Are babysitters getting a bad deal?

A mother has sparked a heated online debate after admitting that she begrudges paying her babysitter the minimum wage.

The woman - who goes by the alias Niloufes on parenting site Mumsnet - said her babysitter had requested a pay rise from £6 an hour to £7.20, in line with the minimum wage. The mother went on to say she felt £7.20 was a bit steep for 'just sitting and watching TV'.

Do you think baby sitters should be paid the minimum wage? Perhaps you think they should be paid even more? Or do you agree with this lady that £7.20 is a bit much? We'd love to hear from you!

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Bus driver wins £6 million, goes to work the next day

I know there are quite a few shift workers that use that route and rely on the service

– Bus driver Kevin explains why he returned to work

If you won £6.1 million would you turn up for work the next day?

Well bus driver Kevin Jones did just that! He joined us on the phone this morning to explain exactly why he thought it was his "duty" to provide a bus service that morning.

Kevin, you put the 'great' in Great Britain!

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Good Morning Spain!

Is the sun about to set on Britain's love affair with Spain?

Kate joins us live from the European Union's fifth largest economy, Spain, where she's talking to some of the one million British expats who relocate there every year.

They all agree that the Spanish sunshine is great, but now they face fear, confusion and uncertainty ahead of the EU referendum. David Cameron has said holidays to Europe could cost £230 more on average if we leave the EU because of a weaker pound, increased air fairs and higher phone bills

The expats Kate spoke to are split on a Brexit decision - some are proud to be EU citizens and others believe Britain could survive solo once more. However, concerns around healthcare and pensions remain pertinent.

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With thanks to the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa

Meet Freya, Britain's loneliest dog

Freya has been dubbed 'Britain's loneliest dog' because she's been overlooked by a whopping 18,000 people at a rescue centre in Liverpool.

A campaign has been launched to help find Freya a home - she arrived as a stray puppy at just six months old and has gone on to spend six years with Freshfields Rescue.

Despite having 700 Facebook friends, the Staffordshire-Bull cross, who suffers with epilepsy, is looking for a "patient, experienced home".

We think Ranvir might be tempted...

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