Josh Daniel has the emotional Factor!

It was overwhelming, I didn't know it had got to that extent.

– Josh Daniel

The X Factor returned this weekend, with an audience of 7.9 million.

And in spectacular fashion the talent show delivered the funny, sad and super-talented including our guest, Josh Daniel, who reduced the judges to tears...

The performance of Labrinth's track Jealous particularly struck a chord with Simon Cowell, who was rocked by the death of his mother just days before the auditions started.

Viewers last night saw Simon, visibly upset and wearing shades, walk away from the studio without talking to anyone.

Josh says: "Simon was quiet when I was on the stage so I knew he was quite choked but I didn't realise what happened afterwards until I saw it on TV last night."

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Kanye West to run for President?

I have decided in 2020 to run for president.

– Kanye West

Rapper Kanye West dropped a bombshell at the MTV Video Awards last night - he's going to run for President in 2020!

Accepting the prize for Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award from Taylor Swift, Kanye revealed how fatherhood had changed him.

Ross King has all the latest gossip from the star-studded event, which also saw Miley Cyrus suffer a wardrobe malfunction and Justin Bieber's break down in tears after his performance.

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Justin Bieber burst into tears after his comeback performance

Worried about getting kids back into school routine?

Start gently... Begin the routine slightly earlier, don't allow screens two hours before bed and don't eat so late as that will give the children an injection of energy. You need to be strict, children need boundaries.

– Sue Atkins

It's back to school time for children across the country and a fifth of parents say it takes up to two weeks to get kids back into the term time routine.

If you're worried about how you or your children will cope, we've got help on hand.

Parenting expert Sue Atkins offers her advice, including wise words on becoming a 'sleep detective!'...

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Exclusive: Alison Parker's father speaks to GMB

I don’t want to see another father go through what I am going through.

– Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker, the father of murdered reporter Alison Parker and Chris Hurst, her boyfriend, joined us live from Virginia in their first UK television interview today.

Heartbroken Andrew is determined to do 'whatever it takes' to have tighter gun laws and to ensure a tragedy like this never happens again.

Speaking exclusively to GMB, he said: "My life has been wrecked. No person should bury their child. It's devastating.

"We're going to make this stop, whatever it takes we're going to do it, to close the loop holes in these gun laws. To keep guns away from people that are mentally disturbed."