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The top five headlines you're waking up to

- The NHS is falling hundreds of millions of pounds short in efforts to claw money back from so-called health tourists, a report has found. The Government aims to recover £500 million by 2018 - but it is estimated only £295 million is likely to be paid back by overseas patients not entitled to free treatment. Half this amount is owed to acute and specialists trusts in London, the National Audit Office (NAO) said.

- The Government sent a letter promising to "pull out all the stops" for businesses such as Nissan in the event of a Brexit vote, ITV News has learned. It comes after the Japanese car company announced it would carry on building cars in Sunderland, where more than 7,000 people are employed. Both sides deny any kind of 'sweetheart deal' - but a senior government source told ITV News the letter promised to "support competitiveness" post-Brexit.

- Donald Trump has again angered the family of a dead US soldier by saying their son would be alive if he had been president. Captain Humayun Khan was killed in a car bomb in Iraq in 2004. In an interview with ABC News, Trump called Captain Khan a "great hero" but said: "Had I been president, Captain Khan would be alive today. We wouldn't have been in this horrible, horrible mistake, the war in Iraq."

- Migrants claiming to be minors spent the night out in the open after the demolishing of the 'Jungle' camp. Those left were seen wrapping themselves in blankets as they prepared to sleep rough. Police were seen patrolling the outskirts of what was France's biggest migrant camp. Now there are fears a 'new Jungle' camp could soon pop up.

- Almost half of boys aged 16-18 in the UK would not feel comfortable talking to their dads about mental health, according to a new poll from Time for Change. When asked why, more than a third said it's because their dad doesn't talk about his feelings.

Poppy Appeal - Time to think again

For the launch of this year's Poppy Appeal, the British Legion are calling on the public to 'Rethink Remembrance' and say that people need to think of all serving service people, and not just veterans of the World Wars when donating to the appeal.

We were joined by Ken Nash, who developed PTSD after serving in Iraq, and former RAF medic Anna Pollock, to discuss their recent experiences with the British Legion.

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Michael Gove: 'I haven't spoken to David Cameron in a while'

Former Education and Justice Secretary Michael Gove has given his first television interview since the Brexit referendum.

Gove, who had a long-standing friendship with former Prime Minister David Cameron revealed that he hasn't spoken to him since the vote.

"It's a while since I've spoken to him, but we disagreed on a fundamental question," he admitted.

Gove was accused of treachery and stabbing Vote Leave ally Boris Johnson in the back when he stood against him for the Conservative Leadership back in June. However, he stressed today that he has no regrets about the matter as he launched Change Britain's immigration commission which focusses on how to make immigration work for working class people.

He added that he thought thought PM was doing a "good job" as PM, saying: "I think Theresa May is handling Brexit well. You must not reveal too much."

Buzz Lightyear and Woody will return to Toy Story 4 in 2019

Buzz and Woody are making a return

Disney-Pixar have confirmed that Toy Story 4 will now hit cinema screens in 2019.
The highly anticipated animated picture was due to be released in June 2018, but The Incredibles 2 has now been pencilled in for a release date then.

The first Incredibles film earned over £500 million worldwide in 2004 and won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Toy Story 4 will bring back original stars Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

It will be aiming to beat the records of Toy Story 3, which remains Pixar’s highest-grossing film, having made close to £1 billion globally.

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The top five headlines you're waking up to

- Global wildlife populations are set to have fallen by more than two thirds on 1970 levels by the end of the decade, conservationists warn. By 2020, populations of vertebrate species could have fallen by 67% over a 50-year period unless actions are taken to reverse the damaging impact of human activity.

- France declared the operation to clear the 'Jungle' camp over - but it is feared many children may be left without a bed for the night overnight. Charities warned unaccompanied minors had nowhere to go. A Calais Action spokeswoman said: "It's not safe here."

- Emotional reunions of families separated during so-called Islamic State's occupation of villages on the outskirts of Mosul have begun. Thousands of families were torn apart in June 2014 when IS took over the city in Northern Iraq and the surrounding area - with little or no contact since. Their reunions are not complete, however, as barbed wire continues to separate many of them.

- Today marks the launch of this year's Poppy Appeal and the British Legion are calling for us to 'Rethink Remembrance'. They are urging the public to also remember the service and sacrifice of all generations of the Armed Forces and those currently serving.

- Candice Brown has been crowned winner of the last series of The Great British Bake Off to air on the BBC. The PE teacher, 31, took the title ahead of rivals Jane Beedle and Andrew Smyth and said it was the biggest moment of her life so far.

Breaking news: Abba are getting back together

We are exploring a new technological world, with virtual reality and artificial intelligence at the forefront

– Simon Fuller on the Abba reunion

Swedish pop sensation Abba are set to reunite formally or the first time in 30 years to work with industry supremo Simon Fuller.

The world famous group, consisting of Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad went their separate ways in 1982 after a phenomenal 10 year run.

They recently performed together onstage to celebrate their 30th anniversary, but this will be their first official reunion.

The group has announced they will work with Fuller a "groundbreaking venture that will utilise the very latest in digital and virtual reality technology".

Andersson revealed: "We're inspired by the limitless possibilities of what the future holds and are loving being a part of creating something new and dramatic here. A time machine that captures the essence of who we were. And are."

Music mogul Fuller added: "The creativity and ideas flowing from the members of Abba over the past few months have filled me with great excitement.

"We are exploring a new technological world, with virtual reality and artificial intelligence at the forefront, that will allow us to create new forms of entertainment and content we couldn't have previously imagined."

The full details of their new project will be announced in 2017.

The band broke records back in the day

GMB's Bake Off with three previous winners...

It's the final to end all finals for The Great British Bake Off tonight - so we decided to make breakfast time into cake time by inviting Edd Kimber, Jo Wheatley and Frances Quinn to join us.

And it wouldn't be a Bake Off event without a little competitiveness, so we asked the three previous winners of the competition to rustle up some sweet treats to see which tantalised Kate and Charlotte's tastebuds the most.

We also questioned them on how life has changed since winning the show, who they think will win this year - and who they think could replace Mary Berry!

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