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Should children be made to learn the National Anthem?

It's deeply, deeply embarrassing

– Ash Sarkar

How well do you know the National Anthem?

It’s something we should all know, according to Romford’s MP Andrew Rosindell, who's calling for the it to be taught in schools across the country.

Andrew wants the teaching of God Save The Queen to be a part of the curriculum.

But going head-to-head with Andrew was a senior editor from an independent media organisation, Ash Sarkar, who’s branded the idea as 'embarrassing' and dangerous.

Watch the full debate above

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Kim and Kanye welcome their third child!

In Tuesday’s Richard Arnold's latest entertainment news, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed their third child via surrogate. Plus, fans will be excited to know that Benidorm is back for a 10th series!

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Iain Duncan Smith and Chuka Umunna discuss MP Ben Bradley’s vasectomies post

If you take the comments as a whole, they are stupid and idiotic and he’s right to apologise for them

– Chuka Umunna comments on Ben Bradley's blog post

Former Work Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith MP and Former Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna MP spoke to today’s Good Morning Britain about Conservative MP Ben Bradley’s blog post apology.

Bradley has apologised following an online post he wrote in 2012 in which he claimed benefit claimants should have vasectomies.

In the piece the 28-year, who was made vice-chairman for youth in last week’s reshuffle, wrote: “If you can’t afford children, stop having them! Vasectomies are free.”

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. The government has ordered a review into Carillion’s collapse. Former directors of Carillion are to be investigated to decide whether they "caused detriment" before the construction giant's collapse. But the questions continue to mount over the governemnt’s own conduct - why did they give contracts to a company that were going through financial problems? The government handed out as many as seven contracts after the Carillion’s first profit warning in July.

  2. The French President has called for more money from the UK to deal with migrants and refugees who are still using the Calais port. Emmanuel Marcon said Britain must take in more unaccompanied children. Local charities say there are still around 1000 child and adult migrants in Calais and Dunkirk, forced to sleep rough.

  3. The police have revealed more details of the shocking incident which took place in California, where parents of a family were arrested after California police found 13 siblings held captive in a house. According to officials, the children were found chained to beds in “foul-smelling surroundings”. Thankfully, one of the children escaped and raised the alarm. When the rescuers found the 12 brothers and sisters, they said the captives looked so malnourished they thought they were all children - even though seven were adults. Police held Louise Anna Turpin, 49 and her husband David Allen Turpin, 57 on charges of child endangerment and torture and set their bail at £6.5 million each.

  4. After much speculation about Donald Trump’s mental sharpness, details of the president’s health were read out by the White House doctor. According to the test results, Trump's in "excellent" physical health and performed "exceedingly well" at a cognitive test and would likely be able to execute the remainder of his presidency.

  5. West Ham needed extra time to see off Shrewsbury in the FA Cup to progress to the fourth round. After a goalless draw last weekend, it took a winner from Reece Burke in the 112th minute of the game to end Shrewsbury's hopes of an FA Cup upset at the London Stadium.

Top headlines you're going home to

  1. An MP has been caught having a snooze in the House of Commons during a Brexit debate. Conservative Sir Desmond Swayne was seen slipping into slumber for almost a minute as his colleague Ken Clarke laid out his thoughts directly in front of him in the chamber, before snapping back to life with a rather sheepish smile. Watch the video here.

  2. Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite the Union, told today’s Good Morning Britain that the government ignored warning signs ahead of the Carillion collapse. Meanwhile, former directors of the firm look set to be investigated to decide whether they 'caused detriment' to workers and other businesses before the construction giant's collapse.

  3. A Danish inventor has been charged with murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall during a trip on his private submarine. Prosecutors allege Peter Madsen either cut Ms Wall's throat or strangled her, describing the case as "very unusual and extremely gross". Madsen claims the journalist died accidentally inside the submarine while he was on deck during the excursion in August.

  4. Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis has criticised the criminal justice system for letting a former university friend continue his 20-year campaign of harassment against her. Edward Vines, 47, has stalked the BBC journalist since they were both students at Cambridge University in the mid-1990s. Vines was jailed again - this time for 45 months - as he continued to breach his restraining order by writing to Ms Maitlis from prison and his bail hostel.

  5. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed their third child via surrogate, TMZ has confirmed. The surrogate gave birth Tuesday morning to a healthy girl. Kim and Kanye used a surrogate because she has placenta accreta, a life-threatening condition that created serious complications during the birth of her second child, Saint.

QUIZ: Did Piers Morgan really say that? Or is it fake news?

President Trump is trying to get his own Fake News awards kicked off - and apparently the White House is rather reluctant to help him out.

Whether they end up happening or not, we decided to cast our mind back to some of the things our own Piers Morgan has said over his time on Good Morning Britain (he's a close friend of Donald's, in case you didn't know).

Did Piers REALLY say the above quotes... or are we reporting them as fake news?

Take our quiz to find out!