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David Davis: Brexit? What on earth could go wrong?

The one thing we can't have happen is for Parliament to reverse the result of the Referendum

– David Davis MP

After Theresa May warned fellow EU nations she would rather walk away from Brexit than accept a "punitive" deal we were joined this morning by Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, David Davis MP.

As the Prime Minister gets ready to face questions from MPs over the UK's exit from the EU today we questioned Davis about the process going forward and what it could mean for immigration.

And despite the obstacles and friction surrounding Brexit, he seems very confident about it being a success, asking us: "Why on earth could it go wrong?"

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Should buggies make way for wheelchairs on the bus?

Should a mum with a buggy be made to get off a bus to make room for someone in a wheelchair? This is the question we're debating as the Supreme Court rules today whether the disabled should be legally entitled to priority use of wheelchair spaces.

The case was triggered when wheelchair user Doug Paulley, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire, attempted to board a bus operated by FirstGroup which had a sign saying: ''Please give up this space if needed for a wheelchair user.''

Mr Paulley ended up left at the stop because a woman with a sleeping baby in a pushchair refused to move out of the designated area when asked by the bus driver, saying the buggy would not fold. It's the first time the Supreme Court has considered a discrimination case relating to provision of goods and services.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. President Obama has commuted the 35-year sentence of Chelsea Manning, the soldier jailed for leaking information to Wikileaks. It is expected that the former Army intelligence analyst who leaked thousands of documents to Wikileaks, will now be out in May.

  2. Theresa May has warned fellow EU nations she is ready to walk away from Brexit talks rather than accept a "punitive" deal. In a speech setting out her 12 key objectives for EU withdrawal, Mrs May announced Britain will leave the European single market but will seek a "bold and ambitious" free trade agreement to allow it to continue doing business with its 27 former partners without having to pay "huge sums" into EU budgets.

  3. The Supreme Court will rule on Wednesday on whether disabled travellers are legally entitled to priority use of wheelchair spaces on buses - even when there are babies in buggies on board. The case was triggered when wheelchair user Doug Paulley was left at a stop because a woman with a sleeping baby in a pushchair refused to move out of the designated area when asked by the bus driver, saying the buggy would not fold.

  4. Thousands of people who are helping to bring up their grandchildren could be missing out on valuable credits which would help to build up their pension, research has found. A Freedom of Information request submitted to HMRC by Royal London found only a low number of applications had been made for grandparents' credit.

  5. Donald Trump will become president on Friday with an approval rating of just 40 per cent, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll. This is the lowest of any recent president - and 44 points below that of outgoing President Barack Obama.

Russell Watson's new lease of life

You have to make the most of everyday that comes along

– Russell Watson

One of the UK’s biggest selling classical artists, Russell Watson joined our sofa today to talk about his latest album, True Stories. He started as a Mancunian bolt cutter who then went on to spend 16 years at the top of the classical charts.

In the interview Russell speaks on meeting and performing for President-elect Donald trumps 15 years ago: "He had nice things to say about me so I liked him at the time."
But would he perform at Donald Trumps inauguration if he gets asked? We asked him.

Russell then went on to speak on recovering from his brain tumour and his new lease of life, telling us: "Live life to the absolute fullest".