Manchester Dogs on Cowell donation

Simon Cowell

Today we're live from the Manchester Dogs home with manager Anna Standfield after Simon Cowell's generous £25,000 pledge.

Plus we speak to a family divided over the Scottish referendum and Penny Junor, author of new Prince Harry autobiography joins us to talk about the Royal's 30th birthday.

Spandau Ballet are on the sofa to discuss their documentary Soul Boys of the Western World and 16-year-old X Factor hopeful Lauren Platt and her parents Sahsa and Bradley join us.

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Simon Cowell's £25k donation to dogs home

X Factor boss Simon Cowell has pledged £25,000 to the Manchester Dogs' Home after a large fire killed 60 animals.

At the weekend Simon tweeted:

Lisa Graham, of Manchester Dogs' Home, said: "It's fantastic the support we have had, the celebrities coming in retweeting information and letting their followers know what has happened.

"The money will help us start a rebuild, it will help fund contingency plans that we have had to put into place - it's going to give us a new start."

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Ashya King - his story so far

Ashya King.

  • August 28 2014 - Brett and Naghemeh King remove their young son from Southampton General Hospital after disagreeing with doctors.
  • August 30 - Hampshire police are granted an international arrest warrant on the grounds of neglect. Parents are arrested in Velez Malaga and five-year-old Ashya is rushed to hospital. Brett and Naghemeh are taken to a prison in Madrid.
  • September 1 - Petition to reunite Ashya with his parents is started by a family friend. Some 257,315 people go on to sign it.
  • September 2 - Ashya's parents are released hours after prosecutors made a u-turn and said the couple would face no charges.
  • September 8 - The family fly to Prague so after doctors give Ashya the thumbs up to fly.

Prince Harry to celebrate landmark birthday

Prince Harry whips up the crowd at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games.

Prince Harry has plenty to celebrate on his 30th birthday, after his Invictus Games turned out to be a roaring success.

The fourth in line to the throne closed his games for injured servicemen and women with a star-studded concert headlined by the Foo Fighters.

The band reportedly agreed to play after Prince Harry called lead singer Dave Ghorl personally to persuade him.

Prince Harry joked he would celebrate with a beer after the Invictus Games had finished.

The "spare heir" is set to inherit a multi-million pound fortune from his mother - estimated to be £10.7 million.

Over half of UK 'do not want Scottish independence'

The rest of Britain has said no to Scottish independence and wants the UK to stay as it is, according to an exclusive Good Morning Britain poll.

A One Poll survey found 53% did not want to Scotland to vote Yes to independence in next week's vote compared to the 21% who believed the country should go it alone.

Almost half (48%) of the 5,000 adults living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland did not care whether Scotland became independent.

A further 42% felt it would make no difference in their lives.

The survey shows some concerns about the financial impact of an independent Scotland on the rest of the UK.

More than half of respondents (52%) said they would not be better off financially in the event of a Yes vote, while only 16% thought the opposite.