Alex Beresford's Glastonbury forecast

Glastonbury wouldn't be a proper festival without a good slap of mud and I hear there's tonnes of it after the downpours over Worthy Farm earlier this week.

As long as you've got a trusty pair of wellies, a festival mac and the essential pack of wet wipes if you don't have time for a shower...a proper one that is! So, let's take it day by day and I think you'll be pretty happy...

Want perfect roses this summer?

It's the time of year when we all head into our gardens but hay fever sufferers beware - pollen levels are particularly high!

Roses could be one of the culprits, as the colder weather last week delayed their arrival in our flowerbeds. Laura is joined by Hyde Hall's garden manager Ian to find out exactly why our roses are blooming slightly later this year and what you can do to keep yours in flower for as long as possible!

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Extreme world weather: 330,000 lightning strikes yesterday!

We saw some dramatic storms last night, resulting in flooding in the UK - but things were even worse in other parts of the world such as Belgium and Germany. Meanwhile rivers have been overflowing in France and there's been fist-size hail stones in Russia!

Luckily things are about to settle down in Europe - but with some cooler conditions coming to the UK.

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