Air conditioning: Battle of the sexes!

A new study has shown that air conditioning units are designed for the body temperature and metabolism of men and leave most women shivering.

We want to hear if this is reflective of your experience? Whether it's in the car or on holiday, do you have endless arguments with your partner over the air temperature? Perhaps you hate air conditioning and refuse to use it? Or does the temperature in your workplace leave you reaching for your cardigan and a hot chocolate? Get in touch!

Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or by emailing before 8am Wednesday 5 August and we may use your comments and photos on the show. You must be 18 or over, for terms and conditions see

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Poll says police should focus more on burglaries

Police plans to stop investigating house burglaries in order to focus on cyber crime and terrorism have been roundly condemned in an exclusive GMB poll.

We found 85 per cent said they don't agree with the police's new priorities. It comes as one of the UK's most senior officers, Sara Thornton, admitted that police cuts mean they can't afford to investigate burglaries. Instead officers are telling people to check local CCTV, talk to neighbours and search for their property on second hand websites.

There were 33,000 burglaries in May 2015 in England and Wales - a figure lower than a year ago.

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Zayn and Perrie split

I'm good

– Perrie in her first television appearance since the split was announced

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have split up. The former One Direction singer is said to have left the Little Mix star completely devastated after calling off their engagement two weeks ago, just four months after he quit the world-famous boyband to "save their relationship". A source told MailOnline: "Perrie is absolutely devastated. Zayn called off the engagement two weeks ago, she's so upset."

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GMB calls on a real midwife

The word midwife actually means "with women" and that is always within our hearts as midwives

– Sarah Faith

GMB's on a tour this week visiting some much-loved TV towns! We've tracked down some perfect places which have been made famous on television and are meeting the real life people who live there.

Yesterday we met a real-life farmer in Emmerdale but today, have your hot towels at the ready as we're about to Call the Midwife. The drama is often filmed at The Historic Dockyard Chatham in Kent, thanks to its naval base architecture and cobbled streets.

And we meet real midwife Sarah Faith, who thinks there's more to like without the bike, about being a midwife in 2015!

Meet Emmerdale's real-life farmer

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Stolen dog home at last - after seven years!

A dog stolen seven years ago has been reunited with her owners after police found her wandering around 200 miles from home.

Molly the Jack Russell had been badly treated but is now thrilled to be back with Brian and Pauline Berry. The canine was pinched along with her eight pups back in 2008 and her distraught owners thought they would never see her again. However, in the end police were able to track her because she was micro-chipped and she was found wondering around a travellers' site.

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