This week's Wimbledon weather

What Wimbledon weather can we expect this week? Watch Laura Tobin's weather forecast to find out.

Laura Tobin, where has the summer gone?

Where has the summer gone and when will it come back?

Watch Laura Tobin's online weather report above.

Cooler and fresher weather is on its way

Laura brings us her forecast from Ladies Day at Ascot, with news of cooler and fresher conditions.

Temperatures will climb a little as we head through the afternoon but the weekend will be cooler with a chance of some showers. Watch the video above for more.

Summer Solstice: Our longest day of the year is a hot one

Today is the Summer Solstice, meaning that astronomically, it's the beginning of summer. If we go over 32C - and it seems very likely - it will be our hottest June day in 40 years.

So, where is all this heat coming from? Laura Tobin explains from Stonehenge, where she joined crowds to watch the first sunrise of summer early this morning.

We could see the warmest June day in 40 years

After some wet weather last week, the forecast has changed once more and this week is set to bring more glorious sunshine. We could even see the warmest day on record in June in 40 years, if we get up to 33.8C.

As we head towards the weekend and into next week, the temperature will turn hot and the forecast is largely dry. Get your suncream ready!