What will the Bank Holiday weather bring?

This week certainly has been cooler for all of us, the chill in the mornings even forcing us to bring out the winter woollies after a burst of summer the week before, especially in the south.

Southern counties of England and Wales haven't had it too bad. There's been plenty of sunny spells and a good dose of unbroken sunshine at times, whereas northern areas have been troubled by an abundance of showers, some wintry across Scotland and N Ireland all thanks to an area of low pressure that has anchored itself close to the UK.

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Laura's weather blog: Change is ahead

This weekend

Friday is the day of change. We still have our weather front in the northwest keeping it cloudy with patchy rain, we’ll also have a weather front approaching from the southwest. The two will do a pincer movement this weekend coming together and bringing rain to all of us at some point.

Friday will still be warm and sunny for eastern Scotland, plus many central and eastern areas of England, with temperatures reaching 20-21C. Ireland, Wales and southwest England will become cloudier and cooler with outbreaks of rain. Northwest Scotland will still be cloudy with patchy rain.

All change!

We’ve had an amazing week of weather. High pressure has dominated keeping the weather fine and settled. Sunshine returned, after a cool and cloudy blip at the weekend. Scotland had their warmest day of the year so far - 21.2C at Drumnadrochit - and Northern Ireland too at 20.1C in Castlederg. There were a few negatives, an onshore flow in the south and more especially the east bringing low cloud and fog on shore keeping it cool and grey, plus a weather front in northwest Scotland for much of the week. This weekend, high-pressure retreats and low pressures returns from the Atlantic bringing cloudier, wetter and cooler weather for all of us.