Is Autumn set to stay or will summer return?

Laura Tobin's latest weather blog brings us news of the super moon, a flooding anniversary and tells us what to expect for this weekend and beyond.

If this week is anything to go by it feels like autumn is here to stay, though summer will try to come back next week. The remnants of Ex hurricane Bertha last weekend brought the change from warm sunny weather to cool, windy and often wet weather. We saw floods on Sunday and Monday and even funnel clouds on Thursday in torrential showers.

After 8 months of above average temperatures, this week's below average or average temperatures have had some of you reaching for the heating and I’m afraid there is no heat wave in sight.

Credit: @dantvusa

Super moon and meteor shower

We had a real treat in the sky this week, not just one astronomical delight but two. First we had a super moon on Monday night. Because the moon’s orbit isn’t a perfect circle, the moon changes it’s distance from Earth, it’s closest point is called the Perigee. When a full moon coincides with a perigee it’s know as a super moon. The moon appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a normal full moon. On top of that this is the closest the moon has been to Earth for 20 years. That's why Monday night was so bright.

We also had the annual Perseids meteor shower; it’s the brightest meteor shower of the year. It’s caused by Earth passing through debris from the orbit of Comet Swift-Tuttle. While it peaks at 50-100 per hour, it was disappointing this year due to the super moon being so bright. However there were some great photos.