Ambushed by a carjacker - tips to stay safe

It was just a natural instinct to protect your car, protect your property

– Nikki Law-Priddey was ambushed by a car-jacker

Nikki Law- Priddey was cleaning her car when she was ambushed by a carjacker. She tried to stop the thief but ended up being dragged 30 feet across the road before being knocked unconscious and left in the road.

Nikki is left with scarring on her knees and the tendon was ripped off the bone in her finger. She thinks that the leather boots that she was wearing protected her massively as she was dragged across the road.

Personal security expert Debbie Stephens said: "Be aware of what's happening around you... Statistically almost 70% of all cars that are carjacked are within a 5km radius of your home, so we need to be really aware around our homes."

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BGT semi-finalists Cor Glan-ef-we are great friends

It's such a big show, so nerves were inevitable really

– Ryan, Cor Glan-ef-we

168 strong Welsh choir Cor Glan-ef-we last night secured the first spot in Sunday's final of Britain's Got Talent.

Singers Ryan, Emyr, and Ma-red join us along with choir conductor Kevin to discuss their semi-final performance last night.

On getting the 168 strong choir together to practice, choir master Kevin said that they're all in different hotels but still manage to rehearse: "We do a pickup. We start from the first hotel and work our way down by Wembley Stadium... singing all the way"

Dance troop Entity Allstars also made it through to the finals last night.

The semi-finals continue tonight and all this week, 7:30pm on ITV.

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I don't think we expected to go through!

– Ma-red, Cor Glan-ef-we

Paparazzi parents warned of online dangers

By the time a child is five there will be almost one thousand photos of them online.

Over half of people in a new survey had posted pictures of children that weren't their own, often without permission.

Facebook is the social media site of choice with 53% of parents using it to share photos of their children.

Online safety expert, Vicki Shotbolt has her top three tips for online safety:

  • Turn off location based settings on your phone
  • Check privacy settings - turn on tag requests, who can see your photos?
  • Ask permission if you are posting a picture of someone else's children

Yawning has broken: we need more sleep

A poll by Good Morning Britain has found more than half of us get fewer than 6 hours unbroken sleep each night. So if you're bleary-eyed this morning you're not alone.

Family doctors say that more and more of their time is being taken up dealing with people who are tired or exhausted.

New research by the Natural Hydration Council says that fatigue is the primary cause of one in five (21 per cent) of GP consultations in the UK. They are recommending that people drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, take some exercise, get enough sleep and eat regularly, particularly breakfast.

Dr Hilary's top tips for a better night's sleep:

Eat a slow release energy breakfast such as peanut butter, brown toast, muesli or banana.
Energising lunch such as chicken caesar salad or salmon, broccoli, spinach. Nothing heavy or starch that will give you an energy dip.
No screens in the bedrooms - no TV, phones or tablets.
Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep.
It's important to keep hydrated so drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

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Body of murder suspect Jed Allen found in woods

The body of triple murder suspect, Jed Allen, has been found in a wooded area in Oxford.

Police are set to formally identify Allen, 21, who was suspected of killing his mother, her partner and their six-year-old daughter in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

Former Detective Mark Williams-Thomas spoke to Good Morning Britain and said: "The sad reality is we'll never know

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George and Amal to move to the UK this summer

I got a house there. We’re fixing it up and we’re moving in at the end of the summer

– George Clooney on moving to Berkshire

Sonning in Berkshire is fast becoming Britain's answer to Beverly Hills after George Clooney and Amal become the latest celebrities to settle in the sleepy village.

Ross Kingcaught up with George at the premiere of his new movie, getting all of the news from the man himself on his move to the UK.

We want to know have you spotted anyone famous in your area? And what were they doing?

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