Olivia is Good Morning Britain's Young Hero

Back in May we launched the search for Good Morning Britain's Young Hero, the award will be made at Prince Harry's WellChild Awards.

The winner has been chosen and Dr Hilary is live in Southport to surprise our winner a Ruston.

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Going down to Downton Abbey

We've been building up to the return of Downton Abbey on Good Morning Britain all this week. The show is in its fifth series and if you're struggling to wait until Sunday, Richard Arnold has just the thing for you.

He visited Highclere Castle, Home to Downton on Monday morning, and was lucky enough to catch up with the cast during filming of series five.

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Are your children safe in Thailand?

Most of the hundreds of thousands of Brits who visit Thailand every year leave with happy memories.

But the murders of two British tourists this week adds to statistics that reveal a much darker side to the tropical island paradise. We speak to travel expert Simon Calder.

  • In the past year Thailand has seen 362 British deaths including those of natural causes
  • 11 cases of rape and six assaults
  • And this week brings the number of people murdered in the past five years to 13

Mother of missing girl makes television appeal

The mother of missing schoolgirl, Alice Gross, has made a television appeal for her daughter to come home.

Rosalind Hodgkiss said the last two weeks had been 'heartbreaking'.

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Yes and No gear up for a final day of campaigning

At the end of this campaign a decision of momentous importance will have taken place, no lives will have been lost, no bullets fired, no bombs will have been detonated.

– Scottish Justice Minister and YES campaigner Kenny MacAskill

Both sides in the Scottish independence referendum are gearing up for a crucial final day of campaigning. Three polls put the No vote slightly ahead but observers say it's too close to call.

Meanwhile a group of 14 former defence chiefs has warned that Scottish independence could put the UK at risk of attack.

If we vote to leave there is no going back, it's not like a general election where if it doesn't work out you can kick them out.

– Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. It's the final push for votes as new polls put the Better Together campaign ahead by just four points - both sides gear-up for the last day of campaigning in Scotland

  2. Preparing to arm the rebels, President Obama makes plans to train anti-government forces in Syria, to combat the Islamic State

  3. Hours on hold and no help at all, we reveal the companies with the worst customer service

  4. The mother of missing schoolgirl, Alice Gross, has made a television appeal for her daughter to come home

  5. And should our children be at school from 9 to 5?

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Should children be in school from 9 to 5?

There are some children who find it quote hard to do their homework at home and with libraries closing they can't go there.

– Michael Rosen, author

Some headteachers claim extending the school day has improved academic results and boosted students' confidence.

We want to hear your thoughts, do you want your child in school 9 to 5? Longer hours could improve their grades, but would they lose their childhood? Let us know what you think.

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