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North Pole blast to hit UK bringing snow and freezing conditions

Winter is set to bite as freezing winds from the north blow through the UK over the coming days.

Snow can be expected in the coming week in parts of the country as a freezing chill sets in over the British Isles.

Temperatures are set to stoop as low as 1C during the day, and sub-zero temperatures expected overnight, as Brits face a bitter start to the colder months of the year.

Why we're losing four minutes of light per day

You may have noticed that the mornings are getting darker. Well it’s not your imagination - we are currently losing four minutes of light per day.

That’s more than any other time of the year. This means that in two weeks time, the UK will transform from complete daylight at 7am to complete darkness. Be prepared because winter is on its way.

Could this be the UK's hottest summer?

Could this be the hottest summer that’s ever been recorded in the UK?

Temperatures may have cooled recently, but this summer the nation has sizzled in scorching conditions beating records not seen since 1976. There’s just two weeks to go, and at the moment we are set to scoop the top spot for the hottest summer ever recorded.

Brits warned over extreme heatwave as Med set to record highest EVER temperatures

Brits travelling to the continent to enjoy some summer sun have been warned that dangerously high temperatures could disrupt their travel plans, potentially ruining thousands of holidays.

The heat bomb lingering over Europe is currently sending temperatures soaring to up to 47C.

In the Spanish region of Extremadura, locals have been staying inside their homes, places of work or bars until temperatures become more bearable after 10 pm. Jonathon Swain is in the region reporting for Good Morning Britain.

17,500 lightning strikes hit UK in dramatic finale to heatwave

Downpours, ferocious thunder and dramatic lighting meant the weekend was a total washout for the majority of Brits. Summer storms turned skies a threatening grey, bringing the summer heatwave to a dramatic end - for now at least.

Revellers attending Camp Bestival in Dorset were sent packing after organisers had to cancel the event due to the poor weather. The festival site was left littered with tents, discarded camping chairs and litter as people rushed to leave the site. Festival organisers said Sunday that they'll arrange refunds for those who had to forego a weekend of fun, stating it was "heartbreaking" to have to cancel the final day of the festival.