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Gary Johnson: Chelsea's payout was a 'form of abuse'

You just suffer in silence and push it to the bottom of your ladder as such

– Gary Johnson

Ex-Chelsea footballer Gary Johnson joined Good Morning Britain this morning after revealing the club paid him £50,000 to keep quiet about abuse he endured as much as twice a week for four years as a youth.

Johnson, who appeared on the programme alongside his wife Marcye, told us of how the hush money was a "form of abuse in itself" and of how he felt he had no one to talk to about it.

He is due to meet representatives from Chelsea FC in person later today, where they are expected to formally apologise in person.

The official probe into child sexual abuse allegations in football will ensure any failings by the authorities or clubs "are brought to light", the English Football Association has said.

A hotline for footballers who have been the victims of sexual abuse has been launched by the NSPCC. The hotline will be available 24 hours a day on 0800 023 2642. You can also visit the following:

Buying a puppy: What you need to know

They say a dog is for life not just for Christmas - but that life could be short lived as truckloads of illegal puppies enter the UK in time for the festive period, often with life-limiting illnesses.

Puppies are one of the top presents children are asking for this Christmas but exclusive figures obtained by GMB show one in three vets in the UK have treated a dog they believe was illegally imported in the last 12 months.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. MPs will be challenged by Theresa May to explicitly back her to trigger Brexit by April in the House of Commons today, a Tory MP has revealed. They will vote following a debate on a plan to trigger Britain's exit from the EU. They will also vote on calls for the Government to set out its Brexit plans before Triggering Article 50.

  2. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the wearing of full-faced veils should be prohibited in the country "wherever it is legally possible". Today we'll be asking whether there Is there a place for this kind of ban in Britain.

  3. After ex-Chelsea footballer Gary Johnson says the club paid him £50,000 to "keep a lid" on sexual attacks he'll join Good Morning Britain this morning alongside his wife to talk about why he's come out about the abuse after 40 years

  4. One in five women and one in ten men will be victims of stalking in their lifetime. Now, in a move to keep victims safe, the Home Office is introducing Stalking Protection Orders to help protect victims at the earliest possible stage. Anyone found breaching the order could face jail a 5 year jail sentence.

  5. An investigation by Good Morning Britain has found that one in nine vets in the UK have seen puppies they believe were illegally imported in the last year. The news comes amid a surge of smuggled puppies entering the UK in time for the festive period, often with life limiting conditions.

Vegan's petition against new £5 note containing animal fat

A petition to ban the new £5 notes which contain animal fat has reached nearly 130,000 signatures.

The petition was started by Doug Maw, who's been a vegan for 20 years who wants the new £5 notes to be withdrawn because they contain small amounts of tallow.

The Australian inventor of the notes has described the complaints as 'stupid'. Professor David Solomon, who developed the first polymer bank note in circulation in Australia in 1988, said the new £5 notes contain trivial amounts of tallow, a substance made from animal fat.

We were joined by Doug this morning to find out more about his petition.

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Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy: 'We teamed up because we're broke'

They were part of Westlife and Boyzone back in the day and surprised everyone when they came together as 'Boyzlife' and Brian Mc Fadden and Keith Duffy joined us today.

The kind-hearted pair have pledged some minutes for the 1 Million Minutes campaign and also spoke about their upcoming tour dates.

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Will China and the US go to war? Journalist John Pilger thinks so

This is a great landscape of potential mistakes and accidents

– John Pilger

The White House is seeking to reassure China after President elect Donald Trump risked a major international row by reaching out to Taiwan.

Journalist John Pilger reckons China and the US could easily be headed for war.

"This is a great landscape of potential mistakes and accidents" he said.
"If Trump is not going to have a war with China, he has to control his own people."

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