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POLL: Is your child losing sleep over SATs exams?

Soon ten and eleven year olds across the country will be sitting their KS2 SATs exams, with the Government facing criticism over the stress levels the pupils are put through during this time.

Is your child getting ready to sit his or her exam? Are they stressed about their SATs to the point of losing sleep? Let us know below.

Grand Designs guru Kevin McCloud brings the show to a live audience

He's spent nearly two decades fronting the popular property show Grand Designs, charting the highs and lows of building some of the country's most spectacular homes.

This weekend, award-winning property guru Kevin McCloud will be showing aspiring developers how it's done in person as Grand Designs Live returns for its 12th year.

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Daughters to commemorate Rodney King, 25 years after his historical beating by police

It's almost 25 years since Los Angeles police officers were filmed beating an unarmed builder called Rodney King with a brutality that sent shockwaves around the world.

A quarter of a century later, Rodney King's daughters are to commemorate their father's life and the events of that time.

This morning, they joined us live from LA to tell us what they remember and how they are marking the anniversary.

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Line of Duty's Patrick Baladi reveals he's the 'baklava' man!

It's Jed (Mercurio's) writing - his attention to detail, the intricate web he weaves. He keeps us guessing.

– Patrick Baladi on the secret to Line of Duty's incredible success

It's the crime drama everyone's talking about - last week's episode of Line of Duty left viewers on the edge of their seats once again, but still no closer to working out who the man in the balaclava really is.

Everyone's a suspect in Sunday's finale, including lawyer Jimmy Lakewell, played by Patrick Baladi.

Will he help us shed some light on who the balaclava man is?

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'Marine A' Alexander Blackman released from prison

This is long overdue. The establishment made a major mistake. It leaves the military covenant in shreds.

– Author Frederick Forsyth - who campaigned for Alexander Blackman's release

The Royal Marine jailed for killing an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan has been released from prison.

Alexander Blackman, 42, known as Marine A, had his conviction for murder quashed last month and his sentence changed from life in prison to seven years for manslaughter.

The appeal court accepted the grounds of diminished responsibility as he was suffering from a mental illness, known as adjustment disorder.

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. A woman was shot and four others arrested (including a 16-year-old boy) in separate counter-terror raids in North London and Kent yesterday evening. It follow an unrelated arrest of a 27 year old man who was armed with several knives was arrested in Whitehall on suspicion of planning a terror attack.

  2. Royal Marine Alexander Blackman, known also as Marine A, who had his sentence reduced for shooting dead an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan, has been released from prison overnight. He will be reunited with his wife Claire, who has led his campaign for justice since he was jailed in 2013.

  3. Today there will be a 24-hour walkout by staff on Arriva Rail North in the ongoing dispute over the role of guards. Follows failed talks on plans to make conductors "on-board supervisors" and pass responsibility for opening and closing doors to drivers. The walkout could affect up to 270,000 commuters using the Northern Rail network.

  4. The leaders of the 27 remaining EU countries are gathering in Brussels called together by EC president Donald Tusk to agree on a common position for Brexit negotiations. The final negotiating decision will be finalised in mid-May.

  5. President Trump is going on an executive order frenzy in the final week of his first 100 days. By Friday, Trump will have signed at least 32 executive orders - the most signed in the first 100 days of a new administration since World War II.