Britain.

– Ringo

We have a Beatles special for Thursday's Showbuzz, with Richard Arnold catching up with Ringo Starr.

The infamous musician told us about his love of country music, the secret to his long marriage... and played a game of Ringo Bingo!

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Showbuzz: Spandau Ballet are on the hunt for a new vocalist...

In today’s Showbuzz Richard Arnold caught up with Spandau Ballet as they begin their search to replace their lead vocalist Tony Hadley.

Meanwhile, in America some of the biggest stars in the world came together to raise money for victims of Hurricane Irma.

Watch Richard's showbiz news above.

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Showbuzz: GMB catches up with Angelina and Nicole in Toronto

I wanna give my life to these kind of projects

– Angelina Jolie

Take a look at more exclusive footage from the Toronto film festival, where we caught up with Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston!

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Kate Winslet injures herself making latest film

In Monday's Showbuzz news George Clooney hints he's not exactly thrilled at the thought of his newborn babies growing up to have British accents and Kate Winslet tells us why making her latest film ended up being a right pain.

Watch Richard's report above to get all this, plus we hear from Idris Elba, with his new girlfriend in tow!

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Showbuzz: Taylor Swift goes kitty crazy!

Are you the princess of Miaow Town?

– Taylor Swift gives insight into her relationship with her furry friend

We're finding it hard to keep up with Taylor Swift and the videos she keeps posting. One moment she's beating up a Hollywood actor, the next speaking baby-talk to her pet cat.

Find out what we mean by checking out Richard Arnold's (animal-friendly) Friday Showbuzz above!

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Katie Holmes is spotted holding hands with her secret love...

In today's Showbuzz news, Richard Arnold gives us the latest gossip from Hollywood.

After keeping her relationship quiet for the last few years, Katie Holmes was spotted holding hands in public with her Oscar and Grammy award winning sweetheart....

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