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50 years since England won the World Cup

Euro 2016 was a tournament to forget for England football fans. But 50 years ago things were very different. The Class of 1966 won the World Cup for the first and so far only time for the Three Lions.

Tomorrow marks the 50th Anniversary of England lifting the World Cup trophy. There will be events taking part up and down the country to celebrate the historic event.

We reminisce about the good old football days and also take a look at what else made the headlines in 1966.

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Ben reflects on his epic ultra triathlon challenge

Trust me, friction is not your friend when you're running 63 miles in two days!

– Ben Shephard

After 146 miles of cycling, over a mile of swimming and 63 miles of running over 4 continuous days, Ben Shephard completed his ultra triathlon on Wednesday. Two days later, he reflects on his epic journey.

Ben completed the gruelling challenge with his childhood friend, Ivan Hollingsworth, to raise money for the Children's Heart Unit Fund (CHUF). Ivan's little boy Sebastian was born with a heart defect, and underwent open surgery at the Children's Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Since then Ivan has completed a range of solo and group challenges from Whitehaven to Tynemouth since his first in 2010. This Ben-accompanied outing is his 7th and final Coast to Coast challenge.

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Your chance to get Harry Potter tickets!

With the stage show of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child officially opening, plus the book coming out over the weekend, it seems the world has gone Harry Potter mad all over again!

But with tickets being sold online for over £1,000 how can we make sure we get to see the magic? Luckily Michael Underwood's got some good news...

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What are the real risks of taking the contraceptive pill?

These events are very rare

– Dr Hilary Jones

Millions of women take the contraceptive pill every day - but how many of them know the risks?

A coroner has ruled that a blood clot that killed a 23-year-old woman from Newport was a side effect of the birth control pill Dianette. Charlotte Foster (above) collapsed three weeks after telling colleagues that she had chest pains and was feeling short of breath.

The risks of getting a clot because of the Pill is very low but there are some circumstances in which one may be more likely. We asked Dr Hilary Jones to give us more information and to tell us whether we should be concerned if we're taking Dianette or a similar Pill.

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Ben and an unsuspecting Kate take an ice bath!

After 4 gruelling days of running, swimming and cycling in his ultra triathlon challenge, we thought Ben Shephard deserved a little treat at the end of today's show. So we got him an ice bath!

But our Ben is nothing if not generous, so decided to share his present with an unsuspecting Kate Garraway. Next time, don't stand too close!

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Six-year-old Jack rescues his granny

Meet Jack - an adorable, intelligent six-year-old who saved his granny's life by dialling 999 when he and little sister Lexie found her lying unconscious.

Luckily, his mum Dawn was inspired to teach Jack what to do in an emergency after viewing a story we featured on Good Morning Britain a few months ago.

Armed with that knowledge, Jack knew exactly what to do when he and Lexie found their granny in trouble and thanks to Jack's quick thinking she's now making a good recovery.

Jack you are an absolute hero!

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Airport booze ban?

For many of us a pre-flight pint, or glass of wine, or cocktail, is all part of going on holiday, but that could all soon change.

The government is looking to crack down on drinking at airports following a spate of incidents on planes involving drunk passengers.

We speak to Travel Editor of the Independent , Simon Calder.

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