Hugh Bonneville bids farewell to Downton

We were amazed it went beyond Series 1

– Hugh Bonneville on the end of Downton

Hugh Bonneville joins us to chat about the release of Paddington on DVD and the phenomenon that is Downton Abbey - after it was announced that the sixth series will be its last yesterday.

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Paula Radcliffe's on the run!

Paula Radcliffe has been announced as Great Run's ambassador for women's running 2015. She's joining forces with Britain's biggest running events series to encourage more women to take up running this year.

At the first Great North Run in 1981 only 11 percent of the field were women; now they make up 44 percent of the 240,000 people taking on a Great Run event each year.

In 2015 organisers have set the target of achieving an even 50/50 split of male/female runners across their 15 events in cities around the UK.

Paula joins us to tell us why more women should get involved and get fit.

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Cameron and Miliband's first TV grilling

David Cameron and Ed Miliband faced public questions for the first time in the run-up to the 2015 General Election on an interview and live Q&A show.

Who fared the best in the first of the televised TV grillings, and what were the key moments?

We're joined by Consultant Editor of the Daily Mail, Andrew Pierce, and the Mirror's Associate Editor, Kevin Maguire.

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Police search flat of French Alps co-pilot

Investigators are looking at the background of the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 Andreas Lubitz after it emerged that he appears to have crashed the Airbus A320 deliberately.

Overnight, police removed several items from Andreas Lubitz's flat in Dusseldorf. All 150 people on board the flight were killed when it went down in the Alps.

Nick Dixon goes on-board a similar plane to the one Andreas was co-piloting, plus we're joined by forensic psychologist Dr Mike Berry and Mike Vivian, former head of flight operations at the Civil Aviation Authority.

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At what age is it okay to leave a child home alone?

It's been revealed that a parent is arrested every day on suspicion of leaving one or more of their children at home alone.

At least 105 mothers and fathers faced criminal investigations for leaving their offspring unsupervised in the final three months of last year, research by the Press Association has revealed. Cases involved children aged from just a few weeks to 14 years old.

At what age do you think it's okay to leave a child at home without adult supervision?

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