Britain set to be as hot as Ibiza by the end of the week

A band of wet weather and heavy wind is expected to sweep across Britain today, bringing potential hazards for motorists.

But an end to the spell of unseasonal weather looks likely to be in sight as parts of Britain are set to be as hot as Ibiza later this week.

By Thursday, brighter weather warms up the country and the mercury could reach 21C in the south east.

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Return to cold weather with snow for some of us!

The weather this week is world's away from last week, where we saw temperature highs of 20.3 degrees in Wales on Thursday.

This week it will feel more like we're returning into Winter, with a return of cold, frosty, icy, and for some of us, snowy, conditions.

From the middle of the week onwards it could turn wet and windy. Not the ideal weather as we head towards the end of April!

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UV and hay fever warnings ahead of colder weekend

Yesterday was the warmest day of the year in the south of England and Wales with temperatures reaching 19 and 17 degrees respectively.

Laura warns of both tree pollen and UV rays if you're planning to be outside for an extended period of time. However, grass pollen - which affects most of us - won't be out in full force until mid-May.

Unfortunately, both cloud and rain are on their way for most over the next few days, bringing a colder feel for the weekend.

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