Women at work

Their career roles widened massively during the war because they had to keep the country running

– Woman's Weekly editor Diane Kenwood

All this week Good Morning Britain is marking the centenary of World War One, and we're featuring some incredible stories.

Today we take a look at the inspirational women who kept things running while the men were away, for the first time not just in the home, but the workplace, too.

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Driverless cars to hit UK roads next year

Robots are fantastic as dishwashers, but they don't make very good drivers - there are too many parameters to control

– Top Gear's Ben Collins

Imagine being able to check your emails or read a book while you drive to work... It's a relaxing type of road trip that may be closer than you think.

The government is announcing a testing programme that will see driverless cars on our roads from next year, with engineers hoping the cars will improve road safety by guarding against the 80% of car crashes caused by human error.

Watch Jonathan Swain take a prototype for a spin, and former racing car driver Ben Collins share his concerns about the new technology.

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'The Ebola virus is very hard to catch'

There are people living in the same house as someone with Ebola who don't get sick... it is really very difficult to spread

– Virologist Dr Ben Neumann

The government's chief scientist has warned that Britain must protect itself from the Ebola virus which is now known to have killed almost 700 people in Africa. It follows new guidelines to doctors in England to watch for signs of the disease.

So how big is the threat to the UK? We speak to virologist Dr Ben Neuman from the University of Reading, who's convinced there's no need for panic over the disease.

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Just how healthy is that salad?

We have to remember just because something is low fat, low calorie or low sugar it may actually have extra calories in it

– Nutritionist Ian Marber

Grab a healthy salad for lunch and you might think you're having a healthy bite to eat, but new research reveals what's REALLY in your salad. According to Consensus Action on Salt & Health, more than 77 per cent of salads they tested (650 ready to eat salads) contained more salt than a packet of crisps.

Do you know what's in your lunch choice? Nick Dixon investigates, and nutritionist Ian Marber gives his expert advice.

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