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Laura Tobin becomes a World Record breaker!

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday we tasked Laura Tobin with filling and folding as many pancakes as possible in one minute - live on Good Morning Britain's Facebook page!

After a tense wait to see if her efforts counted - overseen by an official representative from Guinness World Records - it was confirmed that Laura had managed to successfully beat the current record of ten, by stuffing and rolling 11 pancakes.

What was happening backstage when THAT Oscars blunder happened...

Chaos ensued on the headset, as you can imagine

– Debbie Williams

She was stage manager at the ceremony where THAT blunder happened and today GMB spoke to Debbie Williams about how and why the wrong movie for Best Picture was read out at the Oscars.

"It happened very fast", she said before explaining how an accountant waiting in the wings handed the wrong envelope to presenter Warren Beatty. Is it true that he was distracted tweeting pictures of the big stars backstage?

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Have our NHS hospitals reached 'breaking point'?

NHS doctors experience "grave pressure" in our health services according to a new report. The Royal College of Physicians said its document shows that doctors are facing "bed shortages, staff shortages and a lack of resources" while working on the NHS frontline.

Earlier we were joined by Dr Zeshan Qureshi who stressed that the NHS is under funded, under resourced and under staffed. He also made the shocking revelation that at the height of winter, hospitals were at "breaking point" resulting in "no intensive care beds for children".

Watch the full discussion here.

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Stray cat and homeless busker turn into Hollywood movie stars

He gave me that drive and ambition to you know, better myself

– James Bowen speaks on Bob the cat

Today we met the world's most famous cat, Bob and his owner James Bowen. Bob was a stray cat who saved then-homeless man James's life. Their remarkable story has now been turned into a Hollywood movie called A Street Cat Named Bob.

James spoke to us about how the loveable pair first met and described how their wonderful friendship blossomed. James also told us about the extremely positive influence Bob had on his life by giving him more drive and determination to succeed.

So what's next for Hollywood's favourite duo?

Watch the full interview here.

'Michael was the nucleus of showbusiness'

He would write in the mirror every morning when he washed his face, 'I will sell so many records'

– Jackie on his late brother Michael Jackson

Many of us have grown up always knowing the Jacksons and today Tito and Jackie joined us to tell us how they stay so young and opened up about late brother Michael Jackson.

Vitamins and breakfast cereals of choice aside, the brothers talked to us about their views on the next generation of Jacksons - with Michael's daughter Paris making recent headlines - telling us "there's a lot of talent in the family."

The pair also reminisced about superstar Michael and his fame - calling him "the nucleus of showbusiness" and revealed a surprise love for Chelsea Football Club, much to Piers' despair!

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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. The Government targets a six percent spending cut as a plan to save £3.5 billion by 2020. It is believed that the NHS and core school budgets will not be included in the cut. Treasury minister David Gauke said the new plans will help meet the pressures in the social care services.

  2. Education spending must be increased to prevent staff cuts because of a "funding crisis", two teaching groups have said. An open letter to the Chancellor, the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) and the National Governors' Association (NGA) warned that schools were running out of things to cut. We'll be discussing this further during today's show.

  3. NHS doctors experiences of "grave pressure" they face while working in the health service have been laid bare in a new report. The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) said its document shows that doctors are facing "bed shortages, staff shortages and a lack of resources" while working on the NHS frontline. One medic described how patients are dying because hospitals are "jam-full".

  4. Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he is "very happy" and Labour is moving forward, as a key ally warned a "soft coup" was under way against his leadership of the party. Mr Corbyn insisted the party was moving forwards under his leadership and would "learn the lessons" of the historic by-election defeat in Copeland, which saw a Labour seat snatched by the Tories.

  5. Are we going to see a Brexit delay? Brexit should be delayed if a trade deal cannot be struck by the end of the two-year negotiation process, business chiefs have said. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) also called for firms to be allowed freedom to continue recruiting skilled and low-skilled workers from the European Union even after the UK has broken away from Brussels.