Celebrity Weather with ... Suggs

Madness frontman Suggs joined us this morning to talk about their new album and more - and we didn't let him leave the studio without cutting his teeth as a GMB weatherman.

Laura tinkered with the script to make it appropriate for the occasion - how many Madness songs can you spot?

Watch Madness's video to new single Can't Touch Us Now below!

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Cold snap will continue this weekend

We've just had the coldest night of autumn with temperatures of -7.2C recorded in Braemar and the cold weather continues this weekend.

Get Laura's full weekend forecast in the video above.

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Rare 'supermoon' to appear tonight

A rare 'supermoon' will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter today.

In the UK, people will see the moon rise above rooftops in the closest encounter for 69 years.

At 11.23am (UK time), the gap between the moon and the Earth was at its shortest point - known as "perigee" - a distance of 221,525 miles.

However sky watchers will have to wait until 5pm to see the moon emerge in all its glory.

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