New test for ovarian cancer

A new screening test that tracks changing levels of a protein in the blood can detect twice as many ovarian cancers as conventional methods, research has shown.

The technique relies on a statistical calculation to interpret variations in the level of a protein called CA125 which is linked to ovarian cancer.

It gives a more accurate prediction of risk than the traditional diagnostic blood test which uses a fixed cut-off point for CA125.

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The world welcomes Princess Charlotte

It's predicted that by the time she is seven, Princess Charlotte will have raised £1 billion for the economy.

Memorabilia to celebrate Charlotte's birth is being hurriedly designed and produced and will soon be flying off the shelves...

After her parents announced her full name yesterday - Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - we take a look at what it all really means, and meet a royal fan called Charlotte Elizabeth who is over the moon about the Duke and Duchess's choice!

Plus, we got some children to tell us how they think the Princess of Cambridge's life will play out. Once upon a time...

Idina Menzel: 'I know that there will be' Frozen 2

They're still in the creative mode and I know that I really want to do it.

– Idina Menzel on Frozen 2

Tony Award-winning singer and actress Idina Menzel chats to Good Morning Britain about the possibility of her involvement in a Frozen sequel!

Idina has also confirmed her biggest UK and Ireland tour to date which starts next summer. This is her first set of UK concert dates since her 2012 tour, which included a week long run at London’s Apollo Theatre.

Idina's June tour dates:

Nick Clegg to kick off last minute tour

We learned the hard away about some of the compromises you have to make in coalition government

– Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg kicks off a 48-hour whirlwind tour of the country today as he tries to secure last minute votes ahead of Thursday's general election.

While the polls are not looking good for the Liberal Democrats, the party is still expected to be a major player in any coalition negotiations, in the event of a hung Parliament.

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