David Walliams on Red Nose Day 2015

I don’t think the public wanted to see my in swimming trunks anymore so this year I actually wrote a children’s book!

– David Walliams on what he has planned for Comic Relief this year

Comic and author David Walliams joined us live from Kenya to launch this year's Red Nose Day campaign.

He wants to provide help and hope to the 20,000 homeless children living in Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city.

David also revealed he still hasn’t received his National Television Award for Best TV Judge after Simon Cowell picked it up for him last week.

“I’ve got a feeling I’m never going to get that National TV Award he’s probably already scratched my name off it and put his name on it!”

He later joked: “It’s a great feeling mainly because Simon Cowell didn’t win it - he got really desperate in the last few days before the voting closed and started tweeting pictures of his dog saying ‘please vote for my daddy’ and he said he was going to adopt some kittens if he won… And he still didn’t win! Mwahahaha!”

For more information on Red Nose Day click here.

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It's Bubblewrap Appreciation Day

There is nothing more satisfying than popping bubblewrap!

– Ben Shephard

It's not only Australia Day, it's also National Bubblewrap Appreciation Day!

Apparently popping the plastic air bubbles is so satisfying it's the equivalent of having a massage for 33 MINUTES.

Who knew?

Our presenters had an unual way of popping the plastic this morning - having a ride on a BUBBLE WRAP BIKE.

You might want to keep you're ears covered to watch the video above.

"The bubble popping makes me feel good!" Laura said.

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Laura on the bubble wrap bike

On the hunt for mystery man who praised mum

I can't describe the way it made me feel!

– Sammie

A young mum who was handed a letter branding her a 'credit to her generation' for her mothering skills on a train, along with a £5 note to buy a drink, is looking for the chivalrous stranger.

Sammie Welch was on a train from Birmingham to Plymouth when the charming man left her a letter of praise.

Sammie and three-year old son Rylan joined us on the sofa to talk about the heart-warming and emotional experience.

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Sammie holds the mystery note and £5

US braces itself for one of worst storms EVER

Preparations are underway on the east coast of America for what's predicted to be one of the worst storms on record.

Residents have been stocking up on fuel and food ahead of the blizzard later today. Up to two feet of snow are expected and there is a severe weather warning in place for Boston and New York.

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GMB saved my baby's life

I'm so grateful to GMB for showing that video. It could have all been so different now

– Hannah Gilmartin

Good Morning Britain has helped to save a baby's life!

Hannah Gilmartin, whose 11 month old daughter started choking on a tealight candle, was able to save her baby's life after she had watched our programme on Monday 12 January.

We had broadcast how to perform CPR on your child if they started choking. It was all part of a "baby choking campaign" from St John Ambulance called "The Chokeables" which featured David Waliiams.

The advert has been credited with saving seven lives and over four million people viewed the advert in 10 days.

Click here for advice from Dr Hilary on dealing with choking

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Violent past of 1300 partners revealed

They make sure your partner will never find out you have spoken to anyone so you feel completely safe

– Simone Moss who had found out her boyfriend had been violent to his past three partners

Clare's Law has led to the abusive pasts of more than 1,300 violent partners being revealed - less than a year after it was rolled out nationally, figures reveal today.

The law allows police to disclose information about a partner's previous history of domestic violence or violent acts. Two women are killed every week by a current or former partner.

We're joined by Simone Moss who found out that her boyfriend had a violent past.

She said: 'He was very full on very quickly, wanted to control me and texting me constantly.

'There was an incident where I found unconscious by the side of the road. That was enough to make me look further into my suspicions. Even though he denied it something inside me was saying it wasn't right.

'My friend told me about Clare's Law and spoke to the police. I discovered he had been involved in domestic abuse for years going back to the 80s.'

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Take That on Howard's wedding and Jason's exit

I think we've got used to being a three now. There's one less coat but we're still giving 100% with or without Jason

– Gary Barlow and Mark Owen

Take That chat to Richard Arnold about life as a three-piece and playing spies in the video for their Get Ready For It, the official song for the Kingsman movie and also taken from the album III.

Howard also opened up about his recent wedding to Katie Halil: 'She's a great girl and we're very happy. She's great with my children and the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.'


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Get Ready For It will feature on the soundtrack for new film Kingsman: The Secret Service which is out on 29 January.