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Laura Tobin introduces baby Charlotte to Good Morning Britain!

Nobody tells you how hard it is being a parent. It’s really difficult.

– Laura

It was a very special morning on Good Morning Britain today! Laura Tobin introduced her baby Charlotte to the GMB viewers - and she's adorable!

Laura was working on the show in July 2017 when she suddenly felt stomach pains. It was Dr Hilary who told her the unexpected news: “I think the baby wants to come today.”

Laura was rushed to the hospital and gave birth to baby Charlotte nearly three months premature. Charlotte weighed two-and-a-half pounds when she was born, but fast forward seven months, she's doing brilliantly - getting stronger and weighing a healthy 14lbs.

Overweight insurance broker loses 7 stone to become international model

Former insurance salesman, Gwilym Pugh has shed the pounds to become an international supermodel - counting David Beckham in his list of 'acquaintances'.

In 2006, Pugh was running a small insurance business - insecure and unhappy he decided to take steps to lose weight. He dropped seven stone off his waistline - starting from 20 stone.

From there it has been a story of success for the 33-year-old. He has appeared in internationally recognised fashion title GQ and is now an ambassador for David Beckham's grooming brand.