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Top five headlines you're waking up to

Harvey Weinstein pictured in 2002 with Gwyneth Paltrow, who has claimed he invited her to his room for a massage during a casting

  1. Harvey Weinstein has resigned from The Weinstein Company's board days after he was fired by the firm following the flood of sexual abuse claims against him. Meanwhile, Amazon Studios' head of video content Roy Price has also stepped down from his role after he was accused of ignoring actress Rose McGowan's claims that Weinstein raped her. The latest high profile actress to say Weinstein harassed her is Game of Thrones star Lena Headey.

  2. Ambulance workers and A&E staff from across the UK are heading to Westminster today to lobby for tougher sentences for members of the public who attack emergency service staff. Last year there were 70,000 assaults on NHS workers in England and Wales, and 51 percent of ambulance staff say they have been exposed to sexual harassment whilst on duty.

  3. Plans to clamp down on unfair practices in the property management system in England which can lead to consumers paying over-priced charges have been outlined by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid. The Government will consider changing the law so that all letting and management agents, across both the private rented and leasehold sectors, must be qualified and regulated in order to practise. With over 4.2 million leasehold homes across the country and service charges reaching between £2.5 billion and £3.5 billion a year, the Government says it wants to fix problems in the property industry, drive down costs and protect consumers from a small minority of rogue agents.

  4. McDonald's has recently introduced mobile phone lockers in one of its branches in Singapore, encouraging diners to take a break from the virtual world and have real conversations over meals. Named the Phone off. Fun On. campaign, the first 100 transparent lockers are installed in the McDonald's Marine Cove outlet. So is it time to ban smartphones altogether at dinner?

  5. Also, should workers should be given paid leave to look after their pets? The debate follows a case in Italy where a woman has been allowed to claim sick pay after taking time off work to care for her unwell dog. Animals are now recognised as part of the family in a landmark decision by a judge in the Italian courts. This comes as several UK companies - including the drinks firm Brewdog - allow their employees up to five days off to settle in a new dog into their home.

Top five headlines you're going home to

The Duchess of Cambridge's third baby is due in April, Kensington Palace has said

  1. Inflation in the UK is at its highest since April 2012 at 3 percent, figures released by the Office for National Statistics have revealed, with wages only growing by 2.1 percent in the last year on average. It comes as families already face rising airfares, electricity and fuel prices. The rise in inflation may also put pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates in November. The rise is being blamed on rising food prices and transport costs.

  2. A key economic survey has said today that reversing Brexit would have a 'significant' positive impact on the UK’s economic growth. The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) also warned that a 'no deal', would see investment seize up, the pound hit new lows and the UK’s credit rating cut. Chancellor Philip Hammond said the UK would consider the report and see how it could act.

  3. IS has been defeated in Raqqa by a US-backed coalition made up of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters. Raqqa was regarded by the extremist group as their 'capital' of their 'caliphate', imposing their idea of strict Islamic law and carrying out their most radical behaviour, including beheadings, crucifixions and torture to terrorise residents who opposed its rule. A statement declaring victory is expected to be made soon as the clear up operation begins.

  4. Ex-hurricane Ophelia has brought more disruption to the UK as winds of up to 77 miles per hour were recorded today. The storm has killed three people in the Republic of Ireland as it ripped off roofs, tore down trees and whipped up waves in the country. More than 200,000 people remain without power in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland today. Scotland, Wales and parts of England are also braced for disruption.

  5. The Duchess of Cambridge (above) is expected to give birth to the in April, it was announced today by Kensington Palace. The child will be a younger brother or sister for Prince George and Princess Charlotte with the couple saying they’re 'delighted'. The new baby will be fifth in line for the throne.

Showbuzz: We need to talk about Liar! 😱

O.M.G. Richard talks about THAT dramatic final episode of Liar and brings us news of a second series... plus, which long-running BBC programme is facing the axe?

And did you hear, Ed Sheeran has been in the wars? Get well soon, Ed!

Samantha Geimer forgives Hollywood's Roman Polanski after rape conviction

Samantha Geimer was assaulted by director Roman Polanski in 1977, when she was aged just 13 and this morning told Good Morning Britain she forgave Polanski "many, many years ago".

Samantha said: “Forgiveness doesn’t come hard to me. I was having so much other trouble in life due to the court and the media that that really overtook and overwhelmed my whole family.”

Brendan Cole talks Strictly exit rumours and gets a brand new dance partner

Am I coming back next year? Am I not?

– Brendan Cole is slightly ambiguous about a return to Strictly...

Strictly Come Dancing pro Brendan Cole two-stepped his way into the Good Morning Britain studio today with his new dance partner - Charlotte Hawkins' adorable daughter Ella Rose!

Brendan, who paired up with Charlotte on Strictly, not only gave his former dance partner a bigger bouquet of flowers than Piers Morgan but he also cleared up the rumours about him leaving the dance show...

Watch the full interview above

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Sananda Maitreya says changing his identity saved his life

It wasn’t necessarily my choice to disappear

– Sananda Maitreya

Eighties superstar Terence Trent D’Arby, now Sananda Maitreya, told Good Morning Britain why, in 2001, he legally changed his identity to save his life.

Speaking from Italy the singer said: “I have succeeded in the world that I have established for myself, away from all the madness. You have to understand that almost all of my close peers, almost all of them, are dead."

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