Sleep Week 2017

Meet our health and wellbeing coach Laura Agar Wilson

Laura Agar Wilson is a health and wellbeing coach, writer, recipe developer and author of the popular healthy living and lifestyle blog where she empowers women to live a more wholehearted life.

Author of Grains as Mains and featured on BBC GoodFood, Grazia Daily, The Mail on Sunday, The Times, The Telegraph and Channel 4Food websites, she also writes regularly for The Huffington Post and has appeared in Healthy Magazine as a Healthy Hero.

Laura is holding a Q&A session on sleep on Good Morning Britain's Facebook page between 10am and 1pm on Wednesday 1 November. Go there and leave a question to get advice for a more restful, healthy you!

Sleep week: Tips for secondary school teachers

Vicki Dawson from The Children's Charity offers some tips to teacher Elizabeth Hewitt on how to advise her stressed and sleepy students.

Sleep week: Tips from The Sleep Doctor

Internationally recognised sleep expert Dr Michael Breus - AKA The Sleep Doctor - has appeared on many high-profile US shows including Oprah, CNN and The View as well as publishing a book on the subject. Above he tells us the best ways to combat tiredness and get a better sleep routine.

National Sleep Week: Blog post from Laura Wilson

Why sleep is the key to feeling well in body and mind

Sleep is one area of your wellbeing that can be easy to ignore, especially when we’re all living such busy lives. According to Bensons for Beds Big Sleep report, 71% of the population are not getting the recommended eight hours sleep a night. So many of us get by on 5 or 6 hours a night (or even less!) but thanks to coffee and the stimulating effects of all the screens we’re exposed to these days, we don’t feel the full damaging effect until we’re chronically sleep deprived.

Sleep might not be the most exciting thing, and even when we’re feeling tired the temptation can be to push your bedtime later and later, whether that’s to catch up on the days emails or just your favourite TV shows - anyone else tempted to stay up for the 3 am showings of Game of Thrones?

The problem with this is that a lack of sleep has been linked to a whole range of negative health outcomes. Here are just a few that might tempt you back to bed instead of another episode of your favourite show!

Sleep week: Men who can't sleep

Are you a man struggling to get some shut eye at night? Get some top tips from our mental health expert Dr Andrew Mayers from Bournemouth University.

Watch his advice above.

Sleep week: Bed sharing with toddlers

If your child is sleeping in your bed and you don't want them to, get some top tips from the sleep nanny expert Lucy Shrimpton.

Watch the video above.


How to choose the right mattress for you

Thinking of investing in a new mattress? From traditional pocket sprung mattresses to mattresses with the latest memory foam technology, choosing one that’ll give you a comfortable night’s sleep can be tricky. So, we’ve put together a guide to help you weigh up the pros and cons of a variety of different mattress types.

After all, we all know there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep.

Open Coil

One of the most popular and comfortable mattress types available. The open coil springs are made from a singular, long piece of wire which is coiled into springs. The outer edge is then firmed up with a broader wire frame that helps to retain the mattresses’ shape.

Sleep week: Tips for menopausal women

Night sweats and other symptoms of going through menopause can play havoc with your sleeping patterns - expert Dr Louise Newson shares her tips above.