Who won Laura's pig race?

This morning Laura Tobin reported live from Bocketts Farm in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

While on the farm Laura put the pigs fitness levels to the test by doing a pig race! It turned out to be a 'one-pig race'.

Below are the contestants and their colours:

  • Orange pig - Laura Tobin
  • Red pig - Eamonn Holmes
  • Yellow pig - Kate Garraway
  • Blue pig - Charlotte Hawkins
  • Green pig - Sean Fletcher
  • Purple pig - Richard Arnold

Who's your money on?

Watch the video above to find out who oinked their way to victory.

Celebrity Weather with ... Milton Jones

Comedian Milton Jones joined us in the studio this morning to deliver his own very unique take on the weather! His comedic talent seemed to be contagious, leaving Laura planning to hit the stand up circuit herself ....

You can catch Milton in his tour 'Milton Jones is Out There', which runs from 22nd September – 16th December 2017.