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Showbuzz: The terminator was found pumping iron in the local gym!

The Terminator is back and has been pumping iron in a local gym in Leeds (we're not kidding!), plus Taylor Shift has paid tribute to her favourite co-star ever - a rat?!

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Top headlines you're going home to

  1. Prime Minister Theresa May has told other EU countries that Britain wants to be their "strongest friend and partner" after Brexit. The comments came in a high-profile speech in Italy, in which Mrs May was spelling out more details of Britain's EU withdrawal plans in a bid to break the deadlock in Brexit talks. Mrs May proposed an implementation period during which "the existing structure of EU rules and regulations" would apply - and people from the EU would continue to be able to "live and work" in the UK under a registration scheme.

  2. Uber has vowed to appeal after Transport for London stripped the company of its licence to operate in the capital. TfL concluded that the minicab app is "not fit and proper" to operate in the capital due to concerns which have "public safety and security implications".

  3. An 18-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder and possessing explosives over the Parsons Green Tube terrorist attack. Thirty people were injured when
    the device partially exploded on a rush hour train at Parsons Green tube station early last Friday.

  4. Indonesian authorities have raised the alert level for a volcano on the tourist island of Bali to the highest level, and more than 11,000 villagers have left their homes around the mountain, officials said. It was the third time in little more than a week that the alert level has been raised for Mount Agung.

  5. Prince harry has arrived in Toronto ahead of tomorrow night's opening ceremony of the Invictus Games. It is rumoured that he will be joined at some point during his nine-day visit to Canada by his US actress girlfriend Meghan Markle, who lives and works in the host city.

Boy receives brilliant dental hygiene warning from the tooth fairy

I was a little bit horrified! I've never really got a letter from someone, especially the tooth fairy.

– Sam received a letter from the tooth fairy advising him to take better care of his teeth

Getting your little ones to brush their teeth every morning and night - AND PROPERLY - is a daily battle, but one dad has had a helping hand from... the tooth fairy, yes you heard that right!

Should abortion be decriminalised?

We're feeding a multi million pound abortion industry and it's going to get worse

– Anne Scanlan

Many people might be surprised to know that terminating a pregnancy is still technically illegal in the UK, despite the abortion act being passed over half a century ago.

Earlier we were joined by Anne Scanlan, the director of an anti-abortion organisation, who fears decriminalising terminations will make “abortion on-demand”.

On the other side of the fence we were joined by Kate Smurthwaite, who supports decriminalising abortion and believes the majority of people in Britain want the right to choose.

The foxtrot by Richard Arnold and Charlotte Hawkins

In case you haven't heard, the first live show of Strictly Come Dancing begins this weekend and our very own Charlotte Hawkins will be gracing the dance floor for the first time.

Richard Arnold caught up with Charlotte and her dance partner, Brendan Cole, during their rehearsal and couldn't resist showing off a few smooth steps of his own...

Watch the foxtrot fiasco above.

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. Theresa May is expected to tell fellow EU leaders that the UK is prepared to pay £20 billion for a two-year transitional deal after Brexit. The offer will be made to help secure favourable trade access.

  2. Kim Jong-Un has called Donald Trump mentally "deranged" and said he will "pay dearly" after the US President's threat to "totally destroy" North Korea. Reacting to Trump's speech in the United Nations, Kim said that the President's remarks convinced him that the path he chose to go down is the "correct" one.

  3. Hurricane Maria has left more than 15 people are dead in the island of Dominica, their prime minister has said. The centre of the Category 4 storm hit the Caribbean island with massive force late Monday destroying hundreds of homes and cutting off the communication systems.

  4. Ryanair could be forced to cancel more flights if they can't take back one week of its pilots' holiday, according to their Chief Executive . Michael O'Leary said he can't guarantee the end of the disruptions and explained the current cost of the six week cancellations is a staggering £22 million.

  5. Chelsea Football Club have agreed terms to sell their star striker Diego Costa to former club Atletico Madrid. The 28-year-old, who scored 59 goals in 120 appearances, argued he was being forced out of the club after receiving a text from Chelsea manager saying he was a surplus to the team's requirements.

Showbuzz: Game of Thrones baby names you’ve just got to have!

The latest list of popular baby name have been released, and there’s some Game of Thrones character names parents simply can’t resist for their newborns.

Plus, can you believe we’ve been watching Kim and the Kardashian clang for ten whole years!

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