Who is stepping into Julie Andrews' shoes for Mary Poppins sequel?

She's the most famous nanny in the world and she's heading to a cinema near you (by umbrella, naturally!).

The original was released on August 27 1964 to universal acclaim, receiving a total of thirteen Academy Award nominations. Julie Andrews immortalised the iconic role and went on to win the gong for Best Actress.

So which Hollywood leading lady is set to play Mary Poppins in the hugely anticipated sequel? Ross joins us with all the latest from Los Angeles.

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Pride of Britain: Nominate your Young Fundraiser of the Year

We are once again proud to be supporting, filming and broadcasting the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards in association with TSB.

The awards celebrate the achievements of some truly remarkable and inspirational individuals.

Through campaigns such as the Pride of Britain Awards ITV are able to use our reach, both nationally and in the regions, to share the stories of truly extraordinary people; helping to inspire, engage and empower more people to make a difference in their communities.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. An Australian-style points-based immigration system could be introduced in the UK if Britain votes to leave the EU, Brexit campaigners have revealed. The plan would spell the end of the automatic right of EU citizens to come to live and work in the UK.

  2. The families of 21 people who lost their lives in the 1974 Birmingham Bombings will today find out if the inquests into their deaths will be reopened. Two IRA bombs exploded at pubs in the city on 21 Nov 1974. The original inquests opened days after the attacks but closed following the guilty verdicts in 1975 which saw six men jailed. Their convictions were quashed in 1991.

  3. A deal is expected to be announced at 7am this morning over the sale of TATA Steel's long-products division at Scunthorpe steelworks. Greybull Capital is expected to announce that it has finalised the takeover of the long-products division, which employs around 3,000 people at its base in Scunthorpe.

  4. Police in the US may bring criminal charges over an incident that saw Harambe the gorilla shot and killed in order to rescue a four-year-old boy who had fallen into his enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo. There has been mounting outrage over the death of Harambe, a 450-pound Western lowland silverback gorilla, aimed at both the zoo and the parents of the child.

  5. And in a Good Morning Britain exclusive - who will bejoining Simon Cowell on this year's X Factor judging panel?

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Worried about cosmetic procedures on the high street?

People thinking of having cosmetic procedures - such as botox or fillers - are being urged to question their doctors before going ahead with the treatment. These non-surgical procedures are of particular concern because of the minimal training requirements needed to become a practitioner.

Do you think tighter regulations need to be put in place? Perhaps you think you should have a note from your doctor to prove you have had the risks explained to you and you are not considered to be in a vulnerable situation? Or do you think the onus has to be on the individual to carry out proper research before going ahead with a potentially dangerous procedure? We'd love to hear from you.

Get in touch via our Facebook page, tweet us or send us an email to gmb@itv.com by 8am on Wednesday 1 June 2016.

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These babies are one in two million!

Becki-Jo Allen, 23, was shocked to discover she was expecting triplets ... and even more surprised after giving birth to find out that they're identical!

The chance of giving birth to naturally conceived, genetically identical triplets is 200 million to one and at 10 months old Roman, Rocco and Rohan are the youngest of what is thought to be only a handful of naturally conceived sets of identical triplets in the UK.

Becki-Jo, who is from Liverpool and also has a three-year-old daughter, Indiana, had an early scan nine weeks into the pregnancy due to severe headaches and nausea - and was given the bombshell news she was expecting triplets.

She joined us today with her little trio to tell us how she's adapting to her suddenly expanded family, plus we got some advice from her from other mums of triplets.

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Would a Brexit mean lower bills and higher wages?

If we are still in the European Union we can’t control VAT, we can’t control the millions of pounds we give to them every week

– Michael Gove

Justice Secretary Michael Gove joined us today to tell us why he thinks it makes economic sense to leave the European Union - plus he admits he'd rather David Cameron was Prime Minister than Boris Johnson and that he doesn't want the job himself.

The one thing I absolutely don’t want to be is Prime Minister

– Michael Gove