Good Morning Australia: Your stories

Bendan and Richard share their story on GMB...

All this week Good Morning Britain is going down under in Australia.

We'll be speaking to Aussies and expats from the beaches of Oz and hearing some of the amazing stories of the families who live worlds apart in the UK and Australia. Take a look and find out more about some of the people we'll be speaking to...

'We brought the British weather to Sydney!'

Sean about to go live on Good Morning Britain

The second leg of our Australian adventure started early, to catch the first flight to the country's most populous city. None of the team got much sleep. I always find the adrenalin from a big live outside broadcast keeps flowing through my veins for hours after I'm on air.

Wendi's war shows harsh reality

Wendi Peters - known for playing Cilla in Coronation Street - join Good Morning Britain to talk about her role in the West End's Oh What A Lovely War!

A satirical musical about World War 1, the show's packed with familiar songs from that era including Pack Up Your Trouble and It's a Long Way To Tipperary performed against a projected backdrop of images and shocking statistics conveying hard realities of war

The play was adapted by legendary left-wing theatre director Joan Littlewood whose theatre company was based at the Theatre Royal in Stratford. The play was first staged in 1963.

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Peter Andre follows in the paws of big cats

I’m so proud of her… I just hope for her I don’t become a hypochondriac.

– Peter on his fiancee Emily becoming a doctor

Animal Welfare charity Born Free have flown two lionesses out to Africa to be re-homed after being kept in appalling conditions in a circus in Belgium.

Maggie and Sonja travelled 6,000 miles back to their new home in South Africa last week and their journey was followed by Peter Andre.

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'Historic' storm set to hit US

A massive winter storm described as historic and destructive is heading for New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts.

We find out more about the expected conditions from our weather correspondent Laura Tobin and also how the areas are preparing from our reporters Kate Fisher and Jonathan Swain.

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Cameron says Tories must be trusted with economy

You need to listen to look at Labour's record rather than their rhetoric.

– David Cameron

A major academic study has found that the poorest in society have been worst affected by the Government's tax and benefits changes.

The report found that the coalition's intentions that the rich should contribute proportionately more to repairing the nation's finances "have not been realised".

The social policy study by academics from the London School of Economics (LSE), Manchester and York universities also predicted that poverty will increase in future years.

Good Morning Britain speaks to a mum of a five-year-old who has struggled to pay childcare from Northampton (below) - and we then ask Prime Minster David Cameron about what he plans to do to overcome these problems with just 100 days to go until the General Election.

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