Widespread showers for the weekend

Sunshine across London this week

This week we've seen a split in weather conditions across the British Isles, all the way through. On Monday when northwestern areas got off to a warm and bright start, London and the South East started the week off with flashes of lightning, rumbles of thunder and torrential downpours. But what's to come over the weekend?

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Can we expect 40 days of fine weather?

The St Swithin's Day proverb looked to be true for the last ten days but there is a bit of a hiccup this weekend. It’s been a week of extremes, last weekend torrential thunderstorms that saw thousands of lightning strikes and flooding the air cleared slightly.

Since then, eastern areas have been plagued with cloudy skies, elsewhere it’s been getting warmer and warmer. Scotland and Northern Ireland broke their warmest day of the year on Tuesday and have done every day since. Thursday saw 29.4C at Kinlochewe, with Magilligan in Londonderry rising to 27.3C.

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