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Sue Jameson is Good Morning Britain's Political Editor. She has held this role on ITV Breakfast since 2010, starting just before the last General Election. Before that she was New York Correspondent and during her 21 years broadcasting, she lived in Moscow for seven years and reported extensively from all over the globe.

Sue Jameson on going to the polls

A year before the General Election, Labour and the Conservatives are almost neck and neck, according to a poll for Good Morning Britain and the Daily Mirror.

Politicians never take any notice of polls? That's what they always say, but I imagine they take more notice of the good ones while bravely dismissing the bad at least once a month in the privacy of their own bedrooms!

So what will they make of our poll, carried out with the Daily Mirror exactly a year before the General Election?

We asked people how they would vote in the General Election, with the following results:

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Sue Jameson on unrecorded crimes

It's been revealed today by a police watchdog that up to a fifth of crimes could be going unreported. Amongst the most serious crimes not recorded were 14 rapes, and some offenders were issued with 'out of court' disposals when they should have been prosecuted.

Here's Good Morning Britain's Political Editor Sue Jameson with more.

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Sue Jameson on benefit reforms

Sue Jameson on benefit reforms

Jobseekers will soon be required to do more to find work.

Employment Minister Esther McVey says the new rules will help put to an end to the system where people start claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) by just signing-on without first taking steps to make themselves attractive to employers.

Political Editor Sue Jameson tells us more in her blog.

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